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Golden_Scarlett Jul 10, 5:56 AM
should tell that to the person who actually has it in their ptw, but thx
S-quare22 Jun 24, 6:24 PM
don't expect a detailed depiction for the french revolution btw or you'll end up disappointed.
innocent starts off as an autobiography for a member of the sanson's family but later on, it becomes more and more about the french revolution and its causes while building the events that lead to it eventually.

enjoy them! and good luck with the rest!

I was wondering is akage no anne is, is it? that would be a bonus point tbh.
S-quare22 Jun 24, 2:00 PM
that's the main problem actually.

les miserables was fantastic. It's really sad tho so prepare yourself for the feels. the show relies on heavy drama and depicts the french revolution in a fascinating way (very similar to versailles no bara)and the main character is very similar to anne btw.

I would also recommend ieki naki ko remi which is almost the same as ie naki ko
kaze no shoujo emily is also worth checking out even though it's not a WMT show.
honorable mentions to:
-mirai shounen conan
-princess sara
-my daddy long legs
-trap ikka monogatari
-fushigi no flone
I totally guarantee these for people who like drama and SoL shows.

as for manga, I just finished innocent which I find to be one of the most detailed manga ever especially if you're looking for a manga that depicts the french revolution minutely and I can definitely say that it's so much better than versailles no bara in terms of story-telling, drama and suspense. the rose of versailles is more for teens but innocent is more for adults and RoV was obliged to change many things because it was published in a shoujo manga. Feel free to check it out anytime and I'll be glad to hear your opinion on it when you finish it.
velvetPhos Jun 24, 1:11 PM
There are many short series, but there are also few gigantic 50 eps series, so it’s still impressive that you finished those in short time.
Yeah, I finished Thunderbolt a day ago. 1st season is great, but 2nd one… I don’t understand how did that happen. 1st season gave the impression that director knows what exactly he’s doing, but I guess not :(

I was planning to watch Stardust Memory, but I heard so many bad things about it. So, I started Turn A instead. I finished first 5 episodes and it’s great so far. I hope I’ll enjoy as much as you do.

It’s always good to rewatch those. Juuni Kokuki was in my top 5, but it dropped to my top 15 ish. It’s still in my fav list because I’m too lazy to think about my new top 10, lol. Even though the ranking dropped, I ended up appreciating the show more.
Last Exile was awesome. I felt like it was better version of Ergo Proxy for some reason, even though those two shows don’t share much similarities.
Right, same thing is happening to me. I would rather watch some new 80s series than rewatching because of my limited time :(
I don’t know what you are going to study, but it shouldn’t be too bad unless it’s law or medical stuff. I hope you’ll have good amount of free time :)
velvetPhos Jun 22, 2:31 PM
Yeah, long time no see.

Wow, you watched UC in much faster pace than me, lol.
I still have several series to finish in UC: Stardust Memories, Gundam Thunderbolt, Gundam ZZ, and Victory.
Tbh, I have no motivation to watch ZZ and Victory at all. My time is limited because of internship I have, so yeah… I don’t have time to watch those ‘controversial’ 50 ep long series.

I’m glad that you liked War in the Pocket.
Seems like Turn A is a good one. I’m excited about that.

Oh, yeah. My life is pretty unique one ;) Thanks. It was quite lucky that nobody got injured because my house almost collapsed.

Good. Looks like you are a great student, lol.

I do, lol. 50 rewatches of my neighbor totoro taught me that rewatching a show/movie for more than 30 times is a bad idea.
But, I didn’t get bored for other ghibli movies that I rewatched about 10 times. I like rewatching.
Athenai May 26, 11:43 PM
I really love your profile and your favorites <3
S-quare22 May 26, 3:16 PM
I agree, princess tutu is indeed a piece of art.

it's alright! we all have our own lives. romeo was just fantastic and a masterful SOL to the fullest meaning, I enjoyed seeing those kids overcomming their problems to become real adults. it's truly heartwarming.

my goal for this year is to finish every world masterpiece theater show on this planet and I'm expecting a lot from akage no anne.
hehe thanks! I'm enjoying most of them tbh.
velvetPhos May 24, 5:51 PM
I’m surprised by myself that I actually gave 10 to this OVA, lol. I have heavy bias toward longer series because I think character’s action would be more meaningful if they develop for longer, so I wasn’t even thinking about a slight possibility of me giving 9 or higher to this series.

I think the different perspective really made this series very standout from all of other Gundam series/movies that I watched. 0080 perfectly depicts the war/disaster in perspective of young male kids. It is so realistic to the point that I felt a personal connection, which is the phrase I rarely use. How the MC grew up/developed in the series through war is very similar to how I grew up through my experience in refugee camp after earthquake in Japan. Of course, my experience wasn’t as dramatic as this OVA, lol. None of the people I knew died or hurt badly. I’m not sure if you’ll enjoy 0080 as much as I do, but it’s one of the best Gundam series nonetheless. I hope you’ll enjoy it :)

That is very interesting take on humanity vs. alien war and idol. I want to see how Macross handle those with my own eyes now… I might increase the priority of Macross for future watches.

Don’t worry, your reply helped me a lot. Oh… exams… did you finish them?

Oh, those rewatches are mostly movies are shorts, but I do rewatch TV series quite often, too.
Over 100 of them are Ghibli movies. I watched my neighbor totoro for 50 times because I grew up watching it and I watched it with my brothers as they grew up watching it. So, I watched totoro regularly for 15 years…

P.S. I’m still trying to organize my thoughts on 0080, so I can’t write much. Also, it’s 6 ep OVA, so I don’t want to risk to spoil everything.
S-quare22 May 20, 3:17 PM
I just noticed that really liked princess tutu since you're a bit strict at rating (well, that's a good thing actually). what do you think of it? I'm really enjoying it so far but I still think that it's a bit far from a strong 9..something close to a strong 8.

