Apr 2, 2010
Rotom (All reviews)
Well well.. here we have the most overrated, over-hyped show probably ever coming to existence. Soul Eater is much more those than Gurren-Lagann or One Piece, which are already more than you can comprehend. Both have their strong sides among all the weak however, but from Soul Eater I really didn't find any of such.

It's reasonable to say Soul Eater is practically Bleach x FLCL, neither of those I have been able to enjoy. I thought maybe two minuses equals plus here, but it didn't.

The story is as cliché as you can get. It's a combination of Pokémon-esque 'collect them all' and sports-shounen-esque seemingly incompetent main characters wanting desperately to become x. Then we have Al Capones and Jack the Rippers and such historical characters everyone knows thrown in, and they're really demons or something here, and that's supposed to be brilliant and original? Of course it's mostly intended to be parody, but who the hell wants to watch 51 episodes of parody out of exactly the same things? Length is definitely one of the most defective aspects in Soul Eater. It could have been ok compressed into a movie, really.

Art is the most horrifying I have seen in long time. Especially the opening animation. It's not cool, chilly, groovy, funky, thrilling or creepy, it's just ugly. The character's faces read 'please kill me'. The art of One Piece is on par with Mona Lisa when compared to this. I even got a nightmare where that freaky Sun hanged in the sky. Brrr..

It's been a while since I tried to watch this hangover puke of an anime, and I in fact no longer remember one single sequence of music! So... it's probably safe to say it wasn't exactly great either...

The characters were probably the strongest part of it, surprisingly enough. I guess if the show was captivating in the beginning and then descended mostly into absurd slapstick comedy, like One Piece, their quirky personalities and interactions could have stirred quite a few laughs here and there, and in the process you'd grow to like them. Now they were nothing but comedians on the stage, distant and empty shells, not symphaticizeable characters you'd want to watch 51 episodes, whatever they did during that time. If Soul Eater's plot is to be mocking and padody of shounen anime, then the character's are nothing but plot devices.

Some people say 'if you have ever liked One Piece, you'll love Soul Eater'. Well, here's the big difference: I still watch One Piece at 400+ episodes, because it's much more than just comedy! The characters have had development. Series totally without character development are rarely interesting to me.

Overall, I didn't find anything to grap onto. This show just fails in everything it tries - in parodying, in having watchable action, in having any kind of adventure spirit, in having any kind of creepy atmosphere, in having any new interesting ideas. Of course five episodes is too little to say what it'd have been in long run, but these five were just huge turn-off.

The first episode most notably was such: its humor was your very typical 'BOOBIES!! PANTSU!!' stuff and really nothing else. I wouldn't, in fact, even be surprised if, after the point where I dropped it, it would mostly descend back into that, and still many people would find it funny and original and give it these 10's and five stars.

Of course it's only my personal opinion that it's not funny, but I consider it a FACT that it's a REALLY BAD move to make THE FIRST episode in such way, IF the show later develops into more original and honestly amusing stuff. I considered dropping it after the first episode out of pure facepalm, and eventually dropped it just out of boredom and feeling of total detachedness.