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Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai
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ReRe Hello
Sep 1, 2016 11:23 AM
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SoLO_tHe_ChaOs Apr 29, 2014 10:05 PM
Anime compatibility is Somewhat High!
Miwa- Mar 27, 2013 8:31 AM
About Sawako/Shouta, I think what really irked me was the fact their characters were written completely OOC to justify their crisis. Shouta in particular, he seemed like a completely different character to me. I hope future developments will reignite my love for their relationship, because they were my absolute favourites up until volume 10.

Yes, exactly! There's so much more to their relationship than the obvious bickering, they seem to understand each other in a very deep and meaningful way, and Ayane seems to be always moved by Pin's words. He always says the right thing to cheer her up and make her reflect, and I really like it, because it shows he pays close attention to her. And of course, I loved Ayane's interest in Pin's motivation for becoming a teacher, because it showed how she actually respects him as a person and finds him inspiring.
Miwa- Mar 19, 2013 3:11 PM
Hello! It's nice to hear from you again! I'm fine, what about you =)?

Yes, the RAWS for chapter 77 were a fantastic surprise. Of course, like you, I am a little wary, I don't want to see all my hopes for this pairing crushed again, but this chapter gave me a tiny bit of hope that maybe this is not the last time we get to see Ayane and Pin interacting.
You know, as surprising as it sounds, Ayane/Pin has become my favourite too! I always loved Sawako/Shouta the most out of all the ships, but after that mess with them almost breaking up for no apparent reason I really lost interest in them. Sure, they're cute, but they are not as interesting as Ayane/Pin, or even Chizu/Ryuu.

Those Ayane/Pin interactions literally SCREAMED of a mutual attraction, to me. I don't know, maybe I just see what I want to see? But I really think they have amazing chemistry, and their scenes are a lot more interesting than any Ayane/Kento scene in the manga so far. I tried and I tried and I tried, but I can't seem to appreciate Ayane/Kento, I don't really see any chemistry between them. As you said, it's great that Kento wants to make her happy, but that's about it. I REALLY hope this chapter is a hint of the fact the mangaka is setting up a love triangle, something like that. Let's cross our fingers!
miskat Jan 31, 2013 3:48 PM
Hi. Nice pic of Masumi and Maya. Is that a fanart?
Miwa- Aug 20, 2012 2:16 PM
Hi! About the last chapter...I know, I know <33. I couldn't stop grinning like an idiot while looking at the RAWs, seriously. It may be because of how much we had to wait for this moment, but really, it was glorious...Absolutely glorious <33.
However, I can't simply forget all those previous chapter of awkward silences and incomprehensions between our favourite couple, I just can't...Even the kiss scene was somewhat ruined for me because of the fact Sawako was crying so desperately =( It was still amazing, sure, but it could have been so much better! The good thing is that now we can hope to see many other sweet scenes between Sawako and Shouta...That's what keeps me going =)

Yes, it certainly feels like the story is ready to reach its end, with all these couples getting together and all....I don't know, maybe that's for the best? You know, seeing how Shiina-sensei treated Sawako and Shouta relationship recently.
I know your pain, I really do...I just really dislike this pairing, I find it boring, rushed and forced...Not to mention the fact it really doesn't resolve much, narratively speaking. Ayane is still the one being chased, not the one chasing, she's never experienced strong feelings of love, she never confessed first...I don't think Ayane's character growth will ever be complete if she doesn't experience all that before, so I can't be satisfied with an AyaKento ending.
I get so annoyed every time Pin is included in their scenes D:! It can't be just a coincidence, he's always there when something meaningful to the Ayane/Kento relationship happens...Shiina-sensei must be doing this on purpose =P!
Miwa- Jul 18, 2012 1:24 PM
I know what you mean...At first, I was attracted to the series because of the relationship between Sawako and Kazehaya, just like you...I loved how innocent and insecure they were, and I also really liked all the side characters.

I fell in love with the idea of Ayane/Pin rather early on the manga, seeing how they used to have so many little scenes together, but I realized the possibilities of them getting together were really low...It was only after a particular chapter (45, if I'm not mistaking - the one with the "You're kind" scene) that I started to believe it possible.