RedInfinity May 13, 4:29 PM
That's so great to hear! I must say, I was a bit worried that you were disappointed with the final seasons, as I thought that I had overhyped it for you (and possibly many others, in my recommendation), but it is relieving to know that that wasn't the case!

I agree, immediately after I finished the franchise, as you may expect, I was distraught over the conclusion: everything that was built up from so many episodes - years of the characters' lives - all encapsulated in a stunning series of episodes that truly brought to perspective everything that was happening both on and off screen. However, while the last dozen episodes or so were standout, I feel that it would mean nothing if it weren't for the backing of the previous episodes of both Dokkaan, as well as the preceding seasons. I have never had such a joyous yet emotional time with any piece of fiction, I must say... Even after months upon finishing it, it's so stuck in my mind! You can say that the experience only strengthens after the curtains have fallen, as you are left to truly let the situation sink in.

Again, I only agree! For me, both Na-i-sho but more so Dokkaan were practically flawless in every way possible. From the aforementioned superb main and side cast chemistry, history and personalities, to the bombastic, creative and innovative comedy, to the subtle and intricate drama, to the voice-acting, to the ingenious use of facial expressions, to the background art that is consistently drawn with meticulous detail, to the insanely diverse soundtrack... all in a series hundreds of episodes long, where there are no plot points left untouched all while being extremely daring with the themes explored and story progression undertaken. Sorry for the fanboy-ism, I just had to summarise it for the both of us! haha :D

About the fairies, I personally was satisfied with how little screen time they were getting in the later seasons, as they kind of had their time already. I think there are several reasons why I feel this way: Firstly, there weren't really any reason for them to get screen time, and even if they did, it would feel like the writers would need to include them and that would offer little point to the screen time. Second, both Na-i-sho and Dokkaan were very, and I mean very focused in making stories suit the characters, that being both main and side characters alike. Third, since Doremi features episodes on a weekly basis, there very well could be (in theory) interactions between the Ojamajos and their fairies behind the camera, although that does sound like I'm defending it without merit, lol. But ultimately, I'm very glad that they did not pull off the 'let's say goodbye to all of our fairies, one by one, in the finale' plot point, which would feel very out of place in my opinion. All in all, I can see why it would be a little issue, but to me it really slipped by alright.

Dude, no worries! Take your time to let the show sink in and what not, and whenever you have the time and/or feel like replying in full (I know it's tiring, I don't blame you for taking your time haha, I'm the big culprit here!) you can do so! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on my review, but I have to admit, I could include a lot more in that writing than I actually did, in order to keep it as short as possible (but I am planning on adding a bit more in the summer, whenever I have the time). If you want me to tell you when I add that extra bit, I can lol.

Have a good one!
Kassitero May 12, 3:36 PM
I've finally completed Dennou Coil, and of course I have enjoyed it.
It's one of the best animes I've ever seen.
RedInfinity May 12, 6:43 AM
Hey, nice to see that you enjoyed doremi! Although I must say, I did expect you to like it a bit more than you actually did (not to say that your taste is predictable of course, lol).

What did you not like about it?

Kassitero May 8, 9:56 AM
Thanks for accepting my request.You really have a great favourite list and of course Aria is what I most enjoy to see.
velvetPhos May 6, 5:28 PM
Hmm, how well is idols integrated in Macross? I’m not sure if you’ve seen other idols shows to compare with, but if you have, then I’m curious about it.
Most of Macross fan I know likes Do You Remember Love more than TV series, so that is kind of expected.

Oh… that’s sad to hear. I’ll watch Votoms someday, but I don’t feel like watching that sometime soon after hearing about your thoughts, lol.

Zeta Gundam has serious flaws, but it is surprisingly enjoyable show. Plot and execution is just horrible. Sometimes, episodes are so disconnected that it almost felt like an episodic show. I think scenario writer wrote whatever popped in his head without organizing it. Also, Zeta just failed to convey the central theme of Gundam, “there’s no good or evil side in war”. Enemy is just pure evil and doesn’t have any moral justification to make the conflict interesting. Furthermore, Zeta utilizes characters very poorly. There are couple episodes that random name of random people shows up and they die in same episode. Rivalry of characters doesn’t get proper conclusion, …ect. Yeah, many problems.
However, Zeta is beautifully drawn and animated. I can tell Sunrise spent so much money on Zeta. Every details of Mobilesuits, space colonies, laser weapons… that I can think of are drawn precisely in almost all battles. Opening animation is very well-animated, too. (OP song is great as well. It might be one of my fav anime OP song.) I even feel disappointed a bit because of how much excitement I got from OP. Zeta might be one of my fav TV anime in terms of animation. Also, soundtrack is well-crafted. Battle themes matches space battles very well. In addition, I think Zeta handled the concept of “New-type” better than original Gundam. I only watched movie compilation (which is pretty well regarded and said to be good representation of TV), so I can’t say much about TV series. But, from what I watched, original Gundam just about some “New-type” saves the day because they are “New-type”. Zeta explained and portrayed the concept of “New-type” in detailed and interesting way. Emotional struggle of “New-type” is pretty well-portrayed compared to original that only touched concept at the end. Furthermore, Zeta doesn’t neglect the casts from original Gundam. (Not going to spoil name) had somewhat decent character development that I think it will contribute to the movie that comes after Z and ZZ greatly. At last, Kamile is pretty unique protagonist that I don’t think I can find in any other anime. I personally liked him, but many people hate him. He’s special nonetheless

Sorry, I ended up typing too much. (I hoped I didn’t spoil anything major content wise.)
-Lofn- May 6, 4:11 PM
Aight, thanks