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May 18, 2024
Howl's Moving Castle seems like an impressive movie but it's also quite abstract. Even though I paid pretty close attention while watching the movie some parts of the story were still unclear.

The story is about a girl in a nation at war getting turned into an old woman because of a spell cast by a witch. After this she leaves the city and enters howl's moving castle where the rest of the story plays out. Even though she probably wants to get rid of the curse, parts of the story are unclear and I do not understand why some things work the way they ...
May 18, 2024
Mob psycho 300 has a somewhat weird structure but is an overall good final season.

The story continues where the previous season (and OVA) left off. It starts out with three relatively random episodes followed by three episodes on the psycho helmet religion. Then there's two episodes dedicated mostly to the telepathy club and tome followed by 4 episodes dedicated to mob and the conclusion to this anime. These last four episodes are a great ending to the anime and it's fun to watch. My personal problem with this final season is how the ending is initiated because even though the ending is good, how ...
May 9, 2024
This OVA of Mob Psycho 100 is basically just episode 14 of season two.

The story is a direct continuation and appears to happen only days after where the second season left off. It follows the standard format where Reigen accepts a job and then has Mob help him exorcise the spirits. This time the story takes place at a hot spring and they brought some more people along. The main focus of the story in this episode seems to be Mob and friends just having a good time.

The Main characters are Reigen, Mob, Mob's little brother, Hanazawa and Serizawa and aside from Reigen ...
May 9, 2024
The second season of Mob Psycho 100, while noticeably more serious than the first season, is still able to maintain its comedy and appeal and is an overall great second season.

The characters are still one of the best parts of Mob psycho. Lots of characters, even side characters that you'd assume were unimportant when they were first introduced, return in the second season. The cool part about this is that it's not only the main characters that get character development, even most of the side characters appear to have changed in some way when they appear again. The main characters are obviously more important ...
Apr 29, 2024
Mixed Feelings
This is a neat series of 12 chibi comedy shorts with the topic of each short being a silly spell that Fern or Frieren found.

The comedy in the shorts is good enough and it's nice that there's consistency in the form of having a new spell every episode. Most of the spells aren't mentioned in the main anime but some of them are. The fifth episode features some sort of sauce as an advertisement, probably due to a cooperation between Frieren and the sauce manufacturer.

The characters are Frieren's old and new party. The chibi animation is pretty cute but obviously doesn't look as ...
Apr 29, 2024
Mixed Feelings
Mob Psycho Mini is a special consisting of six short episodes, each with three comedy skits animated using pixel art.

The comedy skits are quite good as far as short comedy skits go. They are about events and characters from the main anime and they explore these characters and events from a different angle which means the skits actually add something to the anime.

The characters are characters from the main anime but there are quite a lot of skits about the side-characters instead of the most important characters in the story which is nice.

The animation is pixel art and looked quite neat. I'd ...
Apr 27, 2024
Mob Psycho 100 is a very entertaining anime to watch. It has fantastic characters, fun humour, funky visuals and a story designed to get the most out of them.

One of the best things about Mob Psycho 100 is its characters. They're well written characters, each with their own unique weaknesses and strengths. They get jealous, sad, happy, angry, try to exploit each other or grow as a person and forgive each other. They all have unique personalities and its fun to watch them interact in the comedic setting of the anime. The only real exception to these characters seems to be the main character, Mob, ...
Apr 27, 2024
Solo Leveling (Manga) add
Solo leveling is a pretty good powerfantasy. Its story is good enough and the art is pretty.

The setting of the story is a world where a group of people have magical abilities and use these abilities to fight monsters in gates that randomly appear throughout the world. The main character in the story is the only person whose magical abilities can grow stronger while the rest of the world is locked in at their own level. It's a pretty simple but pretty neat concept which can be fun to read. The story starts off strong and remains pretty interesting throughout the manga due to ...
Mar 31, 2024
Solo leveling is a slightly edgy name for a slightly edgy anime. You shouldn't come into this anime expecting a realistic story or well written characters but it can nonetheless be quite fun to watch.

The story is about a guy who is the only person in the world who can 'level up' and he does this levelling up mostly alone, thus the title. The world it takes place in is quite interesting and had a neat way to implement fantasy elements into a modern setting. The story is quite well paced which makes watching it a nice experience since you don't feel rushed or ...
Mar 28, 2024
The third season of Classroom of the Elite is very similar to the previous season. While the story and special exams remain interesting, they still feel very rushed. Watching this anime feels like a story trying to rush through the boring stuff as quickly as possible to get to an interesting part but in this case the boring stuff it's rushing through is actually interesting and it's a shame that the anime has such high pacing.

The story in the third season continues where the second season left off but shifts away from Ryuuen and starts focusing more on Sakayanagi and Ichinose. Smaller characters like ...

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