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Kimi no Na wa.
Kimi no Na wa.
Feb 24, 2018 10:58 PM
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Aku no Hana
Aku no Hana
May 11, 2016 6:44 AM
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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 3: Stardust Crusaders 2nd Season
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 3: Stardust Crusaders 2nd Season
Jun 19, 2015 4:45 PM
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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 8: JoJolion
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 8: JoJolion
Nov 24, 2014 12:06 PM
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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 7: Steel Ball Run
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 7: Steel Ball Run
Nov 24, 2014 12:06 PM
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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 6: Stone Ocean
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 6: Stone Ocean
Nov 24, 2014 12:06 PM
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tlne Jun 1, 2014 8:49 AM
It really is much harder. And yeah I like it for the most part ^_^ Tbh, I'm not sure what exactly what I'm going to be doing, but I'm in a co-op program so I'll find out eventually. :P

Ah, I'm usually only in Toronto for specific reasons (visiting friends, theatre/concerts etc.) so I don't think I'll be a lot of help. You could browse Chinatown or Downtown (again, it'd probably be nothing new), uhhh Canada's Wonderland is open too I think, and ofc there's the staple tourist attractions like the CN tower, the ROM/AGO, Toronto Zoo. Wish I could be of more help but I'm really not there that often aha. :P
tlne Feb 21, 2014 7:13 PM
Yup! It's great! ^^
More importantly, what's up with you? You were gone for a while there and I was worried tbh. :/
tlne May 30, 2013 4:06 PM
I heard about it but I didn't know that it has already started!! :O Unfortunately I am broke right now and I know I'm going to mentally kick myself for not buying this (especially since it's limited edition). >___<

And then there's that 18$ just for shipping one item to Canada...
tlne May 29, 2013 3:08 PM
Around that time. I haven’t checked but I think we’re ending school the 18th and then exams will go until the 25th or something. Lots of us are busy because of that (I really only have 2 classes so I’m not worried haha), but then there’s also grad and university documents, etc. I wouldn’t doubt it at all! But (don’t know if it’s the same over there) there are spring semesters that go until august if you have co-op or something, and they have to fit just so much in during that time, right?

Can’t say that I haven’t thought of that before. xD I don’t buy an awful lot of manga, but look for bulk purchases, omnibuses, or local sellers (like Kijiji Canada! but I don’t know if they have a Kijiji US hmm). I never tried reading manga on an ereader before but would it really be that much different from a scanlation (besides the obvious quality difference)? Though Flower Of Life's vol. 4 would be nice to read. ;__;

Hope you have fun reading it! It’s definitely a bit ridiculous (especially the Sawada and Fuji omakes they’re really weird...but you’ll see exactly what I mean) but it’s enjoyable. It always reminds me of Nodame Cantabile even though only have a few similarities. I really didn’t expect to like Narutaru as much as I did honestly (I never even planned on reading it either but I checked out the first chapter and it just went from there). It’s a favourite of mine because I enjoyed it so, so much and I would reread it again (I don’t think it’s actual quality should matter on what I like). But a 7 is a good grade for it though since it had a ridiculous amount of problems. Hm I try using both... the first one while reading and seeing what it does well vs. what it doesn’t. When I’m done reading it I’ll probably just think “oh, it wasn’t as good as ___ so I should rethink that.” Doesn’t surprise me I’d like it though, seeing as both Madoka and GA are the featured favs. xD
PalePurple May 22, 2013 9:09 PM
Yeah, I've been going to Narcotics Anonymous meetings, and today I just got a sponsor. So I think I'm on the right track. I have other family members who are supporting me, but everything feels so hollow without my best friend with me. She actually introduced me to the needle nearly eight years ago, but she's since gotten clean. I was still using, and being the piece of shit I am, I helped her relapse one night. I guess it was a wake up call for her, and she's decided to cut me out of her life. It sounds like it may be temporary, as long as I can get my own shit in order. But if I fuck up, she's gone forever. It already feels like she's gone forever, to be honest, and I know I will fuck up. I guess it's just a matter of not letting her know when I do. Sad that for the first time in my whole life, I can't be completely and 100% honest with her. But I need her, and I know it's selfish, and I know I suck, but I need her.

