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Jan 18, 2022
The cats balls is shown so much that it's almost ridiculous.

Story: The cat has several different owners throughout the series. And the story changes pretty drastically every time a new cat owner / protagonist takes over. I loved the first, got bored at the second, and finally hated the last owner's story. Even though it's a short story, we have plenty of drama involving weak minded women and psychotic children to make it feel like Zombies isn't the biggest problem you can have.

Art: The art is not bad, but it's rough. Like the Attack on Titan style, rough lines, questionable shadowing and facial expressing read more
Jan 18, 2022
Let's say you like a girl 10 years younger than you. And then one day she suddenly is 20 years older than you. Would ya still love her?

Story: I loved the story at first, finding your one true love from a past life. But the story has a surprisingly low amount of dating and "slice of life" chapters. Since the two people already know and love each other, there's almost no build up for the romance. Instead we have people feeling awkward about the age difference, but then becomes more supporting. And most of the story is just about characters learning to accept that read more
Dec 19, 2021
Reading this manga is almost like watching the news. In a country you've never heard of, women are kidnapped and sold. Children are trained to shoot guns and kill. And foreign people are fighting for financial gain. "The events recorded in this manga are based off of the state of the world in the time it was written."

Story: The protagonist works as a consultant at a mercenary company. He gives orders, and the fighters obey them. Honestly I thought it was gonna be boring. Because it's the real world, and in our time. But this story does a surprisingly good job by taking things read more
Oct 19, 2021
The protagonist is a chef, and how can a chef remove a corrupt Lord from a position of power? He can't. A chef cooks food and let's someone else deal with politics.

The food gives no special effects, the protagonist won't randomly be allowed to cook for kings. This story is, in a word, "boring". It's a fairly realistic tale of how a man, educated in the culinary arts, joins a tribe of barbarians without any real food culture and tries to teach them the joy of truly good food. But the protagonist has no special powers, he's not "one of a kind". This really is read more
Oct 18, 2021
Too many Japanese authors think that people in fantasy worlds would love soy sauce, miso, and red-bean bread.

This story is played out in a medieval Europe-like world. And yet everyone (including divine beings) loves Japanese food. Seriously? Are Japanese authors too egoistical to write that one character says "sorry, but this bitter black sauce is not for me"??? Hey, if this was a true Fantasy World, everyone could drink soy sauce as water for all I care. But the author was lazy and used the word "Europe", thus I believe I'm allowed to use my European palate, after all, this is a Gourmet read more
Sep 24, 2021
In this space opera, there are no carbonated drinks. The Protagonist, when discovering that he might never drink Cola again, simply said "Don't worry about me. I was just giving up on my hopes and dreams."

Story: There's NO shocking beginning. No murder, no traffic accident. And nothing else that might shock the readers in any way. The protagonist simply woke up in a different world, how and why is skipped over. And yet this story has a huge impact right from the start. The description of being strapped to a chair in a room, extremely cold and unsure of what the hell is happening. read more
Sep 7, 2021
This manga is extremely disturbing. I was hoping for something akin to Yotsuba, a funny wholesome comedy. This manga is nothing like that. It's simply disturbing.

Story: So at first I believed this story might be pretty normal. A woman wants to dress up little girls in cute clothes. My mother is exactly the same way. But there is a line that is crossed here, it stopps being "funny" and becomes freaking creepy.

Art: The manga has some disturbing scenes. It's quite sad. Though, the adult female is really cool and has a well trained body. It's pretty nice and not that common to see. read more
Jul 11, 2021
The protagonist is an Elf, and she can hear the voices of nature. So when she cuts down a tree, that tree will scream in pain. When she picks herbs, they start crying. It's funny, yet somehow very sad.

Story: This story is one of those "game + isekai" light novels. But the author is certainly not a mindless amateur that simply copies the trend. The author has the skill to turn this novel into something extraordinary. Even starting the story with the protagonist "waking up in a game" after a whopping 200 years, so the game world has already gone through a global revolution. No read more
Jun 17, 2021
A zombie story where the protagonist refuse to kill zombies.... There's soooo much drama. (>_>)

Story: Zombies that actually regains their mental sanity and, for a short amount a time can act like their normal self's. This might sound pretty interesting, but really think about it. Your friend is a zombie and tries to eat you, and suddenly he becomes completely normal for a while. Can you still kill him? That's what this manga is about. Some characters refuse to kill zombies, while others think it's kinder to end their suffering. The amount of melodramatic situations is just ridiculous. I just can't understand why you wouldn't read more
Jun 16, 2021
This protagonist kills so many people that Yagami Light in Death Note looks like an amateur. But this protagonist does NOT kill specifically bad guys. He's not a hero. He can let serial killers and mass murderers continue to kill innocent people, as long as he himself isn't attacked. Having the power to save people doesn't mean you have to save them. That's why I love this story. He saves himself and his close friends, but he doesn't care about strangers. He kills when it suits him, he saves when it suits him, and he ignores when it suits him.

Story: It is Isekai, but read more