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Furachi na Kare no Shitsukekata
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Berry-Vodka Oct 15, 3:52 PM
Hey happy birthday!
1dbad Oct 4, 7:10 PM
I did NOT get a notification for you editing your comment - only the new comment you posted.

You think even goofy faces can't be ugly?! XD Only metric I judge them on is whether or not they make me laugh. :P I think it helped they built up to them leaving the second time? And they did it at the *end* of a series? A lot of the OI outrage stems from them doing it abruptly at the start of a region.

Most people who complain about the age thing seem to do so out of it being a sign of Satoshi's stagnation as a character rather than "I can't relate to a young protag". Completely agreed about the issue with Satoshi's character and how to fix it. I think the problem is Satoshi was never created to be a long-running character. His arc (and the series in general) was only meant to last a year, and that caught up with them when the series kept getting extended due to massive popularity. Would you say DP is when the reset first happens? PokeSpe is still pretty popular, but maybe a bit less so due to all the delays with the volumes. (we've *just* started getting XY in volume form, despite them being on Sword and Shield in the magazines D:)

I didn't follow the anime during DP's run, sooo. xDD Haven't seen enough of Shinji to have a strong opinion on. He's an unlikable jackass but that is an interesting change of pace? Will make Satoshi defeating him satisfying, at the very least. xD Bad, nii-sama! D:< *bops*

Yep! Their last appearance was in DP. What's odd is Yamato's VA popped up in XY as a Gym Leader, so their lack of appearance doesn't seem to be due to their VAs...

Didn't know US popularity was responsible for it continuing. I figured it was popular in Japan too, since it wasn't until Johto that I heard anything about it having poor ratings in Japan. Now you see why I'm not interested in watching past DP? xD Just because it didn't work with Digimon doesn't mean it can't work for Pokemon. Yugioh's done a good job of having different protagonists for the various spin-offs. :P It would also fix your issue with Satoshi as a protagonist. New protags for each region would prevent protag resets.

I'd call any character around for more than a two-parter a recurring character, not a COTD. xD I think it's a great idea! 8D I'm just dubious that the anime would ever do it. ^^; They're pretty lazy - SM is the ONLY saga that didn't have dozens of COTD. :P

No - just that it's a Maiden's Festival every girl dreams of partaking in. Only male we ever see involved is the host. Could be. xD

Yep! Speaking of the World Tournament, I'm curious to see how that goes. I doubt Satoshi could win it, but I could see the anime writers using him winning it as a way of writing him out. :P I do too! I hear Journeys has been taking advantage of it by adapting some game details we never saw in the anime before. (like one of the Pokemon Center NPCs who trades you a Pokemon in Red/Green)

P.S. Maybe that's it. :O I dunno - I think Masters having a lot of nostalgic characters is why it's been so popular. xD (I got it just last year! T_T)

I'm thinking I'll give the Higurashi anime a watch? :3 I'm also watching the 24 episode horror shonen Jujutsu Kaisen, but it's currently airing rather than a finished series. xD After October though, I think I might catch up on Journeys. There's a 5 (?) part arc adapting the Sword/Shield plot coming up, and I'm excited for that. X3

That detail with Shudo makes a lot of sense. Also explains why Satoshi's League Battle with Hiroshi was so disappointing. (Satoshi lost quickly due to the Rocket trio wearing out his Pokemon in the first half of the episode =o=) OH! I forgot about that. :O He hasn't battled himself in any of the episodes I've seen, at least... Ho-ou wasn't implied to be a dream in the novels. It's more of Satoshi's first taste of ~how mysterious~ the Pokemon World is. Lugia's likely a special case due to being a Legendary? :P Most of them seem to be able to talk to humans. N's a Pokemon?! XD I agree on Satoshi's Pokemon fluency level. No, Takeshi's a Breeder in training. What I meant is the anime seems to like keeping Pokemon Doctors a (mostly) female profession, which is why I think they ended up (changing?) Takeshi's goal to Breeder instead of Doctor.

