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CursedFein Feb 17, 2017 2:49 PM
Well there's below after StP, so even if it's the end of the story of the siblings, it should have something in common to add since it's still Milestone Two, like we still don't know much about that misterious doctor and the other girl Ritona talks to when she was saved by him, I remember they said that the reason why they wanted to release StP first is because it should add new things to the lore that will be important to know for Milestone Two below, like the minor characters that appear in above discussing about the matter of going out to rescue the princess and Ritona will surely have more relevance in StP, since one of them is actually Ritona's childhood friend.

That's likely to happen, since she forced Ritona to use almost all her mana to protect her from Melano when she wanted to kill Selphine in order to get rid of the Path-Down, but by the time Rhegan appears again, I believe she could also change a bit once she sees Ritona is loyal to Selphine and is an important friend of her, and Rune saved the life of Selphine while Rhegan was controlling the body, so even for her I think it should be a serious matter like a life or death decision once they had to face Melano again for Rhegan to decide to do that.

I think so, that's actually the danger that goes along using the Path-Down, since that way the person who uses it, in this case Selphine, receives the knowledge of all the past rulers even if she's not conscious about it herself, and this is something they actually talk about in the manga, and the reason why Ritona is appointed as her Royal Guard is not only because she excels in the use of the manakravte but also because of her relationship with Selphine and because she knows her so well, she would be the best person to tell once Selphine started acting strange.

It's not known yet why it seems to be so important for all the rulers to do the Path-Down, but we do know that Melano and the others want to get rid of it for unknown reasons, and that's why they wanted to kill Selphine, not because they had something against Reginzenhaide and they even offered the chance to let Selphine live if she didn't return to her kingdom, so I'm guessing the Path-Down must be something Selphine must do frequently to have all the knowledge of the past rulers, there's actually the Ceremonial Area we see in the website of StP in which it says that's where the Path-Down has been held for generations.

It's not like that, did you read the tech demo of StP? Basically the gameplay will be about finding hitboxes while reading the story that will help to expand the lore of it, and there will be also the option to call other characters, but I'm not sure how important those actions will be to the story since they said they still want it to be with Linear Plot, but that's completely fine for me if it helps them to keep making good stuff, actually some VNs like G-senjou no Maou while having different routes, the only one I really liked was the True End and for me the other routes more than helping it made the whole VN to be worse overall, so yeah I'm not one to complain about those things as long as they keep doing things well.
CursedFein Feb 17, 2017 12:39 AM
Yep, Fault Milestone Two Above definitely has one of the best credits I've ever seen even when talking in general, I personally enjoy it even more than Milestone One, and now that you've finally finished reading it, I can say that I quite liked Rhegan's personality, even though I disliked her at first for her radical personality, but she showed as the story went forward that she was able to emphasize with other people as well, I was even a little disappointed when Selphine's personality returned at the end, I definitely hope we can see more of Rhegan in the future, Selphine is okay but if I had to choose I like Rhegan even more.

I think so as well, I'm sure that losing her grandfather was very hard for her, that plus seeing how Reginzenhaide didn't care for one reason or another definitely didn't help, I think it was mentioned at some point that Selphine's father the king also had a virtuous personality similar to Selphine so I think it could be something like they needed to hide his grandfather's death in order to protect the kingdom or something like that, we'll see.

From the way I saw it, Rhegan wanted to kill the guild leader so that Sol could live without having to kill someone, I think it was also mentioned that while Rhegan was the way she was, it was because she couldn't really trust anyone by that time in her era, I should read Fault Milestone Two above again though by the time StP is released because I can't remember all the exact details after all this time right now.

