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Dec 16, 2011
I must admit that I've seen Rosario+Vampire anime even before starting reading manga, so I had some sort of expectations. Generally, Rosario+Vampire is story about human guy Aono Tsukune, who couldn't find any other high schools that would accept him except for the Youkai (monster) academy, which is actually protected by grand barrier preventing humans to enter. What is the real reason that he's able to enter the academy remains a secret.

Alright, let's move on. In the very beginning of story, he bumps into beautiful vampire Akashiya Moka and they start to get along very well. She's not that ordinary kind of bloody murderous vampire, read more
Nov 24, 2011
Aki-Sora: Yume no Naka is an open continuation of prequel Aki-Sora, the story of brother-sister love. As an exception from other titles of this genre, Sora and Aki are true sibblings - the love forbidden by others. I'd rate Yume no Naka more like softcore hentai. Long sex scenes, weak story.

I had enjoyed the prequel much more to be honest. If only the story was longer, I'd come to like it much more. There's almost nothing more to be shown, honestly. The story didn't really have a chance to expand in these two episodes.

Anyway, if you're fan of this genre, you might like it. read more
Oct 27, 2011
This is true definition of ecchi. Tits - more often than anywhere alse. To be honest, I was kinda bored with the story at the end because of a fact that I was kinda surrounded with nudity at first. O wait, the story? Oh yea. One guy, Sai Akuto aims to become a High Priest in the world of magic or whatever. He suddently finds out about his potential status of Demon Lord and he has some unusual powers as well. As I already pointed out, the nudity meter sometimes really exceeds the limits. There're basically situations where something causes an explosion and girls are read more
Oct 23, 2011
Overall (9): Story of gods, devils and humans in school life. One guy surrounded by 5 other girls, who are all dreaming about earning his heart. Anime is more fun based with moments that would probably make you laugh out of loud. Amazingly silly ecchi scenes are just hitting the spot!

Story (8): Tsuchimi Rin is one lucky guy with heart. His childhood friend Kaede is doing all of the housework for him. Later on, they find out about imigrants from other worlds - Sia and Nerine. Including several more girls, they're all having fun together.

Art (9): All of characters are made incredibly cute.

Sound (10): Sound read more
Oct 22, 2011
Overall (9): An ecchi with somehow outstanding work at graphics. It's basically a love triangle (if you still wanna call it triangle) psychological based anime. Main character doesn't realise that he's breaking heart of every girl, but seems like totally ignoring it and continuing his promiscuity. So it's here for us to see what it's like for both sides and what could possibly happen.

Story (7): Itou Makoto seems like innocent student with casual everyday life, until he finds out about pretty girl Katsura Kotonoha, who is travelling by a same train as he does. At the school, he's set next to Saionji Sekai, who actually read more