What studio got Digimon Adventure? :O
1dbad Sep 29, 4:35 AM
Sounds good to me! :3

Get on my level, scrub! :P Do you hate Hikari or something? D: As for what's next...I'm not sure. Want to watch a spooky (and preferably 12-24 ep) anime for October. xD

I don't think much has changed with the Rocket trio in that regard? Yeah, I love how brutal battles could be in Kanto. Shudo didn't shy away from the fact Pokemon could kill - especially in the novelizations. But on the other hand, Kanto's Gym Battles tend to suck. Majority of Satoshi's badges are won for non-batte reasons. ^^; (Definitely something the anime handles better nowadays) Eh? Yeah, Satoshi has battled and caught Pokemon himself in more recent seasons. Interesting theory. Shudo's novelization said nothing about Ho-ou granting him any such abilities, though. According to an XY scene, Satoshi isn't able to talk to Pokemon a la N; he's just such an instinctual person that he gets the "gist" of how a Pokemon is feeling. I do miss the timeframes... According to a Ookido segment in DP: Breeders and Doctors aren't separate - they're different branches of the same field. The doctor branch is usually decided on by Nurse Jois, which is likely why they settled for Takeshi wanting to be a Breeder instead.
1dbad Sep 27, 4:29 PM
Oh my Goddess I'm so sorry! D: I thought it was unusual I hadn't heard from you by now. ToT I understand. Take your time.

Yesterday I finished watching DP up to where the fansubs end (ToT), and a few days before that I did the same with Advanced Generation. I can already tell AG was trying to make up for the filler hell of Johto. xDD So much going on in every episode! It also follows the games a lot closer than Kanto-Johto did. I'm also really liking DP so far. Pretty sure Hikari will end up being my favorite protagonist - she has the sass of Kasumi but knows exactly what she wants to do and how to do it. (unlike Kasumi, Haruka AND Serena. xDDD) I got so into it I even tried watching a couple of dubtitled episodes, but yeah...don't do that. Even with my limited Japanese, I was correcting a good 15 or so lines per episode in my head. ^^; So I'm back on Pokehiatus until another region's worth of eps get fansubbed. xD;
1dbad Sep 22, 5:24 PM
What is it you don't like about Naruto's? :O I think it's because we have an idea of how Satoshi's goofy faces should look given the original series, and how they do them nowadays is jarring in comparison. They removed Takeshi out of fear which is why he got removed so fast. XD I think the hesistation is due to wanting to make sure viewers like the new lead before getting rid of Satoshi.

I didn't mind Serena's crush on Satoshi since it felt like something different. But it did feel painfully one-sided. xD Interesting. Guess it's a case of people growing out of the anime but still enjoying the games? The amount of game-inspired media (Origins, Generations, Masters, etc.) has grown a lot in recent years too.

...Same. ^_^; Hey, Satoshi x Hiroshi is basically Pokemon Wishshipping! 8D You dislike Shinji? You could always Google, you know. :P But since you're lazy...Yamato and Kosaburo were Musashi and Kojiro's Rocket Gang rivals back in Kanto. They continued to pop up off and on until DP, but they stopped appearing in the anime ever since BW.

Pokemon has been doing that for ages. I remember Dogasu said they stopped using Japanese writing as far back as Orange Islands, and they stopped having Japanese culture pop up ever since...DP, I believe? I'd watch at least one Satoshi-less series out of morbid curiosity. xD Whether or not I'd stick with it would come down to how much I like Gou, but my ideal would be every region getting a new protagonist a la Digimon. :3
They could, but I was thinking more in terms of focus episodes? Typically long runners like having multiple main cast members so they can have the occasional non-protagonist focus episode. Sihinou had male Coordinators too! I remember one guy that dressed like a prince that had a crush on Hikari... But XY's Pokealons (Kalos' equivalent of Contests) was female-only. Felt like a step back after AG and DP, especially since Serena's crush on Satoshi kept things from being as les yay as it could've been. ToT (like she'd fight a girl over who would be Satoshi's gf rather than have wonderful yuri moments =o=)

I have heard they recently started using some old music again, at least? And looking at the list of episodes, it seems they've been to everyone region (except the Orange Islands xD) at least once. Most more than once.

