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Jun 20, 2014
As a fan of One Piece, and Film Z, I couldn't resist taking a peek at the 5 minute "Glorious Island Specials" paired with it.

Being that these are so short, there isn't really much to talk about storywise. Does it follow any path of Movie Z? No, it's just it's own thing. We catch up with the Straw Hats as they are lounging around on the ship, enjoying the sun, getting a nice little bit of rest and relaxation. We do surprisingly get a brief battle thrown in for good measure, but it's only there for sake of comedy. It was still a nice addition ...
Apr 19, 2010
Based off the hit PS3 video game of the same name, the "Valkyria Chronicles" series was probably one of the best adaptions from a game to an anime to come out in a while. Made by Sega, who ended up making their own spin on the events of World War 2. It was a roller coaster ride of emotions--from laughter, anger, pain and commitment. The series really took the audience to the next level with it’s story. Upon it’s success the actual anime series got some special side stories made for them, called "Valkyria Chronicles: Theater". Now if you think these specials are just something ...
Feb 27, 2010
Mixed Feelings
The K-ON! series has been subject to much debate. Some people felt it was the best lite hearted series to come around in a long time, while others felt it came off a bit too moe and simplistic for its own good. I have to say up front that I really enjoyed the first season of K-ON! It mixed well the music themes with a nice easy to get into story. Unfortunately not so much with these specials though. They are, well, they’re a little thin.

These specials feel exactly like what it says in the title...a special. Being that the episodes only last roughly two ...
Dec 19, 2009
If you are into comedy anime like myself, than you most likely have seen Azumanga Daioh, or at least heard about it. However, some may be surprised to learn that there are actually short specials made for them. Well, "Azumanga Web Daioh" is one of these.

The concept of this short is quite simple. Chiyo brings over here special camera to school, in order to help in a project that the girls are working on. Well as soon as Tomo sees it, and gets a hold of it, you know some havoc is about to happen. Most of the jokes are quite simple, and are only ...
Dec 14, 2009
"A mysterious restaurant is on a road just a little ways from the center of Rome."

Story: 8/10
The plot revolves around a group of older looking men, who work at a restaurant called "Casetta Dell’orso". Each worker wears eye glasses when they are on duty. And this in fact is what makes the restaurant stand out from the others in Rome. One day the staff gets greeted by a women from America, who in turn comes to them wanting to train with the crew. As the anime progresses, each member of the cast is brought in the spotlight, and gets there own in depth story as ...
Nov 21, 2009
"Singing," many people would agree that singing can be one of the most funnest of pastimes. Whether it be simply to pass time itself, or just to make others feel good. Many love to do it in the shower, some like to do it in karaoke. But have you ever heard of people wanting to do it on the moon? Enter Wandaba Style...

Story: 7/10
Now you might be thinking to yourself that this sort of idea can only come from a title that is rushed and uninspired. However, that is not so with Wandaba Style, as it actually does bring a pretty fun story into the ...
Oct 8, 2009
"Not all things are what they appear to be"

Note: The following review will talk about not only the recap special, but also the episodes it covers.

Bakemonogatari - recap special, shows the past events that circle around episodes 1 -5.

The tale revolves around Koyomi Araragi, who has just recently survived a vampire attack, and under certain circumstances gets involved with many things regarding the supernatural (ghosts, spirits and the like). A mysterious girl falls from the sky one day, and his life is never the same afterward. Now if you have never watched the series up until this point then you’re probably thinking there isn’t a ...
Aug 11, 2009
Gurren Lagann, some people love it, some people hate it. If you are in the first category, then these OVAs should satisfy you if you are looking for a bit more Gurren fun.

Story: 7/10
Well since these two episodes take place during the series, it just won’t have the charm from the actual anime, nor do they really fill any kind of gap in the story. They are simply meant to be fun little stories for the Gurren fans.

The first OVA (episode 5.5) shows a few extra things that happened to Kamina and the gang while they were crossing the wilderness. The key point here is ...
Jul 29, 2009
"A wedding". What’s the first thing you think of when you hear these words? Most people would probably say "it’s the most happiest day for couples, maybe even an exciting new start on life." Or how about...fighting against the forces of evil in an attempt to save mankind? Enter "Wedding Peach", an anime series that takes the fundamental themes of marriage, and uses them to explain a different kind of story.

Story: 6/10
If you are no stranger to the "magical girl" genre, then the start up to "Wedding Peach" shouldn’t be anything unfamiliar to you. We start off with a young 15 year old girl named ...
Jul 19, 2009
Magikano (Anime) add
Picture a day in your life, where you are happily going to school, and then one day the most popular girl in school seems to want you. Aside from that being every teenage boys dream, it also the starting point of the anime title "Magikano".

Story: 6/10
The plot begins with Haruo, a seemingly ordinary guy at school, nothing special about him at all, just pretty much your average student. One day he happens to see a beautiful girl on his way to class, who turns out to be the newest transfer student of the school, named Ayumi. Because of her beauty she quickly becomes the most ...

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