What kind of research lab did you work in? I have an associates in biology and I'm working on my bachelors in biology too. My goal is to do paid research in neuropharmacology. As it turns out, when you cross a giant nerd with a giant druggy, you get a neuropharmacologist. At least that's my hope, anyway. I'm still always top of all my math and science classes, so I absolutely have a shot, no matter where my life takes me. I guess I'm just lucky to have the brain or the passion or whatever the hell it is.

Oh wow, you can read Chinese? Care to explain? Cantonese or Mandarin? Do you have a family background, or did you take classes, or were you self taught? Chinese is supposed to be much harder than Japanese, so I envy you. You'll probably have an easy time learning 日本語 if you really tried.

As far as manga, josei is definitely my preferred taste. Honey & Honey looks good, and so does Banana fish. Although the synopsis seems pretty damn intense! Rose of Versailles is actually already on my PTR list, and I think it got there by me searching through your manga list lol :) I'm honestly not a huge fan of the yuri genre either, as it currently is. It's just too smutty and male-oriented for me. Don't get me wrong, I love sex as much as the next girl, but it has to be tasteful. Aoi Hana was an epiphany for me, really. I didn't think something so perfectly perfectly suited to my tastes existed anywhere in the world. And to this day, I still haven't found anything that grabbed me emotionally (and sexually) like Aoi Hana did. It's really depressing. But I can't give up on the genre completely. Aoi Hana gave me hope, and I know there has to be something else out there.

Same goes for Haibane Renmei, if you know anything along those lines, please, please, お願いします!

I've read quite a few BL mangas, as a very close friend of mine is a gay man who's obsessed with it. He passes a few mangas off to me every once in a while. They're tasteful, and I love them, but they're MEN! lolol. I need something like that but with WOMEN! それは絶望的 :shakeshead:
PalePurple May 22, 2013 3:37 PM
Yeah, Saorin is my favorite! Aside from Nitorin, that is. Which is why I absolutely hated the Hourou Musuko anime, they made Chiba-san look like a bitch throughout the entire series, and unless people read the manga, they would probably hate my absolute favorite character! I was totally on that fanboat, by the way~!!

Life's been very very rough on me recently. I'm recovering from a heroin addiction, and I've recently lost my best friend. I'm truly a mess, to be honest. But I'm clean now and starting over.

I'm definitely far from fluent in Japanese. I was fairly proficient at one point, and then I got into dope, and lost most of the work I had done. I've started practicing again now that I've got a clear head. I'm nearly fluent in Afrikaans, and I did 6 years of AP Latin in high school, so I really understand grammar, regardless of language. But the kanji is what really gets me. All the languages I've learned so far have been in Latin based alphabets, so this whole 5000+ kanji thing is tricky. I can fluently read the kana though.

I could totally use some manga recs if you're offering :)
PalePurple May 20, 2013 6:57 PM
Oh my god, I remember you!! ひさしぶりですね?! I'm doing very well, and yourself? お元気ですか? That's crazy you found me! I'm still figuring this whole myanimelist thing out, but I'm so glad to see you around here too! You should add some more stuff to your list so I can go through it and pick out new ones for my PTW list! :P
tlne May 5, 2013 6:24 PM
I’m assuming that summer starts here on the same day summer does there (June 21st)? I wouldn’t see any reason why it would be different. :P I’ll definitely be checking some of those out (I’m really interested in A Man Who Sleeps btw). Sorry I can’t get around to some of them sooner. ^^;; I wish school would just end already so I actually have free time again (and then I could finish them all), but I still have 2 months to go blah. I heard that you guys end school in May? Is that true??

Good to know you like that (yes finally I get a rec. right)! It is a really great manga. The ending was a bit rushed, but the side stories were nice to see at the end. :) I still hold promise for Ran To Haiiro No Sekai, despite what’s been happening with Outarou. Who knows, the next volume could make or break it. :o

That’s crazy... who would ever buy paperbacks for that much? It’s like the elusive volume 13 of PSME.

I was reading it and grinning like an idiot because I was getting all the references. Ofc, usually this doesn’t happen in Japanese comedies with un-translatable puns and stuff, and it was just so nice to see this work in English. Oh wow I didn’t know that he was a re-occuring character, that's good to know/incentive to read because I really liked what I've seen of him. I’m going to be reading this in order, so I’ll be reading volume 4 for sure next. ^^
tlne Apr 22, 2013 6:29 PM
You shouldn’t apologize; I can definitely tell that you are busy. ^^ Pittsburgh sounds so nice, I’m sure the weather is great as well. Meanwhile in southern Canada, we’re still getting snow up here and it’s going to be May soon..