Hey, that requires you keeping things short as much as me! XP XDDD

P.S. Yeah, that's what I remembered. >_> But I have noticed an uptick in Red/Green ever since Masters came out... (that feel when your phone is too old to play it ToT)
1dbad Sep 21, 6:38 PM
Can't speak for Journeys but the funny faces in SM never reminded me of Naruto... Not a fan of funny faces in anime? xD I hate the development reset too, but I wouldn't say Satoshi develops the same way each time. His arcs in SM and XY both felt distinct to me. I've long given up hope of Satoshi ever getting replaced but you never know. Some of the things Journeys has been doing makes me wonder, like having the series first ever non-Satoshi episode...

I find it hard to get invested in any Satoshi ship since you know the guy/girl will be gone the following region. XD But the guy getting the female lead treatment for a change is a refreshing change of pace. o3o (especially after dealing with Satoshi x Serena throughout XY) I've noticed that Red and Green is a much more popular ship nowadays than it used to be. :3 (Isn't the ship name due to Gou saying Satoshi is his first friend? xD)

But what if you hate how he looks in the new art style? D: I'd love to see Shigeru again though, as well as Hiroshi. Rewatching Kanto subbed reminded me of how much I loved Satoshi x Hiroshi as a kid... Hiroshi's JPN VA is fabulous too; I hear he's voiced by the lady who does Conan? :O Speaking of characters not around since DP, I was shocked to see Yamato and Kosaburo haven't appeared since then. I'm hoping Journeys brings them back at some point.

Oh no, Satoshi's dub surname of Ketchum is finally appropriate! XD I hear Satoshi's also being written as a senpai of sorts in Journeys? Gou having that in common with Satoshi is another reason why I keep seeing people say he might end up replacing Satoshi. xD
I think the closest the anime ever came to making those goals solid was with Kasumi? The Whirl Cup tourney was a good idea. It's a shame they came up with it so late into Kasumi's arc, and never bothered to use it for any of the other traveling companion arcs... I don't mind Satoshi having more than one traveling partner since more personalities to bounce around can make a long-runner like Pokemon a lot more bearable. But I do wish they weren't so traditional when it comes to their genders? Girls always do something girly like Coordinating and boys always do something masculine like being a Trainer. I'd love to see something like a male Coordinator or a female doing the Gym quest for a change. (the latter actually being possible now that Satoshi has a new goal)

That would be nice! I'm surprised more companies don't post episodes on Youtube.

It's a shame we got a new composer for a nostalgia series like Journeys. Hearing old anime tracks when Satoshi visits older regions would add to the experience.

Thanks! I like how commenting gives us a way of having a "current" convo while I whittle away at our backlog. ^_^
1dbad Sep 20, 5:02 AM
NARUTO?! Cutesy I get but the art never reminded me of that. xD I've come to accept that every Pokemon region is its own thing and that each getting a new artstyle is a way of visually setting them apart. SM's pretty good! I miss the travel aspect but the ensemble cast results in much stronger characterization and development for everyone. (and a lot less episodic characters we never see again) Disappointed to hear that about Goh. I hear Journeys pushes the ho yay stronger than any of the previous series so I was hoping I'd like him... Are you sure about that? :P Journeys region-hopping is resulting in some past characters (including past traveling companions/rivals) coming back, so I wouldn't be surprised to get a Shigeru episode at some point. Yeah, I hear Goh is being set up as Satoshi's potential replacement. My main issue with the Myuu goal is its the kind of thing that can't be accomplished until the end of Goh's story. I prefer Trainer/Coordinator arcs because you can easily see how much progress a character is making as well as how much further they have to go. That's also why I tend to dislike Gym Leaders as traveling companions, because "I want to be a __ type master!" is a goal so vague there's no quantifiable way of tracking their progress. But I digress!

