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Sep 13, 2012
Take a moment and think extremely hard about how you felt when you were 10 years old. After doing that, think about how you feel about people who are 10 right now?

Right from the start I kind of knew why I would like this manga. I’ve developed a huge respect to writers who can develop characters from the age 7-10 because I think it’s the hardest age to remember and capture on paper. At this age, there is no doubt you are naïve, with little experience of the world. Many of them still look at this world with a very bright perspective. Many of them read more
Jun 10, 2012
Many realistic portrayals of high school life involve bullying, isolation and in the end a very distressful experience. Yet, I have never experienced that. You can say I'm lucky, but there are people who have a great experience in high school because of their classmates and friends that are around them.

Going to an all boys' boarding school can really suck, especially when it comes to relationships. It's so hard to get girls because whenever you get a chance, you have to make the decision at that instant otherwise you'll probably lose it. You won't get it back because it's rare for you to ever see read more
Jun 3, 2012
The Idolm@ster is an ecchi anime with tons of fanservice but don't worry, your parents won't get mad because there is never any sex! A Producer enters a world with tons of lonely models and they get into many panty-revealing, nose bleeding adventures. The harem increases one by one and soon, all the girls just want the producer to touch their boobs. If you are a man, I definitely recommend this anime. Why should we ever bother with hentai anymore? That's all Idolm@ster is about....

....Or so you thought.

Well then, sorry to disappoint you but I lied. For some reason, Idolm@ster tries to sell read more
Oct 17, 2011
I am definitely not the kind of person who thinks cliche is bad. In fact, I tend to like stories that are cliche a lot more then stories with big twists or are dark. To me, stories that try to suprise the audience have the easy ticket to success. Sure, thinking of an idea to surprise somebody is hard, but after you get over that part, you've pretty much made something great because people are going to think its some sort of cult/dark film thats "thought-provoking" or "Reflects the darkness in us." Or if the twist is not dark, people will still love it because read more
May 26, 2011
This manga is crazy. I'm sorry, actually, allow me to correct myself, this manga is FUCKING crazy.

So you thought School Days was fucked up, you haven't even begun.

I'll start with the flaws, because they are apparent. First of all, the story isn't the most original thing you've ever heard of. You have a boy who has a crush on a girl and is forced to make a contract with another girl because he is caught stealing the first girl's underwear. It doesn't take a genius to realize where the romance is going to be placed. The characters aren't the most developed characters ever and they read more
Nov 7, 2010
Remember when you first started to write stories in school? There was this guidline given by your teacher about where exactly should the climax be and how exactly should you bulid it? Crazy For You is like that guidline for tangled relationships.

This is not a bad thing. All this means is the plot is simple.

But what it does do is make the plot very, very cliche. You are introduced to five characters who you soon find out become intwined in complicated love relationships. By the time volume 1 is finished, it is quite apparent where the plot is headed. Still, as this is as basic read more
Nov 6, 2010
Zetman (Manga) add (All reviews)
Zetman is about Justice.

But what is impressive about Zetman is the way it chooses two characters, completely different from each other, puts them side by side and lets us see how their ideas of justice are similar and different. They have the same goals, but what is most precious to them, what they decide to sacrifice to achieve their
goals are very different.

Jin is a superhuman known as Zet. From a young age, he has discovered the hardships of life as he loses many people who are very precious to him. Through these incidents, he becomes sort of a cold person who likes to read more
Mar 11, 2010
Strobe Edge is a story, which starts off as a seemingly normal story, a typical shoujo, but because of its superior story pacing and character development, it is able to become something special and unique.

The mangaka decides to start the story off with a very familiar situation. Ninako, a girl who is very naïve towards love, falls in love with one of the popular guys in school, Ren. At first, all seems good, but we soon find out Ren actually has a girlfriend. Then the manga introduces another boy called Andou, who loves Ninako, and thus the typical love triangle is formed.

Well, read more