It was definitely different! I think I liked it so much because of the feminism and mythology, which was interesting to see together (and it worked so well). I haven’t checked out any of the other films as of yet, but if you want to give me some other titles that I should prioritize, then I can download them. I like philosophy, if that helps (even though none of the movie’s I’ve liked so far included that) and things that make me think.

I totally forgot about that, lol (that Takemiya brought her into the theatre for it, actually). You love the packaging...the entire book itself is just so, so great. I don’t know if my idea is right (or done on purpose by Hagio herself), but I can explain it more later if you want me too, or if you don’t get what I mean. ^__^

That’s one of the things I think is holding the manga back --it is really creepy. Not on part of Outarou himself since, well, he doesn’t know that she’s only like, 10, but by the mangaka himself (who would think of something like that?! D:). I think Aki Irie himself knows that it’s a problem though; I don’t know if you’re caught up on the scanlation, but I think the latest developments is leading towards him being scrapped. I’m hoping so, anyways.

I’d be done Flower Of Life by now if I could find the fourth volume. Did you read it online somewhere.. or am I going to have to buy it? Anyways, I’ve read most of it, and it is too funny, though you really have to know a lot to get some of the jokes. The puns were easy to understand too (so long as you know the stuff) like Karasu No Kamen or Ichigo Fish. Reading Patarillo! too; I had no idea that the mangaka also did Rashanu!, something I liked despite the brief scanlation (he actually made a cameo, and I was surprised to see him in there!!). I have a feeling I should not take this manga seriously at all...I really can’t take any of the characters seriously except for Bancoran, and even then, not that much, haha.
tlne Mar 31, 2013 6:39 PM
I finished Sink or Swim, and it might be my favourite one out of all you showed me (well I liked Ohikkoshi a lot.. so it’s tough!). I can’t believe I didn’t even pick up on the alphabet until the very last scene. Wow that was smart and creative. :P I also didn’t get the section “Kinship” at all since it felt very out of place in the middle of the movie, but I’m glad the review you posted explained it.

Kaze To Ki No Uta by Keiko Takemiya (which is, ironically, also the author of Terra E) is also a classic which was very, very similar to Heart Of Thomas --actually, almost strikingly so. I remember somewhere Matt Thorn calling it the sluttier version of Heart Of Thomas, which it pretty much is. I’m not sure if I should say she was completely influenced by Hagio because wikipedia says me she had to wait 9 years to get her story published (so she had the idea in the late 60’s? Just imagine if she actually did publish that much earlier; it’d probably change the whole history of BL). The footnote of that remark on the wikipedia page links to Matt Thorns site, so it’s probably true.

Well... I assumed it was post-WWII, not post-WWI in case you wrote that wrong or something. ^^ I’m pretty sure the philosophy of Juli’s grandmother was nazi (believing in Aryan supremacy and focusing a lot on Juli’s features), and since there was no comment about any conflict or battles, I just thought it had to be after it. Not saying that the german setting couldn’t be used for something such as Faust. :P

Yeah, it’s my first time. I’m watching it for a handful of reasons (one of which you already pointed out - the ending). I know some reviews have called it deep... but I never once felt that way. xD Majority of it (especially in the beginning) is fanservice, mecha, or mental break downs. The anime is just barely older than myself, interestingly enough (and cool if I think of it in that way).

I haven’t even read that much manga lately (I’m in a slump too!). And how could I just rec you something out of the blue? xD What kinds of things would you want? Or does it not really matter? HMMM. Well, before everything, you should probably get on the bandwagon with Ran To Haiiro No Sekai, which is a phenomenal, fun manga for what little has been translated. Some scanlation group has just caught up with the releases in Japan, so it could be an ongoing thing to look forward too. Uh, if you’re interested in Hagio Moto’s origins with Heart Of Thomas (since she first got into BL because of Takemiya, right?) then look at Kaze To Ki, even though it was published after it, and is inferior imo. You could also see either Gokusen or Sakamichi No Apollon, who mangas which remind me of Nodame Cantabile in very, very different ways (they’re both great aswell, but again, in much different ways). All of these mangas besides Kaze To Ki No Uta are really... uh happy mangas I guess. If you want something darker then you can just tell me.
tlne Mar 17, 2013 6:17 PM
Yes, that’s why people take courses such as Food/Nutrition to bring up their marks if they have room to do so. :P Mars was pretty cool as a main character (I’ve been searching for a protag. such as her and I finally found one) and she kinda outshined them all. Even lots of problems that occur in the manga, she talks about (how “un” normal the city actually is, and she pratically did mention how underwhelming that finale was with Dr. Troll as an antagonist). In ways she kinda reminded me of Alita (who had some issues about what she was)..although I found Mars to be much more convincing and better done in general. I wouldn’t recommend Terra E...for me, I think I could positively say it was the worst classic I’ve read (not including Shiroi Heya no Futari, hahaha).

