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Sep 28, 2020
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (6/12 eps)
Summer 2020 has been loaded with long-awaited sequels, some ecchi trash, and a show called "The God of High School" that is most certainly being overhyped (pending verification). That being said, there's a lot for me to watch in these coming weeks. A few days ago, I decided that the first show on the chopping block would be Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai. The last three anime I'd watched were Kenpuu Denki Berzerk, Shigofumi, and SukaSuka; all of which are emotionally heavy dramas with strong emphases on character. Needless to say, I needed a break. This show was the perfect weightless snack that I needed to cleanse ...
Sep 6, 2020
Berzerk is a very, very slow burn. It took until episode 18 for this anime to prove its worth to me, however, I get it. I can understand why some people would rate a show like this so highly. Still, though, I don't believe that Berzerk (1997) is deserving of a 8.48 rating. Here are my thoughts.

When it comes to anime, aesthetics mean a lot. It's only natural that Berzerk would be subject to this sort of criticism, even given its inherent disadvantage. And so, I must say, Berzerk is wholly underwhelming in terms of presentation. First of all, the animation is a huge letdown. ...
Aug 30, 2020
Kyokou Suiri (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Anime, as a medium, has a lot of potential. I recently finished watching Parasyte, an anime that, on the surface, doesn't seem very interesting. The artstyle was unappealing and the titular parasites were almost entirely forgettable. It looked like any other Sci-Fi horror anime, but when I watched it, I realized that it was so much more. Parasyte was daring, unique, and absolutely loaded with subtext (even if that subtext did become a little ham-fisted at times). I really like that show, even if it isn't one of my favorites. It earned my respect by exceeding my expectations. Now, to contrast, In/Spectre was none of ...
Aug 8, 2020
Surprisingly enough, I actually liked BOFURI quite a lot. It's rather pretty, pretty cute, and acutely aware of its purpose in the industry. BOFURI isn't an attempt to reinvent the wheel, not by any means. It's more of a touch-up to the wheel with some spiked rims and such. Considering that this is an SAO-inspired, female-led, slice-of-life comedy, I really was blown away by how much I enjoyed this show.

-[Brutally Funny, Cute, and Brutal]-
BOFURI is adorable. Truthfully, I don't do moe. It just isn't my thing, however, this show was cute, and it had enough substance (at least in the beginning) to keep me watching. ...
Aug 7, 2020
Mixed Feelings
BREAKING NEWS: MHA is STILL on a downward spiral, as author is completely lost on ways to further extend his cash-cow series. On-site reporters note "...but it still looks good tho lol."

-[What's in a Shounen? Good Animation and Nothing Else.]-
OH BOY, here we have the second movie installment in a franchise that had already expended its usefulness after its 3rd season. This show, as of season 4, has absolutely nothing left to say. It has returned to the equilibrium state of shounen anime, meaning, it's completely empty.

So what's left of the shambling corpse of MHA? Well, "Da graphix good tho" is a completely valid ...
Jul 30, 2020
I just finished Re:watching this show for the third time. Looking back, I'm not sure why I never took the time to put my thoughts on this show into words. Regardless, after 4 years in development, hopefully, this review will have been worth the wait @Aquamirror.

-[For Starters...]-
Re:Zero is a show that I absolutely adore, however, after 4 total viewings, I believe that I'm ready to objectively review this show (at least 99% objectively). I try my best in all of my review to be unbiased, but that's basically impossible, since everyone has tastes and opinions. Nobody is free of this sin. So, to begin with, ...
Apr 27, 2020
Akira (Anime) add
Your boy just watched his first classic. Old-school weebs now have no basis on which to call me an oblivious newfag retard. Thank god for that.

-[In Summary]-
Akira was pretty good. Aside from the visuals, this anime basically fit my preconceived notions about pre-2000s anime. The show is rough around the edges, but overall, quality enough for people to justify themselves watching and respecting it above all modern pieces of animation. That, and liking vintage things makes you look cooler because old things are more obscure by nature. Anyways, into the organized section of the review.

-[Wait a minute, my eyes AREN'T bleeding?]-
Akira's animation is phenomenal. Let's ...
Apr 10, 2020
WOW! This season was SHIT.

I usually like this show, but holy fuck this season was bad.

-[25 Episodes of Absolutely Nothing]-
There were two arks covered in this season. One was moderately interesting, the other was complete filler bullshit. Both arks were lame, played-out, and melodramatic. The interesting ark had a neato concept, but the execution was majorly lacking. The other ark was, well, not so interesting. I'll spoil it: it was a cultural festival ark. Maybe a UA festival would be interesting, right? Nah. Unlike season 2's sport festival ark, this one had almost nothing to do with quirks. Instead, this ark is ...
Mar 29, 2020
Okay, fess up, fellow reviewers. It's high time you admit that you rated this show poorly just to be a contrarian. There is no way that somebody who watch this show came out the other side with a sub 7/10 review. It's just not possible.

There are a lot of hot takes in the review section of this anime's page. Yes, steamy, smelly, bullshit takes. Listen. Art is subjective to a point. If you don't resonate with a "melodramatic" romance story (you cold unfeeling bastards), then that's fine. You don't have to give it the 10/10 it deserves- you'll just be wrong at the end ...
Mar 28, 2020
-[You Lose, Bitch!]-
Okay… God damnit. I’ve changed my mind about “The Rising of the Shield Hero”. In my previous review, I was too harsh on the show. While this show is no masterpiece, it is worlds above a 3/10. That rating was hyperbolic and the reviewer was nitpicking and biased (I win, bye bye).

-[Regarding My Previous Assertions]-
First thing’s first: let me address what my previous critiques of this show were. This could serve to clear up the misunderstandings at least by the 19 people who found the review helpful. For conveniences sake, I’ll use the old headers as well, just for some continuity. (also, for ...