Yeah I want to believe that the reason why is taking them so long to release StP is not only for the added gameplay and even better visuals that will have, but also because it will take long to finish than the previous ones, or so I hope as well.
CursedFein Jan 26, 2017 1:17 AM
It's understandable, I also don't have that much free time these days but once I start reading something that I really like I can't stop until I've finished or read most of it, but I don't usually get the luck to be so immersed in doing so like it was with the Fault series, and also with Grisaia, though in that case the VN was very, very long including the routes of each girl and I was only able to finish each one about 1 week or more, and I had to always go to bed wondering what'll happen next xD, that's why I'm the kind of guy that can't play or read many things at once, or otherwise I lose my sense of time so I always try to concentrate in doing what is in my priority.

Yeah xDDD, I was also very surprised when it happened, for a moment I really thought my computer crashed and my heart skipped a beat, also from just what we saw so far I really like those kind of antagonist characters, so i hope we can see more of her in the future, actually I'm pretty sure StP will deal more about the Path-Down from what we know and as you already know she seems to hate it for some reason, the little girl that appears in the intro of Fault Milestone One is likely to be her by the way.

Yep, actually there's already a website of Stp that they released about two days ago! And it confirms what I already deduced more or less, Ritona does live alone and it seems that the death of her grandfather is the main reason for her grudge against the Rughzenhaide, however I was surprised to know that even then, she was already friends with Selphine but even then I'm sure they werent that close until she became her Royal Guardian, anyway I'll let you see it for yourself so you can draw your own conclusions.

Thankfully, even though the Fault series are not "those kind of games", little Selphine seems very cute lol.

Also, Sekai Project and Alice in Dissonace have started the World of Fault, unlike the manga this one is a spin-off that will explain things in details such as terminologies that's used in the series, and here's the first one, I'll let you know once new stuff is released :)
CursedFein Jan 22, 2017 5:40 AM
No worries, I'm not that much around MAL these days either lol.

I've read all the VNs so far so you don't need to worry, though I'm not sure if you've already finished side:above but from what you told me at the very least I'm sure you're already where is explained from where it comes that "crazy personality", if not don't worry because is explained later. On the other hand we don't know much about Ritona yet so we can only make assumptions, but I think it's safe to assume that Ritona probably didn't have a father or mother at least by the time that Stp starts because it's actually mentioned by one of her friends that she lives alone in her house and almost never does the housework, and maybe even then she had enough for a living so you can already assume vaguely from where did it come her rebellious personality by then, I don't think it's because she has a personal grudge against the Rughzenhaide in itself but I could be wrong.

Yeah, there's a short manga that you can read in Japanese AND officially translated in English if you buy THE ART OF fault milestone one, which is available as a DLC in Steam.

Not only that, it also has some good art, illustrations and character designs of the series, even if it's just for the manga that's about 30 pages long I think is worth the money, though maybe 10€ is a bit too much but you can always wait until they make another discount.
CursedFein Jan 1, 2017 12:26 PM
Hmm, well I remember that the creator said that the reason why they are releasing StP first before side:below is because the prequel will have some relevance to what will happen in side:below, my personal assumption is that both side:above and side:below will focus mainly with Selphine, and of course StP will focus mainly with Ritona, and somehow with this prequel I'm sure we'll get to know how Ritona and Selphine got to know each other, and her rebellious side was until she became friends with her, as I'm sure she actually mentioned something similiar about it in either Milestone One or side:above, also I can only tell you that some of the new characters that appear in side:above I'm pretty sure they will become more relevant in StP.

I'm hoping that we also get to know Selphine's father as well in StP, and I'm pretty sure we'll also get to know how Ritona was able to eventually being appointed as Selphine's Royal Guard thanks to her mastery of Manakravte, and about Selphine's "crazy personality" I can only tell you that I'm sure it'll be mentioned in StP, for a certain thing that was mentioned in the manga.
CursedFein Dec 30, 2016 10:19 AM
I feel you, yeah that was one hell of a cliffhanger with Fault Milestone One, and hopefully for me I was able to immediately start reading Fault Milestone two side:above afterwards, that's too bad I hope you can start reading the VN again anytime soon, for me it was even better than Milestone One, I'm sure you'll love it if you liked the first one as well.

