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Jan 20, 2014
Mixed Feelings
Well time to look at another Pokemon short.

Story: The story is basically what it needed to be. The Pichu Bros. have a problem and the other Pokemon help them out. It's nothing special and nothing amazing happens during it that changes the main goal for a bit.

Art: The art is the same as the show with a few moments of CG. The CG is used sparingly and really only at one point of the short. Other than that, it's pretty good and can fully show the power of certain things, like Totodile's water gun.

Sound: The music isn't really anything memorable like with other shorts I've ...
Jan 20, 2014
Time to take a look at the last DBZ movie to have an English dub, that is until Battle of the Gods is dubbed. While on a personal level, I hold this as the greatest DBZ film ever, let's look at it objectively.

Story: The story is your standard DBZ plot. Giant alien comes to Earth in hopes of destroying the planet and the Super Saiyans have to destroy it. However, quite a bit of time is spent developing the newer characters, such as Hoi and Tapion, and Tapion's relationship to Trunks. Granted, this isn't the first DBZ film to put a lot of focus on ...
Jan 17, 2014
Mixed Feelings
Alright, time to tackle the last of the Broly trilogy. After witnessing how terrible Second Coming was, I was hoping this would be better. Thankfully, it is, but not by much.

Story: The story is basically the same as Second Coming, except replace Videl with 18 as the female non-super saiyan that is here just to show how weak regular people (or in this case androids) are compared to saiyans and throw in Hercule because the story says so. The story was handled a lot better here since it shows the consequences of their actions during the fights, which is mostly random people getting killed off, ...
Jan 16, 2014
Before I get into this, the version I watched was the edited American release. So any scenes cut that affect the score will not be counted.

Story: The story is what it needs to be for a DBZ film. Most of it is handled in little chunks just so they can hurry up and start fighting, which starts about 9 and a half minutes in. Granted, this low level of storytelling wouldn't really work for other animes or any other movies, but this is DBZ and the biggest reason anyone watches it is for the fighting, not so much the storytelling. However, I did like how ...
Jan 14, 2014
I'm happy to report that this short isn't anywhere near as bad as the movie it comes with. However, it's not that hard to be better than 4Ever. So let's see if this short is actually worth checking out.

Story: The story is nice and simple. It's mostly just Pikachu playing hide and seek with other Pokemon. Nothing remarkable, but it didn't have to be considering it's just supposed to get you ready for the movie, which it does. However, I did like that they changed it up at about the half-way point.

Art: Given the concept of trying to make the Pokemon blend in with their ...
Jan 14, 2014
Time to take a look at one of my personal favorite Pokemon movies. This is also my first review of an Advanced Generation movie, a series that I'm not as familiar with as the original, but I'll give it my best shot. Personal biases aside, let me tell you why this is one of my favorite Pokemon movies.

Story: While the story isn't as well told as something like Pokemon Heroes, it's still really well done. Something that really surprised me is that this movie doesn't focus on Ash as much as it focuses on Tory and Deoxys. While Ash is still our main protagonist and ...
Jan 12, 2014
Mixed Feelings
Time to take a look at something from the Yugioh franchise. I guess there's no better place to start than with the movie...well OK, the show is a much better place to start, but I haven't finished the show yet. Anyways, on to the review.

Story: The story isn't much more than what you'd expect from your typical episode of the show. There's a duel between two characters and someone possessing something or used to live in the ancient past is somehow involved. It's not terrible, but there is a concept of the story that seems like it would have played a bigger part, but got ...
Jan 11, 2014
Mixed Feelings
Since I couldn't find a dub of this special (if one exists), this is my first look at the sub version. At least it's short for my first one.

Story: Like most Pokemon shorts, it isn't much, which is good. It just shows what Slowking does during the day. For a 3 minute short, that's good enough.

Art: While not as detailed as the movie, it's still pretty good and the sunset scene is beautiful.

Sound: This is the lowest point of the review. For a short, the little kid voices that constantly repeat "Things Slowking likes...*insert whatever Slowking is doing now*" become annoying fast. It would have ...
Jan 11, 2014
Time to tackle a DBZ movie for a change, since my previous reviews were on Pokemon movies and 1 Pokemon short. As with my other reviews, I'm looking at the English dub and not the sub. However, I did manage to watch the full, uncut version of this film, so there can't possibly be any deleted scenes that would affect this movie's score like there were with previous ones.

Story: Due to this being a sequel to, arguably, one of the best DBZ movies that have been made, the story isn't as detailed as before. There's no backstory to why Broly wants to destroy Earth since ...
Jan 10, 2014
Time to look at one of the many shorts that come before the Pokemon movies.

Story: While it's nothing special, it didn't really have to be. It's a 1-time short that just needed a clear beginning, middle, and end, which it did have. While not very engaging, it accomplished what it needed to do.

Art: Considering this comes right before the 2nd Pokemon movie, I'm glad that they didn't try to put a whole lot of focus on making this one look amazing and instead, just went with an art style that makes a lot of things look like they came out of a children's storybook and ...