If it wasn't Crunchy, it'd be Netflix or Prime. xD

I would think his popularity would make him more expensive due to reputation... That's awesome! :O I'll definitely give it a listen!

Would you mind waiting until I'm all done? :3
1dbad Sep 19, 2:54 AM
What did you think? :P I'm especially curious regarding Journeys since I've been debating whether or not to catch up.

Might not be due to Discotek after all. I hear Crunchy made season 1 available for most countries, when Discotek stuff tends to be US-exclusive. So it's probably a case of TMS themselves trying to push Conan here.

Probably. xD Disappointed in their new choice of composer. He's not bad, but he's pretty overused right now? My Hero Academia, Pokemon Journeys, the past few Precure series, etc. I hear his work so much now that I've gotten bored of it. Has she ever been in Digimon? :O
1dbad Sep 17, 5:40 PM
All according to keikaku ;D

Crunchyroll is adding the first 43 episodes of Detective Conan to their site! It's not confirmed yet, but given Crunchy tends to stream Discotek releases, people are speculating Discotek might be re-releasing the first season on home video soon. :3

And remember our convo about the Shaman King creator refusing a reboot unless the original voice cast/composer returned? Seems he half-got his wish: The reboot will have a new composer (boo) but most of the cast is reprising! (yay!) Yoh's seiyuu is the only replacement thus far, due to his original seiyuu retiring back in 2016. :O On the upside, Hayashibara returning means we might get some OP/END sung by her! *O*
1dbad Sep 11, 12:25 AM
Thank you! ^_^
Renkini Sep 10, 9:56 PM
Glad I could recommend a great game to a fellow Digimon fan :)

Enjoy the game! Don't hesitate to ask me anything about it if you have questions.
Renkini Sep 9, 2:51 AM
Digimon Adventure PSP is very worth playing just for nostalgia purpose. It's a very faithful adaptation. Gameplay is kinda lacking but not unplayable. Graphics is way beyond PSP level. They reused both Butter-Fly and Brave Heart. I believe its success revived back the Adventure cast into Tri and the reboot we're getting now. I'll be still in lost in touch with Digimon if it's not for that game.
AugmentedTurnip Jun 13, 4:18 AM
I think what gives Tamers the edge for me is mainly the fact that instead of having too many "main characters" like Adventure does it only has three which gets more or less an equal share ( I'll conveniently ignore Ryo who's only there to look cool at the expense of the main characters and trying his best to undercut Ruki's character arc, atleast Hikari was just a plot device ) While the other guys that tag along into the Digital World there's a very clear divide as they're obviously supporting characters. Being a supporting cast member of Tamers is also a pretty sweet gig as Juri and Impmon both end up being the best part of the series honestly.I'd also say that Digimon Tamers looks pretty good concidering it was made in probably the worst looking era in anime. Like a bit of attention was given to it. Adventure has this drunken weekend effort to it with its animation for the most part. ( It would've been something if the whole anime looked like the episode when Taichi got home to Japan because that one looks amazing )

Adventure is kind of saddled with the whole Digidestined/Chosen Child thing which implies to a certain degree that every one of them will be important. But characters like Sora, Mimi and Jyou could be cut with very minimal impact on the story and that's a shame. But that's just a side effect of shounen powerlevel nonsense especially when you let a select few evolve past the others. AHEM AHEM!
AugmentedTurnip Jun 12, 3:23 AM
But who could forget this gem from Digimon Adventure
AugmentedTurnip Jun 12, 1:34 AM
I mean for my money I remember really liking 02 back in the day. And in my mind the idea grew that it was just a season that made fujoshi seethe because the epilogue ruined all their precious ships. Though I'm sure if I ever get around to rewatching it it will slightly fade like Adventure or even Tamers did ( though Tamers was clearly better than Adventure ). Going back to stuff you used to like back in the day is usually a disapointment in some regards unfortunatly. Black Lagoon is a series I'm deathly afraid of rewatching but it probably has to be done just to see.