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Jun 12, 2013
This will be a very short review. It will just entail the reasons why someone would want to get into Kuroko and why someone wouldn't. It also shows reasoing for my opinion and so that you see what I think of this anime.

This is a great series. FAR from being as good as the legendary Slamdunk but still nonetheless very entertaining. The animation is though, hands down better (that is a given). The starting couple of episodes are very.. well random because they pull out random concepts into a series where the characters are JUST basketball players and not supermen.

Due to that I did read more
Mar 24, 2013
ONE PIECE !! Words cannot describe how much this has affected me and how much I love it. I am editing this review because I feel like I haven't wrote even NEARLY enough for my personal favorite anime. If you think I didn't watch enough animes to make that statement well no. I have watched quite a lot.

I hope this review encourages you to watch it. And for anyone who thinks it's childish I can just give you one Youtube video that will clear it all up. It's called 'One Piece in 10 minutes' and its my favorite Youtube video.

The story and plot read more
Mar 20, 2013
Sword Art Online !! Undoubtedly the anime with the most number of mixed reactions from 2012. One of the most controversial series of all time. I will keep this review fairly short but a little lengthy as well.

What do I think of this? Well in my opinion it is not NEARLY as bad as haters claim it to be and not as good as fans praise it to be either. It's ... AVERAGE especially once you mix the flaws and good qualities together.

Yes everything about it I find average (well the animation is stunning but that is to be expected of an anime so new). read more
Mar 19, 2013
Naruto Shippuden. One of the most hated series that is super popular. Why is it so hated? No real reason to be honest. Atleast that is what I believe. But don't worry I am not calling anyone who hate it 'morons' or whatever i'm just saying I 'think' it should NOT be as hated as it is. Not even CLOSE. I myself though think that episodes 1-110 aren't THAT good but after that is when it starts to become a 10/10 anime.

I will get on to the why. And don't worry I will not make it too long since I think people won't read it read more
Mar 13, 2013
This is SUCH an underrated anime.
I understand it's for kids but dang.
I watched this and got addicted to it as a kid. SUCH a DANG nostalgic anime.

Lemme explain what this is. K so there's a lot of stuff going on. Kids bullying other kids, disagreements between people and this kid (probably THE greatest kids show character) Hattori always helps them. Since he is a ninja he always thinks of such FUN and CLEVER ways to solve the problem.

Now i don't like it AS much (it's still better than a lot of the animes coming out today) read more
Mar 8, 2013
TORADORA !! Words cannot describe how much I love this anime and how much of ann emotional impact it has left me with. I just HAD to write a review about this anime. This is a very underrated anime. An emotional impact literally bigger than this world. This is also the anime that got me into the school life anime section. I watched Clannad before it and to be honest a lot of it I found was pointless and draggede out and as a result I was a little bored with it and it's one of the most popular school lifes so my first impression read more
Feb 25, 2013
WHY IS THIS SO LOW?? Like this gets a 10 from me !
Best season of Digimon without a doubt. The art is of course way better than before but not only that surprisingly i find myself giving it a 10 music and character wise!!!
Those two things aren't very nicely done by digimon (the villains are always awesome but this time they were also even better) but man oh man was these things nicely done here.
And for enjoyment i gave it a 10 since i dont think there was one single moment where i was actually bored !!!
The story is typical digimon stuff but still read more
Feb 13, 2013
Bleach (Anime) add (All reviews)
I love Bleach. One of my favorutie animes of all time wothout a doubt. Like i think 2nd place tied with FMAB and Shippuden. 10 All around (DEFINITELY). I guess the story can get a nine.

I love everything about this. The fillers ruined it people say but i am not that kind of retard. For gods sakes if you think theres too much filler then skip them. Nobody forced you to or any sheez like that.

Anyways yeah characters are awesome and badass, music are awesome, everything about it is awesome and epic.

The openings and endings are okay or meh but some are freaking AWESOME. read more
Feb 9, 2013

We have freaking EXTREMELY awesome shows like Cuticle Tantei Inaba and this. Tamako Market, Maou Yuusha and The Unlimited are really good too.
Now why I gave this a 8. I'll keep this short.
The characters are amazing. Their are constantly very funny scenes that will definitely make you laugh. It can be really emotional too.
I enjoyed all 5 eps so far. Will definitely watch more of this amazing anime. It can be a little too cheesy at some parts but the reaction of the characters totally blow it away (almost).
Anyways I highly recommend this to anybody. My little brother even watched it and loves it (he's read more