That’s a really good breakdown of it (@@). I’m kinda overwhelmingly impressed actually. I think I’ve seen 12 Monkeys before, but it was a while ago, and I don’t remember much but the begining/ending. Are you trying to say that 12 Monkeys is inferior to La Jetee because the narrative flow doesn’t work as well since it’s conventional? Oh yeah, and how long is Marienbad?

Hmm... what I meant to say was that Heart Of Thomas looks like a true gem compared to the entire BL genre. Instead of feeling cliche, I saw that it flowed very naturally. Well, I don’t know about imagery in specific, but I know it just screamed Christian (I’ve taken enough religion classes to know lmao). References to Judas, Mary, Gabriel, etc. etc. were all over. And it’s not that just one person represented a religious figure, because it always changed (like Juli represented x in one scene and y in another). It was interesting. AND I KNOW LOL. I wanted to do them to see how well I understood this (the only part I didn’t get was the Germany question... was it only the post-war Nazi ideology that was important? I guess it really doesn’t matter anyways :P). Reading manga for school would be way too awesome... (maybe they could even assign classics to get rid of the preconceived idea that all anime/manga is Naruto/One Piece ^^;;). Fantagraphics also did an amazing job of making everything like... HD. 8)

I read The November Gymnasium right after finishing Heart Of Thomas. I’m kinda glad I read it after since it made Oscar into an ass...and the art is so different from the original. :o And Houmonsha isn’t translated in english, right?
tlne Mar 2, 2013 8:09 PM
Well, our prereqs are our grade 12 classes (so since it’s semester 2 now I’ve already taken half). Before I say what they are, I think it’s necessary to say that universities and colleges only look at the top marks you have in 6 classes (out of the standard 8 per year). So you can think of them as 6 slots that are shown to universities. All universities/colleges have prerequisites here, and the number of them can differ from program to program. These prereqs automatically fill out your slots. For example, all 6 of my slots are taken my prerequisites (so they’ll only be looking at the classes necessary to take to get into the program). Those classes are chem, physics, bio, english, advanced functions and calculus/vectors. So if I apply to any university in Canada for physical sciences, it’s necessary to take all those classes at the 4U level (grade 12 university prep). If I applied to college for a program, they’d have different prerequisites at the 4C level (grade 12 college prep). Wow that took a long time to phrase correctly. >___<

Yes, Kang Kyung Ok was directly influenced by the works of the 49ers. I wouldn’t be surprised if she got some ideas right from They Were 11. In fact, her favourite manga is Terra E... (which I also found extremely flawed, and personally, bad) and it may explain some of the problems she has.

I’m redownloading the Hausu subs right now actually because I forgot to do it last week (oops). :P As for Distant Voices, plotless was the wrong word. I meant conventional story-telling, with a beginning, rising action, climax, etc. well I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. I didn’t mean that it was without substance, rather, I was trying to be brief about it. ^^;; I gotcha on the Tropical Malady..but I don’t think I’m going to be rewatching anytime soon. xD

That’s something different between you and me! Honestly, I could really care less about how it’s presented as long as it allows me to think a lot about it to be able to get a meaning. That’s why in some cases, I see no reason for character development if I’m just going to sit there and think about something else (the meaning of whatever) when development is happening. I don’t know, you’re making it sound really, really confusing. Should I check it out? Is it like La Jetee? Oh, and I’ll keep you posted with BASARA. ^___^

^I’ve tried to condense everything so I could talk a lot about The Heart Of Thomas. Firstly: yes, I did give it a 10 right after finishing it, but as of now, a day later, I’m having some second thoughts about giving it a 9. I think the reason as for why I’m having second thoughts about it is because of this, something Jason Thompson posted in regards to a mean review on it:

