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Oct 8, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (12/? chp)
In a way, this story is like Death Note. The protagonist kills a lot of bad people with the help of a demon. Difference is, this manga has a lot of gore, torture and rape, just like the real world. If you want a happily ever after, go watch some Disney.

Story: I like the story because it's so straight forward. "I want revenge." It's simple, it's been done before, and yet it's really darn entertaining. The protagonist's backstory is surprisingly average and common. It's something that happens on a daily basis, but that itself is a great thing, because it makes the protagonist appear ...
Oct 4, 2022
Preliminary (5/20 chp)
This manga used cats as bait, and I got caught. I got dragged into a dark room, and a group of men with cat ears showed up. That's my impression of this story.

Story: Cats are indeed the perfect pet. They sleep a lot, they are independent, and they poop in a sandbox. I bought the book expecting actual cats in the story. But instead we get sexy men that can transform into cats. The fluffy little angel in one panel, can transform into an adult human in the next panel... The story in general is pretty darn boring. We have the sadistic humor that the ...
Aug 20, 2022
Preliminary (Unknown/? chp)
THE TRUCK STRIKES AGAIN!!! A man sees a cat on the road, he save the cat from getting hit by a truck. The cat lives, the man dies, the truck continues trucking.

Story: Anyway, a protagonist having the job of Blacksmith is not that rare, but in this story we get detailed descriptions of the crafting process that is usually just skipped. But it's surprisingly boring to read about how the hammer is used, or how the fire is managed... Reading about it is boring. Seeing it in real life, now that would be interesting.
The world is very well made. The animals have great ...
Jul 28, 2022
Preliminary (7/? chp)
"Is that your thing? Taking a deep breath the second you enter a woman's home?"

The main woman in this series is strong, both physically and mentally. She has an attitude that many men would think is too tough. But, much like Tsunade in Naruto, she's sexy enough to make it work.

Story: A pretty typical story, it's isekai. But the writing is really good. The author is creating a serious and fairly dark world, but at the same time he adds some humor to make sure it's not too dark (Goblin Slayer), while also not being too fun and happy (Konsosuba), this story is trying to ...
Jul 6, 2022
Mixed Feelings
In almost every same-sex romance manga there's always more than one gay couple. Gay co-workers, classmates, or even siblings. The gay characters are surrounded by other gay people. "You gay? Me too!!"

Story: Unfortunately a very generic beginning. A small cute girl falls in love with the star of the basketball team and decides to become a manager. Frankly this is the laziest way to write romance... There's no passion, no surprises, no originality. The dating and slice-of-life is also very generic. Rain leads to a fever, which means a home visit and rice-porridge. This manga is full of the things you always see in manga. ...
Jun 18, 2022
"The Demon Lord was totally my type.... So I wooed her, and we eloped!"-Hero

Story: It's isekai, but it's actually pretty ORIGINAL!!! A forbidden love that created a child between a Hero (father) and a Demon Lord (mother). The protagonist might not be the best, but these parents are seriously amazing. This is truly a isekai worth reading. And if anything, this deserves an anime more than most of the shitty isekai that is animated... Even after the intro, the world building is solid, and the plot in general is generic but still very likable. Truly a good isekai, especially if you like the parody ...
Jun 1, 2022
Preliminary (6/? chp)
"Dear Readers, it's only natural that you would be astonished." This story has a narrator, it breaks the forth wall to give us commentaries about everything. During fight scenes, be prepared for the lengthy fighting-technique explanations.

Story: High-schooler is hit by a Truckus Giganticus and goes to another world. The Demon Lord there, Deus, has unfortunately gotten diabetes due to his unbalanced diet, oh how sad for this demo- SHUT UP!! I WANT PUDDING!!!

..... Yeah, this is clearly a parody, and the problem is that they are mashing together too many genres. We even have Rap-battles that eventually turns into the "Ultimate Rock Band Tournament, in ...
May 31, 2022
"Are you sure you're not a Japanese person who simply thinks they are a vampire? Please see a medical professional for delusions of grandeur."

Story: The general idea isn't new, but still entertaining. Long forgotten vampires suddenly rise up and creates a nation of their own in the borders on Japan. Seen this kind 3-4 times before, but still entertaining. However, the problem is that the story ignores almost every thing we need to classify something as a vampire. The author removes almost every unique thing a vampire heroine could be, and instead turns this into a typical high-school story. So let's forget the overly simplified ...
May 25, 2022
Preliminary (10/33 chp)
A little girl on a tricycle is slowly coming at you. You jump to the side, and gets hit by a truck. "Truck-sama strikes again!"

Story: This is a parody of isekai. So even though we are all fu*king tired of isekai, this story might just be enjoyable. It's so exaggerated that it's hard to even imagine, it's completely and absolutely absurd. But a great parody.

The plot is three heroes of a fantasy world were spiritually replaced by people that died in "a foolish way", to make it easier to kill these heroes. I mean I hate isekai but this plot is a masterpiece. There's no ...
May 18, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (18/38 chp)
"What I wanted wasn't superpowers. I wanted the extraordinary days that comes with superpowers."

Story: *heavy sigh* A training arc starts in the very first chapter, and it drags on for 80pages. Our protagonist can't even move a cookie at first, and suddenly he can pick up Mt. Everest, or crush Godzilla like it's a marshmellow. To make it simple. The character development is rushed. A useless Zero turns into a overpowered Hero. But the world is still the same as the first page of chapter one. A boring Japan, with nothing happening. The "Godzilla" was just a hypothetical, it's not even real.

The problem is, ...

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