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Jun 11, 2017
This tale is one of a tyrant whose palm holds,
The malignant fury of gods olde,
He was struck from his throne,
And pays bills for his phone,
Now he works full time at MgRonald’s.

But the tyrant he has a great wife,
Who does laundry and is good with a knife,
He does dishes and chores,
And scrubs all the floors,
Oct 1, 2013
As a long time fan of the To Aru franchise, I had hoped to give this anime a 10/10. Unfortunately, while the show was raging in a fiery passion of excellent during the Sisters arc, it suffered during the latter half; although it was only for 8 episodes. Regardless, the first half demonstrated how a studio can excel where previously they we mediocre. J.C. Staff has displayed fine talents that any To Aru fan can appreciate... for most of the show anyways.


The narrative follows Misaka Mikoto, a middle school girl whose unique life instantly sparks your attention. Although she has a lightning quick temper, ...
Apr 1, 2013
What would you do to turn your dreams into reality?

It is our names which we cherish the most. They are titles; testaments to who we are and what we have accomplished. Would you be willing to sacrifice your name, along with your home, lover, or family in order to achieve your dreams? AKB0048 is a story of growth. A tale of naive youth struggling to fulfill their ambitions and spread happiness in a dystopian universe weighted under a ban on entertainment. Directed by Kawamori Shoji (Aquarion EVOL, Macross), AKB0048 proves that even an anime about space idols can be enriching and enjoyable.


We are introduced to ...
Jan 17, 2013
"Why is her butt so round?" Man has pondered this question since the dawn of the First Age. As we look upon the history of earth - whether it be during the construction of the pyramids, the French Revolution, or the day skin tight spandex was invented; the answer to this question has been sought. Thousands of years into the future, when humanity has fallen from the heavens, this very question will be answered. "Who cares? Lets make her my girlfriend." Backed with his army of loyal friends, Tenzo Crossunite embarks on a journey to obtain a Big Busty Blonde of his very own.


The beloved ...
Oct 2, 2012
How refreshing. After slapping the Demon King's shit around and stealing his daughter, our beloved hero Akatsuki returns from fantasy-land as an overpowered motherfucker. He rides lightning-charged motorcycles, gets bitches, makes em' piss, and crushes others using only his testosterone. A refreshing character and premise indeed, but does refreshing exempt the rest of the show from being mediocre?


'Tis a rare thing, my Pappy once said, to find a show with enough courage to stray from your average cut and paste framework. So the protagonist goes in and comes out with the belligerent demon armies dry humping the ground he walks on... then what? We see ...
Jul 18, 2012
I write this to you as a fellow anime fan; a comrade who you can trust... someone who only wants to save you from the fresh hell that is this anime. Leave now. And never look back. Usually a show has SOMETHING to offer, whether it be by way of characters, plot, fan service, or other devices. Shining Hearts' one forte is the ability to lull you into a deep sleep, one which you wish never to wake from.

Story - 2

What story? They bake bread, offer no foreshadowing, then fart out a deus ex machina ending and treat it as a special twist. It is ...
Jun 26, 2012
Medaka Box (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Oh the things this could have been. When one of my favorite manga became slated for an anime adaptation you can bet your ass I was jumping for joy, however the initial ecstasy was soon power-slammed into the ground and pissed on as time flew by. Penned by phenomenon known as Nisioisn, the Medaka Box manga started mediocre but eventually established itself as a wonderful clusterfuck combination of every genre known to man. The problem with the anime is that it didn't get past the mediocre part.

Story - 6

Gainax produced a 1:1 adaptation of Medaka Box's first arc, but this faithfulness is one of the ...
Jun 25, 2012
Excellent storytellers always have a way to weave suspense and doubt throughout their works so subtly that you can feel somethings wrong but not think it. Dusk Maiden of Amnesia is an adaptation from the similarly named manga following Teiichi and Yuuko as they expand their relationship and face the chaotic horrors born from the catacombs of fear deep within each students mind. Providing a brilliant mix of horror, romance, and drama, Dusk Maiden of Amnesia makes you feel genuine fear, contentment and sadness.

Story - 7

One can never expect a deep and compelling plot from shows focusing on romance, the show usually depends on ...
Jun 24, 2012
From the mind that gave us works such as Madoka and Saya no Uta comes a tale spun as a predecessor to the wildly popular series Fate/Stay Night. Of course, anyone who has read or watched Fate/Stay Night knows the outcome of the fourth Holy Grail War, but only half the fun of a journey is the destination. Gen Urobuchi and studio Ufotable guide us through a magnificent world saturated with dynamic characters, a beautiful score, jaw-dropping visuals and fluctuating idealistic views, which all congeal into a compelling narrative. Mistakes are made by Ufotable, but compared to the grandiose story and execution they only serve ...

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