I was really excited about the field trip arc because I thought it would be a moment of progress for all the main couples...But from that moment, everything went downhill, and the manga started to lose all those aspects that made it so likeable to me =(. I am extremely disappointed with the latest volumes of the manga for your exact same reasons...It's such a pity, really...This was such a cute and refreshing shoujo manga, but it's really evident that the mangaka was forced to keep publishing it because of its popularity, because it's slowly losing in quality. As things are now, I think it would have been better to end the story somewhere after chapter 42 - it was still really good up to that point.

Oh, I already experienced the suffering of seeing one of my ships sink - terrible, isn't it D:? Aya/Pin could have been such an interesting pairing, really...That's probably the reason why I can't bring myself to like Ayane/Kento. Also, I really can't accept the pairing from a narrative point of view, because I don't feel like getting together with Kento will give Ayane the opportunity of maturing, of experiencing true love, so I feel like her character arc will never get proper closure.
Miwa- Jul 9, 2012 2:36 AM
Hello =D! I'm fine, what about you =)?

Yes, I've seen the spoilers! I can't say I'm surprised by how the encounter between Kento and Mogi was resolved...I had a feeling Kento would have wanted to talk about Ayane and to ask Mogi about the way he treated her. But I have to agree, it really seemed as if Mogi was just used as a plot device to make us readers see Kento as the right guy for Ayane...

Sadly, I still can't ship them, even if I know they're going to become canon. I just don't think the Ayane/Kento ending would actually give any closure to Ayane's character arc, because I think what she really needs is to fall in love, to be the one declaring her feelings, not the other way round. Kento is nice and all, but I still think he's just the easy way out, for Ayane.

I don't think Ayane loves him already, but she will eventually come to like him, that's for sure, so there's no point in hoping in Ayane/Pin anymore. I just wish the mangaka would stop putting Pin on the Ayane/Kento scenes, because it really hurts =(.
Miwa- Mar 27, 2012 12:58 PM
Yes, I'm really dissatisfied with the way Sensei's handling his character. I mean, it [c]could[/c] be interesting to see another side of the usually cheerful and refreshing Kazehaya, if handled well - after all, this is not the first time he seems insecure about himself and his relationship with Sawako...But his behaviour in these chapters has been way too different from his usual self, it's almost OOC for him to be so depressed! The Kazehaya I know would never put his relationship with Sawako in danger, and most importantly he would never intentionally create so many misunderstandings!

Yeah, it would have been better for them to flow naturally, slowly from friendship to love, but considering the way their relationship has been handled so far...I can say I will never be able to bring myself to like Kento/Ayane, not when there's the much more interesting Pin/Ayane dynamic going on.

All in all, I'm pretty dissatisfied with how the Kimi ni Todoke manga is going in general; I still consider it one of my all-time favourites shoujo manga, I still love the characters and their dynamics, but in these latest volumes something is going wrong, and I can only hope Shiina-sensei knows what she's doing...I certainly do not, so I can only hope she doesn't screw things up and ruin what once was a beautiful and refreshing manga.
Miwa- Mar 18, 2012 6:36 AM
Have you read the scanlation? I swear, this is not the Kazehaya I once knew...I can't recognise him, really. It's not like him to be so sad and depressed, and I still don't get what's his problem...The end of the chapter, with Sawako realizing that the one who created the gap between them was Shouta himself, was really really sad =(.

You know, I liked Kento before, but the more I see of him in these chapter, the more I start to dislike him. His attitude towards Ayane really gets on my nerves, I hate the whole "I'm the only one capable of making that poor insecure girl happy" thing...Frankly, it's kind of creepy. Does he think of Ayane as such a weak person? Does he really think he's the only one who worries about her and wants her to be happy? It seems like he's making the same mistakes he did with Sawako, he didn't really learn anything...

Honestly, I'm very disappointed with these latest chapters. I can only hope Shiina- sensei knows what to do next...
Miwa- Feb 25, 2012 7:07 AM
Hi, sorry for the late reply, I've been busy with school =(...

About the latest chapter: after reading the translated version, Shouta's behaviour remains a mystery to me. The only logical (?) explanation I can find is that he's afraid that Sawako isn't ready to get more intimate with him...Still, he's behaving quite strangely. I have to agree, I don't like how Shiina is handling their relationship issues as well.

