Jun 18, 2022
"The Demon Lord was totally my type.... So I wooed her, and we eloped!"-Hero

Story: It's isekai, but it's actually pretty ORIGINAL!!! A forbidden love that created a child between a Hero (father) and a Demon Lord (mother). The protagonist might not be the best, but these parents are seriously amazing. This is truly a isekai worth reading. And if anything, this deserves an anime more than most of the shitty isekai that is animated... Even after the intro, the world building is solid, and the plot in general is generic but still very likable. Truly a good isekai, especially if you like the parody genre.

"Don't belittle your mother's breast when you used to suckle them yourself." - Dad to the protagonist
This story is borderline hentai. Be prepared.

Art: You might've guess from the cover, but this manga is packed full of fan-service. But I have to say, for the first time in a long time, I actually like the ecchi art. The female characters are beautiful like crazy. So, if you want 2D boobies, this is the manga you are looking for. Not only that, the character designs are just good. Not only the girls, but the old grandpa and the father also looks really good. And there's just a refreshing feeling to this art style, the artist deserve a gold star for his skill.

Overall: This story is funny, the girls are pretty, and the plot is interesting. But, a lot of the story is about the Protagonist's parents. Saving the world, forbidden love, sacred swords and all that. It's the parents that did all that. The protagonist is just the child of a hero / demon lord.

And now I will end here with a few wise words from the father, a truly wise man.
"Great boobs come to those who admire them. It's a universal truth."
Reviewer’s Rating: 8
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