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Apr 2, 2019
Ayakashi (Anime) add
When anime is made that targets a certain audience it seems to have a mixed reaction; this, of course, if it does reach its intended audience. Ultimately, though, what is the difference between one within the 'shounen' genre and another? People seem to appreciate longer-running series, it seems, which makes sense considering one develops impressions over so many episodes, but they may also simply like remakes/completely adapted series, of which the latter is also sensible, but this seems 'whole' too, despite its short length.

It is, though, typical of this genre... so, what's the difference, yet again, about, say, FMA and this? There are even superficial ...
Mar 22, 2019
Mixed Feelings
While some may select a certain genre for the specific topic and perhaps nothing else, it's usually what is in between that defines the rest. Now, while there is something other than that which the narrative concentrates on mostly, it is actually side characters that get most of that 'in between' narrative, while the protagonists are mainly confined to the sport itself for most of the time, which, as it happens, isn't repeated in the sequel.

As such, I suppose this isn't absolutely great as an 'introduction'... to professional cycling, sure, even those new to it could catch up with some terminology (it's about five words ...
Mar 22, 2019
Mixed Feelings
Most anime, or even media generally that belong to this genre, have this dilemma... what ratio should be allocated to the technicalities, the sport itself, just drama, or even comedy when it desires to go in that direction?

While it does have a smattering of comedy, in certain reactions to situations, I think it has more drama than anything. It touches on some heavy topics too, throughout... something which in Andalusia they didn't do, but it is counteracted by some comedy, particularly in the race itself, which is a welcome addition to the minimum requirement for such a genre, something its predecessor suffered from. Both, though, ...
Mar 18, 2019
I'm going to compare three separate narratives I've recently watched that I enjoyed almost equally, but for different reasons. A couple are from Madhouse, which I think is interesting because they're quite a contrast, separated by five years. Even animation-wise, they are distinct and yet, still, use this technique involving colour - for different reasons, though, it seems. Shiki is by Daume, but since I haven't yet seen anything else by them I can't compare anything more, except for these three as distinct narratives from the same genre and topic.

But, this is mainly about Hitsuji no uta, although I think comparisons would be worth it ...
Mar 9, 2019
Mayoiga (Anime) add
So, I'm writing this without reading a single comment made by anyone else or any reviews so far (might update it later to sort of 'reply' to statements that I think might need to be 'replied' to in the actual review, but for now...) - I do this since I realize that due to a variety of factors including, perhaps, bad moods, people's comments can truly ruin enjoyment for others (for some reason discovered this in sports anime, wonder if that reason has anything to do with a certain hormone...) - but, inevitably, I did notice the score, which I now resolve to somehow ...
Feb 10, 2019
Level E (Anime) add
The way this series approaches the topic of the possibility of aliens is interesting, and also unique insofar as not much else done about this subject is usually comedic.

It has episodes made up of arcs that range from three, two, or just individual narratives that are resolved within twenty minutes. The latter do not usually have characters that re-appear in later episodes, and even one of the couple episodes arc do not re-occur, but this is mostly satisfactory because the narrative is usually dealt with, and even if a 'deus ex machina' device seems to be used, it is at least seemingly logical, being devised ...
Jan 26, 2019
Mixed Feelings
Ever wanted to see those anthropomorphized birdies at the end of the ng shuus playing? Well, for one minute now you can! Never before seen, fluffy avians, everywhere! Kawaii, non? But how do they not mistake balls for eggs? Is it even physically possible for them to dribble?

Who knew birds can be sporty?! Did you even notice they represented each character?! Feathers can bounce some balls. Like, how does air resistance not hinder them? Are they not too bulky?

Let's entertain the possibility, how likely is it that they themselves end up in a hoop?

These ones can certainly fluff the ball!

Maybe a bit too fluffy?

Sep 11, 2018
Reviews so far are strange, how could one like the original but shorts that are like a microcosm not? They're simply extras, does one expect a retelling of the original in the length of one episode? How also does it not seem like they simply were trying to be comedic like the original too?

They're just an addendum to a unique series, but that doesn't take away from being their own thing; third short may have been the better one but that doesn't mean they weren't all like a mini-TG (mostly the comedy).

How can anyone say this is 'nonsense' when that is the point of ...
May 17, 2016
This is about a big announcement. A very big announcement, indeed. But, that is subjective, and the more energetic members of the Yorozuya can't possibly agree on the impact it would have, on either the audience or themselves. That is, of course, after the subjective appraisal of time passing, which, as they admit, is like a stuck record.

This effectively is an introduction to Gintama', but doesn't actually have anything to do with the Benizakura arc. It ends with trailers from the following episodes, but other than that the meta-reflection and ruminations permeate the narrative.

The trio happily conclude that their studio isn't, after all, ...
Aug 31, 2015
So, it seems most people seem to have a problem comprehending this anime... admittedly this may be due to there being a discrepancy between the novels/manga and the anime (manga ended in 2014, anime in 2013, although the novel came out in 2012)... and, I suspect, it contains more than the anime reveals. Still, every individual episode on its own seemed to make sense, especially if one makes sense of the abstruse language characters often use.

It is a Shinto tale, so some researching could be useful at times (there are quite a lot of references, although not knowing the legends behind them doesn't necessarily preclude ...

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