No comment on the Kento/Ayane part. I still think the pairing came too out of the blue to be believable, so I really can't enjoy their dynamics. I just wish Shiina-sensei would leave Pin out of their subplot, it's like she's teasing us AyaPin fans by putting him in the same scenes as Kento and Ayane...

The only relationship I'm satisfied of, right now, is RyuuChizu. Can't wait to see more of them.
Miwa- Jan 16, 2012 10:57 AM
Hi! Happy new year to you as well =)!

Oh yeah, I saw that cover (beautifully drawn, I must admit ♥)...It's a bit disappointing to see that Ayane/Kento is now almost reality, I really don't like the way their relationship was handled, it all happened way too fast...As I expected I can't like this pairing, it feels forced compared to the others...

Thank you for the summary! Yes, I really liked this chapter too...Maybe this time we'll get to see an advance in the relationship between Sawako and Shouta! And I can't wait to see more of ChizuRyu ♥
Miwa- Oct 26, 2011 11:09 AM
I know what you mean...Don't you think that the way Kento is treating Ayane is a lot similar to the way he treated Sawako? Thinking he knew everything about her and that he was the only one capable of helping her. Less annoying, but still very similar.
Anyway the chapter is out fully translated, and it sadly seems like Ayane and Kento are really going to get together in the end...Even Sawako supports them, lol xD. I can only hope that Pin's appereance wasn't just a coincidence,but it means that he's important to the Ayane plot. At this point I wouldn't mind a love triangle between Pin, Ayane and Kento (with Pin being the winner in the end ;D)...

Oh yes, I remember that moment. At the time, I believed it was a hint of AyaPin becoming reality, but now I'm not so sure about what it meant...I mean, it isn't just a student/teacher standard conversation, there's something else going on there. You can see it in Ayane's reaction, which I interpreted as her being surprised at Pin's sudden act of kindness...And then there's her sigh. I don't know, when I first read that part it seemed obvious to me that Ayane was somehow attracted to Pin, seeing how much she's influenced by his words and all, but now that the manga is heading towards an Ayane/Kento ending I just don't know what to think about all those AyaPin moments...
Miwa- Oct 23, 2011 3:33 PM
Oh, thank you for the translation! Ayane is showing her vulnerable side more and more now...And she seems able to open up to Kento pretty easily...I'd love to see them as good friends, they would work only that way for me, definitely not as lovers.
Also, I love the fact that Pin thinks of her as "perceptive" while Kento refers to her as "clumsy". I think Kento sees her as some sort of vulnerable girl because he's seen her breakdown and that he think he should be her knight in shining armour, while Pin knows that deep down she's stronger than that. I don't know, maybe I'm not even making sense, but I think this is important xD.

Yes, maybe AyaPin isn't completely dead. Of course I know it's still unlikely as things are right now, but now I have a tiny bit of hope for the pairing to become reality =).
Miwa- Oct 21, 2011 2:24 PM
I think Chizu is just afraid of what will happen if she accepts Ryuu's feelings, but I honestly can't believe she isn't at least a bit happy about it. I still think she'll accept him, sooner or later :).

Yes, only this time he seems to know what he's doing. I hope his words will help Sawako in dealing with her relationship with Shouta.
About Ayane, it was really strange to see her act that way! I'm curious about how Shiina-sensei will develop her character from now on.

Now, the fact that Pin appears exactly at that point is interesting...The fact that he's costantly on scene when it comes to Ayane gives me hope that AyaPin is not already completely out of question, but that the author is teasing us about the person who will end up with her. I also really like the fact that Pin's opinion differs from Kento's, I'd love to see this matter explored.
Miwa- Oct 19, 2011 8:30 AM
Yes, I heard about them...I'm particularly interested about the Chizu/Shouta conversation, you don't get to see them talking about serious matters everyday...About Kento/Ayane...Meh. May I say that not only I don't like the pairing at all, but I also find it to be poorly written? It simply isn't Shiina-sensei's style. I don't think Ayane would fall for someone like Kento just because he was nice to her, it seems so rushed!