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Apr 2, 2010
I liked the first two seasons of Digimon as a kid, they were the only ones they aired here in Finland. After some years I matured and began looking down on them.

Let's face it, the idea that ENIAC, the world's second computer, was capable of twisting space-time and created parallel dimension where computer data took physical form and gained sentience on its own, and then interacted with human kids' emotions to reconfigure the data to combat monsters, was quite silly, and the show mostly served only commercial purposes. (This creation of the Digital World is explained in the Wonder Swan games relating to Digimon read more
Apr 2, 2010
Well well.. here we have the most overrated, over-hyped show probably ever coming to existence. Soul Eater is much more those than Gurren-Lagann or One Piece, which are already more than you can comprehend. Both have their strong sides among all the weak however, but from Soul Eater I really didn't find any of such.

It's reasonable to say Soul Eater is practically Bleach x FLCL, neither of those I have been able to enjoy. I thought maybe two minuses equals plus here, but it didn't.

The story is as cliché as you can get. It's a combination of Pokémon-esque 'collect them all' and sports-shounen-esque seemingly incompetent read more
Dec 10, 2009
I decided to make some sort of review of this since there didn't seem to be many negative ones previously. The first thing I want to say here is that Hunter x Hunter, the other popular work from the same author, is one of my favorite anime series for half a decade. I therefore had very high expectations for Yu Yu Hakusho. Hell, I'd even have been able to say I liked it even if it was a Dragonball clone. But it was something much worse...

The story is quite trivial most of the time; it gets somewhat good during the last 25 or so eps, read more