Oh, also you can download the Tech Demo for Silence the Pedant if you didn't know, it will be the next VN of the series and it will serve as a prequel of Milestone One, it doesn't have any spoilers so don't worry about that, you can download it here:

Sorry for the late reply btw.
CursedFein Dec 24, 2016 4:39 AM
Hi! First time I see someone else in MAL besides me that has also read Fault Milestone lol. Have you read side:above as well by some chance? Cheers.
og_ramen Oct 5, 2016 8:43 AM
Happy birthday!! :)
xGelai Jul 8, 2016 4:42 AM
Wah those cookies look delicious. eh. eh. eh. eh. XD
Ahh great :D, I chose the right cookies then :3

Ahaha XD Aren't all germans in anime voiced in Japanese. It reminds me of Attack On Titan - the live action, since there were mostly European characters and they were just given Japanese characters.. I don't remember much of the fact tho o-o... Common fold to an emperor huh.. impressive O_O.
Ahh thats a good idea o-o, I've been thinking of reading the dictionary since awhile ago so I think I'll get to that when sixth form starts :3.. Yeah the history kind of books do use pretty different vocab sometimes, it really interesting since it isn't common anymore and the such..

Ahh own car thats good c: Ohh so thats why you needed a truck, yeah totally those adverse road conditions. I'm taught about it in Physics >:3. Thats nice though X) getting a truck for your family so they can drive safely during the winter. Ahhh.. parallel parking, thats the hardest part right TT_TT. Gl with the reviewing and I hope you'll be ready for that test next week :D! I'll be off to NCS next week so I guess cookies might come on the weekends XD.

Yea o_o. Rant to me if you get anymore problems :v.
WOO!! Singing practice XD!! Dang, guitar memories fading away huh :c gl with playing with the guitar, I'm sure you'll pick it up again after playing for a while :3.
Ooh naisu~ Yup no limit to how you want the tune to be~
ooh nice program. Haha indeed, the struggle. Ganbatte with the recording :p
tyty for sharing the lyrics XD haha 'long letter/conversation' yup yup this was the long version :p

Dang I suck at timing X'D. You've gotten pretty technical with the drums now *w* The only J-rock band I know is ONE OK ROCK.

Lol thats a pretty good way to get a small compensation for taking their shift XD. Lmfao they got jealous omg :'D. Hahaha dang you rlly do love your cookie.
OMGOMG that dog is hella cute *^* omg tyty XD.

Me too *-*. I wonder how they've improved their business from since the medieval time too since it must've been pretty difficult to keep it up.
Oh wow, practice archery every sunday at the age of 12 o-o yeah ofc @ man for that ;-; I wouldn't mind doing that either >_> lol. Maybe it was some way to train them in a way since they have to do archery, so I guess they would at least know the basics to shooting an arrow. Pretty interesting!
Yeah, find a archery range nearby and drive there.. I don't know how popular it is though hmm...
Yeah it defo ends up just depending on how the current king/parliament are.. at least the parliament did end up being quite a good idea just to suppress the power of the King since one person with so much power .__. well.. I don't think it'll go well.

Have you tried medieval movies and the such?

Nah I rlly don't think its a good idea :s I mean I still have to go through it. It's a bit sad also since school makes kids decide their future and what if they choose the wrong subject to do.. But then again if we don't work hard enough then we'll all just turn into a lazy generation. Yeah good start in life.. well tbh, doing well and all theres always a chance some stuff don't work out TT-TT..... welp.
Omg lmfao ikr all those junk foods XD dang I really wont get anymore PE anymore lol... oh but I think I'll still get a Sports Day..?

