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Apr 6, 2014
After his horror manga Furudate-sensei changed genre to sport and while the prototype one-shot of Haikyuu still lacked "something" and it wasn't so well recieved (mostly by the "western" audience ) it got green on serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump and author took advantage of Haikyuu's potential to the fullest and created one of the most popular sport series in WSJ in years with addition of really well recieved anime.

The one who first looked as nemesis became biggest ally. Of course the path isn't so easy and takes time. And so by turn of fate our main duo (a promising read more
Jan 18, 2013
Story - 8
Basically whole manga is retelling a thread from 2ch where a otaku asks for help because he (Molester Man) was mistaken for molester. He takes a advice from 2ch and tries make a move on girl(Miss Understanding) who mistook him for molester. Thanks to this Molester Man meets new friends and tries to make progress in his relationship with Miss Understanding. He founds out thats not so simple but with advices from 2ch he realizes that there are more doors open for him....

Art - 6
Art is pretty simple and sketchy. At the start it hasn't many backgrounds and mainly focusses on characters, that's read more