All of that pretty much summarizes my feelings on scoring this. As for the actual, physical manga itself: it was wonderful! I don’t know if you’ve gotten a copy of it or not, but there’s a bunch of little things I loved with the actual binding and the presentation as a whole (like characters speaking German with german translations at the bottom, coloured pages, and art separating each chapter, etc. etc I could go on forever). The only thing I didn’t like was Siegfried’s character design (and it doesn’t matter since there’s only a few panels with him). For the story itself, I was hoping it’d actually go beyond expectations but maybe I just had really high hopes for this in the first place. A lot of the things I had assumed may happened actually did happen (like Hagio sticking to her favourite tropes). Like Jason Thompson said in his review on it, I thought everyone may’ve been an aspect of everyone else. All of the Christian imagery is different relative to whomever you’re focusing on (as they can represent different figures at different points in the manga). I don’t want to get too in depth with that since it’ll take me forever to explain everything (since they’re all connected), but it was definitely, definitely good. And if my timeline was right, then this took place during the Lent season? (I think I’m trying to find a meaning in everything which I can’t really help in mangas like this, but I’m realizing that it’s all overwhelming and pretty ambiguous. I blame these questions from Fantagraphics) The ending was alright..I wished she would’ve used a few more panels for the last pages though; to just to let it all sink in. And she’s done that exact ending in this other oneshot of hers in A Drunken Dream (except that the boy didn’t go become a priest).. :P

I think I’ll leave it at a 10 for now, and if I feel it’s necessary to change it later (when I reread it) then I will.
tlne Feb 17, 2013 6:24 PM
Well, it's not completely covered with my posts. (obvious lie)

Huh, I've never heard of something like that before. I mean, we have foreign TV shows here, but I never knew there was something special like that which aired on them. It's very weird that Celine Dion sang Chinese; I tried googling it, was this it? Because if that is: wow that's really professional of her to be able to do that. o___o As for the Canadian education, everyone here has different classes according to what they want to do (I assumed it was like that over there, but it seems that it's pretty general). I told you it would probably be hard to explain/understand since I've tried before with an American (although I hope I did a good enough job this time). I don't think I'll ever understand the American system anyways. ^^;;

Haha, well I'm not stopping you from reading it! xD The quality of a translation just needs some getting used to. I'm not really picky since it is a free translation. As for the actual manhwa: It's just that.. I don't know.. don't go into it expecting a masterpiece I suppose, because it definitely isn't. It has great ideas, but lousy storytelling, and the characters are really unrefined (except for the main handful, really). The heroine is very, very different, which is nice to see. It also left me with that empty feeling (which I hoped Banana Fish would instill, but it didn't). Though it seems that some people in the MF reccomendation fourms have read it, which makes me happy.

Well, it's just that around this time of the year, we have a bunch of days off. A week off from the exams, a civic holiday, P.D. days, and it's almost March Break. Of course I still have schoolwork; in fact, I just had a Calculus & Vectors test last thursday. The course itself is extremely easy so far since we started off with vectors. Our teacher told the ones who had taken physics to “dumb it down”, lmao.

I downloaded Hausu from KG and I have it in the same folder (which is needed for the VLC player). All the other subs worked, and I've tried tampering with different settings, so I think my downloaded might've been interrupted or something. Like I said, I'll redownload. :P I watched Distant Voices, Still Lives, which I did enjoy (but not as much as Ohikkoshi), but was there a deeper meaning to it though? Or was the point just to document a dysfunctional working class family. I don't know, really, it seems kinda aimless to me (or maybe I'm mixing it up with plotless, which I probably am), but I'm definitely not really anyone to talk about this kind of stuff. I also watched Tropical Malady... and as you've said, it's very slow. I'm not even sure if I enjoyed it, haha.

I get the motifs and the symbolism –well I knew the fish were coelacanth because of a manga with the same name... but as for the fishermen hunting, it is really puzzling. I see the symbols and I'm interpreting them, but that is the message? That's what I don't get. A review on the internet had said that it's supposed to be about the girl's sexuality, but part of me doesn't believe that. I have a feeling that the messed up Noah's Arc story and Christianity has a bigger role than just that. The guy who made it apparently didn't know what it was truly about either. And I can't imagine something being slower than Angel's Egg! Normally, I would probably go watch it since I really do like symbolism, but finding symbolism in anime/manga vs. movies is very, very different. As for it being similar to Vampire Girl: (I felt) there wasn't meant to be characterization. Very, very different ideas/messages/symbols though; there is nothing similar beyond the characters. I can see what you mean by “mindscrew” if that is pretty much how Last Year at Marienbad goes. But as I said, I feel like I'd be a noob with movie symbolism, and probably not like it. >___<

