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Feb 2, 2021
Imawa kuni no alice RETRY is the 2rd spin off to one of my favorites mangas of all time Imawa kuni no alice , the events of this sequel takes place years after the events of the original , arisu the mc is transported again to the borderlands this time to play the 9 of hearts game , i wont get into details of the game , it rules or the ending in order not to spoil you guys . A new cast of characters were introduced but they werent that interesting expect for the antagonist , although a bit basic but entertaining nonetheless read more
Dec 27, 2020
Sadly the anime didn't conclude at the part i was hoping it would do , but the final episode was quite impactful .
Story 9/10
Without getting too much into spoilers , it starts as a cheap rip off of my hero , then it evolves into this among us narrative with mind games and psychological thriller elements in the mix.Unfortunately it suffers from a huge amount of plot contrivances and even plot contradictions especially at the first couple episodes .I dare say this the anime i watched with the most plot problems ever . A small detail which the studio added that wasn't present in the read more
Dec 21, 2020
In this review of this , i will try to talk about the whole show and not only the 3rd season , so bear with me , also forgive my English .
Story 8/10
-Easily my fav part about this show , its a shonen romance/drama with some comedy in thrown in the mix , it tells the story of saiko and his friend takagi who are thriving to be famous mangakas in weekly shonen jump ehm ehm shonen jack. the protagonist falls in love with his classmate azuki then they make a promise to get married when his manga gets an anime adaptation and read more
Dec 20, 2020
I thought talentless nana is ending today , turns out it was the first cour of Moriarty the patriot is the one actually ending , so i decided to do a small review about it .
Story 8/10
- Its a psychological shonen set in Victorian era England with crime drama elements in it where we follow in the first half moriarty a genius mathematician who calls himself a crime consultant , along with his siblings he is trying to change the social class system through crimes and manipulation . Its a solid story and my coup of tea , but similar to other shows with read more
Dec 6, 2020
I finally decided to sit and watch the movie blood c : the lat dark so i can experience the ending of this epic tragedy .
Story 7/10
Basically its the last chapter in the long journey of saya and the final fight with the main villain and the elder ones , it was rushed a lot tbh , i would preferred if it was 2 movies or even a mini season. Like the first season , this movie suffers from plot holes/conveniences which isnt that big of a problem.
Art and animation 9/10
They kept the same art style of the anime with some minor adjustment , but read more
Dec 3, 2020
I noticed that s2 is gonna come out next season so i decided to finish the first season so i can watch it weekly.
Story 8/10
Its a psychological/slice of life story with romance in it and a little bit of mystery , it takes place in a world where animals are human like and herbivores coexists with carnivores , the main plot line is that the mc [a grey wolf] fell in love with a small female rabbit, basically its forbidden love .I like these kinds of stories but there were a lot of build up episodes so the pacing was slow read more
Nov 15, 2020
Blood-C (Anime) add (All reviews)
we are here again for another anime review , this time i will talk about blood c , a supernatural /mystery/action/horror similar to blood + [ which i couldn't finish ], but way better.
-Story 8/10
The premise is quite simple , it's about a girl named saya who uses a legendary sword to fight some man eating monsters called old bairn , it sounds a little bit standard but there is more to this story than meets the eye , so i wont spoil the good part , the story is basically super good and especially in the final episodes.The only main problem i had with read more
Nov 7, 2020
Ooh man what a ride , i will try to keep this review short without spoiling the story that much for anyone interested .
Yakshuko distpiari (weird name ik) is a dark fantasy story set in a world where everything is under control and surveillance which is a metaphor to our current age , the story takes the commonly used concept of the power of friendship and twist it which is quite unique and good at the same . The mc was an anti hero with some interesting philosophies , other characters weren't that good but overall the main character carried the story . Art read more
Nov 5, 2020
Knoya tsuki wa kirei is an action/psychological/thriller manga , and it's one of the first mangas i started reading , but i stopped because of slow releases . The story is about a new disease that turns emotions of love and affection into blood lust and desire to kill , which is a new idea but sadly it wasn't well executed . They introduced a lot of super powers down the line which turned the series into a battle shonen and the power scaling was all over the place , another thing is that in the middle , the plot got messy read more
Nov 4, 2020
Sweet home is a post apocalyptic/horror webtoon by the same author of the great psychological thriller bastard . I will try to keep this review brief and i wont go into details .
There are 2 major reasons which made this manga stand out in the horror genre , first a lot of new concepts were added to the mix plus the monsters designs were unique/creepy at the same time , the second main reason is that it had some effective jump scares which is hard to execute in anime format let alone manga . But after all no work is perfect , sadly this read more