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Dec 23, 2011
Idol /ˈʌɪd(ə)l/ n. a person or thing that is greatly admired, loved, or revered.
What does it mean to be an idol? That's a question the A-1 pictures' series The Idolm@ster tries to answer. It's based on the Xbox 360 game with the same name and follows thirteen idols and their producers as they all try to overcome trials of varying sizes and severity in their quest to reach the top in the Japanese entertainment industry.

The show kicks off with a mockumentary style first episode, which really surprised me. It fools you into thinking that this actually might turn out to become something interesting direction-wise, as read more
Apr 9, 2011
Hotel Voynich is a story about the titular hotel, the island it's located on and its inhabitants. The story follows a bunch of different characters, ranging from a trio of female drug dealers, competing assassins, a suicidal chef and the hotel manager who supposedly bested Chuck Norris in combat. The main focus rests on a Japanese guy named Taizou though, a man with a past. As you may have noticed, the cast is pretty colorful, and combined with the varying points of view it conveys the basic set-up for a slice-of-life. At least I thought it was a slice-of-life at first, albeit a quirky one. read more
Dec 24, 2010
To be honest, I didn't know what to expect from this adaption. I was familiar with the source material, but since the production was in the hands of Shaft, yeah. For the unitiated: If Japan's anime industry was a party, and the studios were the invited, Shaft would be the high guy smoking joints on your favourite couch while eating all your snacks. They're just completely unpredictable. Some times they'll create excellent animation and sharply delivered dialogue, other times they'll churn out something that looks more like a slideshow and the boring, endless monologues which are associated with them.

I was pleasantly surprised.

The plot of read more
Jul 2, 2010
This is my first review so please be gentle, take it easy, etc. etc etc.

From the director of both Sketchbook, Kaleido Star and Aria comes Working!!, a story about a relatively normal dude named Takanashi and the crazy shenanigans of his equally crazy co-workers playing out at the family restaurant Wagnaria.
Other than that there's not much to say about the story of this anime; yup, it's just another light-hearted slice-of-life, again.

Presentation-wise Working!! is excellent, A-1 has done a great job with both animation and sound. The music of the show fits like a glove, and the OP is incredibly catchy (WAN WAN), the ED... not read more