I'm also reading BASARA again...and I already know why I dropped it before (I'm already on volume 2). For a manga that's called an epic/one of the greatest, it's certainly very stereotypical. I mean, that kiss, I think I facepalmed at that point. Like, come on, that was a textbook shoujo cliche right there. And it's awfully convenient for Sasara to find a troupee that will take her. And there was this one part where the guy tells her to find allies...I mean, the whole thing is plot convenience. I'll definitely be finishing it this time around since I don't expect the whole manga to be like that, so I'm (desperately!) hoping it's just the initial set up and so.

Oh! I also forgot to say this: Rightstuf phoned me (since they apparently have a new shipping system for Canadians but that does not matter :P) and they've gotten The Heart Of Thomas a month early! ^___^ They told me they shipped it on the 12th, so I should be getting it in ten days or so!
tlne Feb 3, 2013 7:31 PM
There’s also a Chinatown in Vancouver! ^____^

Well there’s nanaimo bars, and butter tarts (both of which I had no idea were Canadian for the longest time, since they’re extremely common here :O), oh and there’s also beavertails, although I’ve never had that. xD And that’s pretty much it; Canada doesn’t really have “canadian” stuff, haha. We really only have a true canadian dish too (poutine), but that fits better into a fast food category.

Hmm, well careers by itself was a really easy class that just needed many assignments on different jobs (which we would then present to the class). It was kinda like a big career day, but in classes (if that makes sense?). It was supposed to inspire us to start thinking about our own futures. You see, here, we need to decide on what direction we’ll be getting into by grade 10, because all of our grade 11 and 12 classes we pick ourselves. That’s why you would’ve needed to think 3 years in advance (post-secondary) so that you could choose the right grade 11 and grade 12 pre-requisites to get into whatever program. Yes, our grade 12 classes decide what we can apply for in university. I don’t know what you mean, “how does that work”. xD They are university prep courses... you wouldn’t be taking those grade 12 classes unless you wanted to get into that field. Oh, that’s almost exactly what they’re like over here! We also have those commercials, but just imagine a more classier version of that kind of college (since some of the commercials I’ve seen are super sketchy). Thank you! I’ve been wondering about that for the longest time, good to know you don’t guys don’t have to do over-complicated conversions.

Yes, it’s very, very messed up. I had a certain amount of respect, though, for CLAMP to be able to create such a ...piece. xD I’ll take it that you won’t be reading the sequel?

Oh, I had no problem with the direction of it (in fact, I liked how it got away from the drug for the most part). I just appreciated the fact it brought it back to Banana Fish, because,’s the title. I just hoped that it wasn’t just called that to make it seem cooler in the first few volumes and then completely forget about it, that’s all. ^^;; And I have no doubt that Ash hated Golzine either...haha we can take that look of shock whatever way we want to (that part just made me like the manga more).

Part of me kinda doesn’t want to recommend you Normal City (since you’ve disliked all my partial recs), so I’m just going to lay it flat: the manhwa, by itself, is very, very flawed that requires some suspension of disbelief. The art isn’t good...well, it’s just Kang Kyung Ok art.. and many side characters suck -- a lot. Not only in appearance, but also in character. Not to mention that the quality of the scanlation is on par with Full House. I managed to marathon this in one looong sitting, and despite all above things, it was probably my personal favourite for 2012. I think that the protagonist is where the manhwa really shined (imagine Alita, but in this manhwa, she actually knows her problems, and slowly goes through a development.)

If you do read it, then tell me. I think I’ve read a chapter of it before, but I kinda just stopped...(maybe I just wasn’t into it, who knows) I wanna know if it’s actually worthwhile. :o

Oh, I forgot to say this! I downloaded all those movies (quite a while ago actually) but I should be able to check them out now that exams are over (I’ll be free for the next two weeks at least). My Hausu subs aren’t working so I think I’ll just be re downloading that one. Do you know if Summer Vacation 1999 is any good?

