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Jan 13, 2023
Preliminary (5/15 eps)
Completed Date: 4/6/2021

Despite having completed the Anime, and by at large the series, almost a year ago, I felt compelled to write a review on Bakemonogatari to encourage others to give the series a shot.

PLOT: (Very light spoilers)
As made clear in the "Bake" in Bakemonogatari, the Anime revolves around ghost/monster stories and other supernatural beings. The story is told from the perspective of Araragi Koyomi, a 3rd year in high school who just so happens to be a vampire as well. Without giving too much away, he encounters several apparitions through the personal hurdles of his female companions. He has to learn how to ...
May 25, 2022
Hideout (Manga) add
Completed date: 5/5/22

Apologies if this review is all-over-the-place, since that's how my thoughts are on this short Manga. Reading Hideout is not unlike going to a fancy Italian restaurant and only ordering breadsticks. Sure, the breadsticks are great by-themselves, but there's nothing that differentiates them from any other restaurant. On top of that, you leave on an empty stomach. This sums up Hideout. Neither thought-provoking, nor shocking enough to afford being memorable.

The subpar plot lacks any sense of originality or intrigue to support the meticulously drawn panels. In fact, I'll sum it up for you: A man hates his wife, lures her into a mysterious ...
Jan 19, 2022
Completed Date: 1/18/2022

Higurashi, for some time now, has been hailed as one of those Anime horror classics. I'm sure anyone worth their salt on MAL has at least HEARD about the series. I personally, found out about it from old Watchmojo lists from the early 2010s (And yes, I used to watch Watchmojo, I was a moron, moving on).
Higurashi is a unique blend of psychological horror, blended with SoL elements. The SoL scenes act as a breather from the heavy plot, since the narrative itself is quite twisted.

I expected extreme gore, torture scenes, and devastating revelations. While there were all 3 of the above, ...
Dec 20, 2021
Mixed Feelings
To start with, if you're watching this alternate OVA, you really should have already at least started the game. It outright removes the entire elevator segment, rushes through character interactions, and ends on a cliffhanger. I imagine ZE fans are just glad the OVA exists, rather than objectively judging it for what it is.

Still, it leaves me with hope for a future where 999 and VLR are given Anime adaptations. Oh well...

Also there is a huge inconsistency with a gigantic spoiler from the game that is in the OVA, but I can't really fault them too much, as it would be rather difficult to convey ...
Dec 14, 2021
On the surface level, another hentai about rape and bad people.

Chisato is basically in a relationship with an abusive boyfriend (Guy A), when another man enters the picture who appears to genuinely care about her (Guy B). Guy B walks in on them going at it in the bathroom, only to watch from the sidelines. Chisato gives Guy B the look, indicating to him that she knows he's watching and not doing anything. At the end of the scene, Guy A tells Guy B that he knows he was watching, and that he will screw her that night and there's nothing Guy B ...
Nov 7, 2021
10s all across the board

Oyasumi Punpun was...a trip, to say the least. While I expected it to get depressing, I didn't expect it to go that far. This is psychological horror unmatched, it gets under your skin at times as well. Oyasumi Punpun, at least in my eyes, is centered around the pursuit of free-will in all aspects: Religion, independence, freedom of expression, freedom of thought (If that makes any sense), etc.


Oyasumi Punpun is about Punpun Punyama/Onodera and the various stages of his life; each one spiraling more out of control, the farther into his life he goes. Beginning with age ...
Sep 20, 2021
A Kite (Anime) add
Guys, Kite is not that great c'mon now. I know it's easy to dismiss it as an "intellectually-charged hentai" due to the loss of more sex scenes, but this couldn't be further from the truth.


For one, I outright laughed while watching this several times. Apparently reaction time is non-existent. Obori has an explosion happen right in front of him, and notices 10 seconds later. This moment is worth pointing out as well 21:18 (Man really took 5 minutes to identify that Sawa was INDEED a female). The tv guy gets shot in the head and is still alive for a few seconds, as well. And ...
Sep 19, 2021
Nana (Anime) add
I finished this show over the course of a few days, despite it's length, and I still can't get it out of my head now; this, of course, being the main reason why I prompted myself to write this review.

NANA is a josei about the downfalls of friendships and relationships, as well as the struggle to become independent in life. The series revolves around the perspective of two protagonists, each named "Nana:"

[Early (like episode 4) SPOILERS follow]

Nana "Hachi/Hachiko" Komatsu is a very carefree woman who values the concept of "love at first sight." Constantly in her life, she has fallen in love with countless ...
Sep 12, 2021
Overall, a great hentai in every sense of the word. Animation? Beautiful. Story? Great. Hell, even the OST is good enough that I stayed for the entire end credits scene; I can't recall a single time I did that for a hentai, since Please Rape Me! I'd give this a watch if I were you.

Bunnywalker has done it again, after the success of Ijirare which rose to the charts of hanime. Ichiro Tani absolutely loves cabaret clubs and always splurges on them. One day, he was so drunk that he essentially went bankrupt by spending all the money his company made. In order to avoid ...
Sep 3, 2021
Angel Beats! (Anime) add
Anime Beats! is a great Comedy-focused Anime with some serious overtones.

The show takes place entirely around a high school (not counting flashbacks) inside purgatory, with its characters having suffered immensely before dying and having to ascend in order to leave. Enter: Otonashi Yuzuru, an amnesiac who can't remember the circumstances around his death and is rightfully stuck there. Another student, Nakamura Yuri, tells him to be cautious of the "tenshi" (An angel) that is the white-haired student council president. It's relatively easy to explain and the bulk of episodes follow the shenanigans that ensue from trying to ruin Tachibana Kanade's (the tenshi's) life. ...

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