Haha yeah anything can make you write essays XD.. the thing with University is kind of that they teach you the certain course, and then at the end, theres a chance that'll you'll get a job or offers for a job in the related course you've done... Plus University gives you a chance to get connections. Well I'm not too knowledgable about Uni but certain jobs need qualifications even if they are hobby-like skills. Sometimes a hobby you can learn at home is different from what a University teaches you.
I think theres quite a huge amount of jobs out there, like theres a lot of branches in a single subject/course for subjects like Art & Design, History, Music .. And even though they can be learnt as a hobby, you learn specific things when you take it's course... I don't know if I explained it well XD.. art courses

Omg that would be delicious. Make a room that would stop the cookie currency from rotting so you can keep it in there forever until you eat it. (oops I'm not talking about money anymore >_>"). Oh, the people who make the cookies, sell it to the King of Cookies and depending on how good it is they get Copper, Silver, Gold coins with a cookie print on it :3 Then the real cookies get eaten my the King and the rich ppl will be the cookie makers and then there'll be a shift in where the money goes because it'll go into cookie cooking universities so that people can make cookies for the King and earn money o_o.

Ty :D, theres skills like Art, Music, Media, Photography, Drama and I'm not sure what else..hmm not rlly work related. On the second week I think we'll do the skill we chose and I'm not sure what happens o-o" I personally feel like the skill we'll be taught wont be that professional so I don't know what to hope for :'D. Haha indeed XD. Yup I'll make sure to tell you C: ! What I do know is that next week for Week 1, we'll be doing outdoor activities like hiking, rock climbing and camping.. it's to build bonds with the team I guess and not to be shy .-.

Haha yeah XD No wifi, No life ._. Anyways my wifi is sort of okay now.. I ended up using all my hotspot early on and I've mobile data and non existent wifi since a while ago..
Coffee related?
xGelai Jun 30, 2016 2:18 PM
Gah TT_TT" my bad.. Dw next time, I'll definitely make sure to say it c:< Yup :D catch up time~

Ahh, switching into wanting to learn German :o, what got you interested in learning German instead? Ooh, is this for yourself + the family (the vehicle)? Sounds exciting, driving license :D I hope you'll be able to do well *^* When will you be taking the test?
Yeah totally ;-; I've read stuff that said that learning a new language like Japanese/Chinese/Korean is easy since they just have different alphabets but somehow the same premise as English, but thats still something you need to get around ~_~)''.

XD. Wait, what. 14 years old?? How... o_o?! I can see your point now though.
It must've been tiring but well done for completing the lyrics c: Now for the even more tiring part >_> Have you thought about the tune/melody your song will have? I'm pretty interested in this process of creating a song since I don't hear much about it :o, I do remember you saying you'll play the instrument yourself or use the program.. I hope you have fun :D It sounds like the exciting part of the making X) Can I see the lyrics *^*? I don't mind if you PM.. like in case, or is it just me <_<.. & ofc you can always decline.

I somewhat got the hang of playing drum, still it feel weird using all 3 or 4 body part to produce a rhythm.cause I'm not used to using my foot moving after my hand but when I do, it usually move after my left hand instead of my right hand haha.
And I agreed with you XD. Now that I think about it... Multitasking with 4 limbs.. is just like the piano o_o" Though 3 limbs are usually used more while two limbs are more dominantly used and third limb (the leg for the pedal) isn't always used all the time... Yeah I'm sure, you'll get there tho~ Ahh the timing :o....

Haha yeah, it did sound exaggerated but it was still rather catchy XD.
OOOHH puppy pics *^* Ahahah I'd love them any time I have tests XD. I'll send you cookie and cat pictures for your pre driving test :D

Chocolate chip, everyones favourite... What kind of cookies do you like?

And of course, the promised cat.

I'm glad that at the end, its alright now. Must've been frustrating that >~<.
Ohh wow, so that family from 1500s has managed to keep their business going through their generations.. That sounds pretty amazing, wow *-*..
Ahh, I've heard of that although quite vaguely and just mostly through the knowledge of "the parliament" from England History. Wahh peaks my interest that book XD. I remember mostly from my history class when we learnt about King Edward VII and how the parliament had more power than him. Good as it stopped the King from doing anything morally wrong just for his own selfishness. But I always felt like the parliament couldnt always be trusted.. idk why though haha (intuition..). (my memory might have been fuzzed up a bit in case I'm wrong somewhere >_>)
Hmm, yeah I guess most medieval themes end up being spiced up with by other genres :s...