Well, I thought Angel’s Egg was stunning. Usually I get bored quickly with animes and such (which is why I read manga since it’s so much faster), but this is probably the slowest one ever, and I still managed to watch it. It’s very, very similar to Vampire Girl, since there isn’t meant to be characterization, and the characters/story are used as tools (if you watch it you’ll know what I mean). And if you thought that Vampire Girl was pointless, you have yet to see this xD (there’s maybe a minute’s worth of dialogue). Hmm, the symbolism was kinda a slap in the face (since it was SO easily to distinguish when it was happening), but the meaning behind it is hard to figure out...I think I need to rewatch it to get my own meaning from it, haha. I liked it a lot more than I thought I would’ve, and if you’ve got time, then I recommend it. I wouldn’t make it top priority if you’ve got things to do, but it’s certainly something to see.

edit: I keep writing more and more I'm sorry gah. >____<
tlne Jan 21, 2013 9:29 PM
Whaaat? xD We have lots of cultures, even though Canada itself isn’t actually one.. (Canada’s called a tossed salad actually, and the US a melting pot). Can’t really say anything about the desserts, as we ourselves only have a handful of “canadian” ones. Eh, you may find this interesting (it’s the official stats can. for ethnicity):

Dunno either actually. Here, our exams are worth 30% of our grade, so idk if that’s the same there too. Careers was a mandatory class for 10th graders since you sorta need to decide what kind of field you’re getting into by then (so that you can have grade 11 prerequisites for grade 12 which are for university/college). Parenting is for the lols I suppose; it’s the class with mechanical babies. It’s probably for people who want to bring up their average if they still have room from the prereqs. Haha, we also have those ones at our school, but I never got to do them lol. There’s a big difference here though between college and university (I’ll just post another link P:) Oh! I almost forgot: how do Americans do conversions in physics?! It’s something I’ve wondered about for a long time. We usually do clean conversions between milli, centi, micro, and nano (metres), but you guys use there is a unit small enough in that (the smallest I know of is an inch xD)?

Nope, it’s just CLAMP. And that’s them at their finest too, haha. If you don’t like it now, then definitely drop it. xD Bit of some spoilers here, but it’s not going to change that much. It’s just going to get more involved with TRC (including some backstories that aren’t so pleasant to hear). We find out a lot more about Yuuko and Clow Reed (who has only been mentioned a handful of times so far in xxxHOLiC, yes?), which is important to the whole backstory of the sister mangas. And it had a horrible ending (good concept, but excecuted badly). If you're still interested in finding out the entire story (of the TRC/xxxHOLiC timeline) but you don’t want to read much more, then here you go ( wow I’m just posting links all over the place xD), but it’s spoilerific beyond belief. (It’s helpful too because Tsubasa was a big trainwreck. ^^)

As I’ve said, I don’t really remember the ones at the beginning; they were probably about dialogue or heavy text or idk. It didn’t matter: I didn’t remember them so they weren’t important. As for the other ones: maybe saying “problems” is a bit much: they were more like “things I think would give it that extra edge” I suppose. Uh, first one was bringing the storyline back to Banana Fish. It started about Banana Fish, but it soon turned into a cat/mouse chase (if that makes sense?). People were after Ash, he did something, etc. etc. But the mangaka at least included an arc at the end about it. Oh yeah, and I kinda wanted to know what Ash truly thought about Golzine. When he got shot and Ash had that blank look on his face, it made me think “maybe part of Ash really did believe he was the creation of Golzine’s work”. I was glad that she did that. And uh Eiji’s parents. I think I would’ve been mad if she didn’t even include them in the story. I mean, around volume 4 or something they said that their visas would expire, and then in the last volumes, it’s been a year?! I can’t call it a problem since Eiji was technically an adult, but I’m glad she put it in there. So there’s my praise for the little things. ^____^ (And I was surprised at one thing: I thought I would’ve been emotional over it, but I wasn’t. I think part of me kinda knew he was going to die D:)

I honestly don’t even remember. It’s been almost a month since I’ve read them. I had a few good titles in my head that I strongly felt could be influenced, but I’m drawing a blank. Normal City could’ve been one of them: blonde hair protagonist who is the rebellious creation of some creepy old man, all they really need is a hug, and of course, a quiet, tragic ending. The mangaka was heavily influenced with old shoujo, so I wouldn’t be surprised. That wasn’t one of the titles though..uhg. I’ll let you know if I remember; this is bothering me.

Yeah, she talked a bit about it in the back of A Drunken Dream. They told me it would be in stock March 13, even though that was never listed on their site when I bought it. (Silly me, I assumed it would be the same date as Amazon). Aaand I should’ve taken a look at the raws that I downloaded (which states that it’s a oneshot xD).

... and I did download it from there ... :o