Lmfao I still remember that o_o.
Mhm, I'll definitely make sure to think about it carefully. I might end up just working during school since I have a friend who plans to do the same, so maybe that'll get me influenced.
Gee X'D the teacher contradicts o=o..
Hmm, the entire exam board is being changed. My year is the last year that will be doing the old exams while the year under me will be doing the new exam board. It's only gone harder rather than any positive change for the students (since more stress and higher difficulty for them). By activity XD... it totally has been getting less active for students nowadays, we don't have PE after secondary school is finished and theres a lot more exams that are just sat. I found out that the exam board plans to give students a written exam too. Before we would only have to paint for 10 hours. Tbh stress = = totally just explains how all this being done on the youth ain't looking pretty.

Haha yeah.. thats how I heard they were, like writing an essay according to a topic you've learnt in University. Although it sounds easy it must be long, like a couple of pages for the essay... just for the difficulty >_>.. But in College, I think you would still have to do essay styled exams if you did English.

Ehh haha economics how come XD? Make the cost of cookies according to size and use templates 8).. maybe I'm getting too srs here lol. no.
Wah arigato XD. I'll make sure to see it during the weekend haha C;
Hmm 50% imo, we pay a bit to do it (but only £15 or was it £30... - its low since its sponsored). It's for students to improve their skills and build up a better CV (curriculum vitae). I've heard of examples like like going to an Elderly Care Home and maybe crafting with them or going out in the streets to spread awareness. But at the first weeks, we build skills by going outdoors and working in teams...

also , no wifi no laifu TT_TT
xGelai Jun 20, 2016 6:46 AM
Hello Nickel-kun! Sorry I've been gone for two months o(╥﹏╥)o I never ended up properly saying so but I was doing my finals for secondary school x__x
Hmmmm... this is the reply to the longer conversation we had before 2016 >_<" I might skip some parts if they're too old but lets catch up a lot ^__^/ I might end up just asking a lot of questons XD...

How has your Japanese learning going:o? Is it difficult? I saw this yt video where kanji was spoken about. From simple to complicated characters Hiragana -> Katakana -> Kanji. And that knowing the simple parts should make learning kanji easier. I've thought of learning Japanese before but I'm planning on learning korean and the hangul... soon XD
Don't worry about the late reply, it more of a letter, where the letter man come by once each month like the 80's!
OMG LMFAO. That seriously fits though!!
Has work been good? Getting along with your supervisor yet XD?

For the note, it does sound nice but how do I want to use it? Should it be played in the beginning, between chorus and verse or altogether?
I'm planning to record it by my own voice since I live in a small town : P. I have been working on it, maybe too long since I change it three time now, with each lyric rewrite can be a song itself! Now, sometime I get a few chorus ideas that I like to develop into a song.
I'm note sure if you'll still need my input since this was months ago... Are you still working on this song? Yea I get with whats happening with the lyric changes. Maybe as long as you stick to a solid theme and keep your lyric changes around the song's theme it might still keep the basis of what the song is about together.

Omg I totally understand what you mean XD. Even thinking of playing the drums, it would be cool and I'd love to but I know I wouldn't be able to grasp it completely without needing loads of time >~<. Multitasking with all my limbs... too difficult DX lmao..
Ehhhh education before fun .__. no way :0 XD. Ahh the "badum tss" I just thought that if you looked it up on youtube you can just copy what they hit. I remember sort of replicating it on a drums app, though it didn't sound like the badum tss completely :< hmm.
Oh I've recently found this youtuber who composes his own songs and music. & It sounds nice XD and he collabs with other youtubers to make music sometimes. just thought of sharing~

Ahh the mock tests, I've had two in total I guess and I did one at march which was a really small one, under a two week period I think it was. They were just practice exams for the real one. I find it surprising because it was at march then my exams were at may.. so close o_o.
Wahh *__* that would be amazing fluently knowing the sound of the written note itself.

By the thing you said "(Just you know, a lot can change during your birthday replies to today.)" would it be linked to "recent event with my supervisor"? I hope things are going more smoothly hopefully D: that saying when I am super late ._." You can talk about your stress DX
Oh wait, what happened? "I should get another job since" D: gahh I didn't fully read this...

Haha XD I'm not that into history but I slightly remember some of the stuff I learned from history classes. But with the way you talk about medieval history, it sounds a lot more interesting :D So if you ever learn anything you find rlly interesting, feel free to share it with me too XD!! I can't completely say history is boring anyways, it is undeniably very interesting c:
Have you seen any medieval-themed anime in the end? I personally don't remember seeing much completely about med-history but most war-type animes usually have some sort of 15th century/history around it. Though I've mostly seen animes about Nobunaga 16th century/history..
Ahahah. Yeah! I'd prefer flat/noodles from ramen XD Idk but prolly dry noodles >>>>>>>>> wet noodles :3.

Speaking of jobs *__*, I've been thinking of taking a part time job during the holidays but I'm just wondering how I'll fit it in and if I'll be able to find something suitable since I have this summer activity taking up July til August. So still considering x_s maybe try to find one in august...

Aha~ BFF encouragement hai! XD
For our exams, in english, which is more closer to writing essays I guess?. We have 2hours and 15minutes for the english language exam. And we have this booklet with 3 sources that are each a page long (read for 15 minutes usually). Then we get questions like 1. describe what you learn from source 1, 2. In source 2 how does the title and image link to the text (this is usually an article source) 3. In source 3 Explain the thoughts (could ask you to explain feelings) of the writer 4. Compare two sources' use of language - and this is Section A and then Section B is free writing, two questions where you might just have to write a letter of awareness and explain an event that has happened to you...
Sorry lol.. I wrote way too much for this. We've been studying how to answer the questions so much I just know it from the back of my hand since the english paper are just questions that are in basis the same from start to end >_<"

I think in University, they have essays that decide their grade? I think it'll be different from timed tests though? They might just have a deadline for the essay itself.. For the exams I'm taking, its just writing to get them marks *^*...

kukuku. That's a clever idea, I agree. Plus edible money can make anybody happy XD.
My birthday is on the 14th of July :3. Tbh I don't think I'll be on MAL during that time or much since I have the activity I spoke about. I'll just say so in advance this time >_<. I have this activity called NCS and it's during July 11 to Aug 2. And I'll only be home on the weekends. I'm pretty hyped about it, it seems like fun >w<.

I hope you have been well :o And how is your progress with the lyrics you were making?*-*
xGelai Mar 21, 2016 1:14 PM
ooh I hope you try archery out since it seems pretty interesting :o.
I've done my mocks and I'll have my final exams coming soon so I hope I'll do well+revise well >_<

Ahh that sounds like productive work c: Hehe it does sound really nice! Well done with it x)
Different? It somehow felt familiar in a way for me(prolly bc you talked about london XD), but it was good unique. I liked the way the song had lyrics that were story like :3

Of course, I'll try to come on whenever I can, so ask me as much as you want. I'm always interested in stuff like this X)
xGelai Mar 18, 2016 1:27 PM
Don't worry about the late reply c: tbh firsts, how have you been XD?
Haha I'm glad you got a good rest :3

Wah that was pretty cute XD It rlly did sound romantic d'aww >//<
And it seriously has such a smooth way of telling the story as well. It's easy to understand what your trying to portray/the image your telling through the lyrics.
How did you make these lyrics :o? And I don't know how'd you'll want me to help, I liked the lyrics ^_^ I can help fix the small grammar mistakes too if you want?
xGelai Mar 17, 2016 6:32 AM
Hai! I've done my exams c:
Haha I'm still excited just to see the lyrics :o
xGelai Mar 15, 2016 1:06 PM
Wahh!! I really want to hear it!! But I have two more tests to do >_<.
Can I hear it on thursday *^*? We can talk about it aha.c: