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Oct 29, 2008
This is indeed a great show. After three episodes, I think it to be one of the 2008’s highlights. Eve no jikan is beautifully and atmospherically animated, with nice voices, interesting characters and relationships, and a developing plot. The story, which involved humans living with androids, wasn’t the most original in the world,but it didn’t make this anime any less attractive.

Eve no Jikan is directed by Yasuhiro Yoshiura, who is often compared to Makoto Shinkai in terms of how well his short animations look. This time in his latest work Eve no jikan, Yasuhiro Yoshiura once again proved his artistic talent. The read more
Sep 2, 2008

5 Centimeters per Second is masterpiece of gentle, unassuming perfection. The whole movie is beginning with the lyrical image of cherry blossoms falling at five centimeters a second, followed by a breathtakingly vivid tableua, Makoto Shinkai tells a story about love and distance.

The film is consisted of three wonderful pieces, that are separate, yet connected. It is depicting the life and growth of the main character Takaki. Although he meets others, Takaki's love always belongs to the girl who was his only good friend in the elementary school. A quiet film meditating on love,relationship, time and distance leads you to the human's enigmatic emotional world.

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Sep 1, 2008
Castle in the sky is the third film made by Hayao Miyazaki, who I've come to believe is one of the most masterful storytellers. The story is based on the Laputa of Gulliver's Travels, a floating city of scientists and ideologist, which is a legend, a dream of explorers. The young miner Pazu in the story has a goal, which is to find Laputa just as his father did before. And one day, a girl Sheeta who is wearing a magical necklace drifting down from the sky into Pazu's arms, their adventure begins.

The movie has a touch of magic and science fiction. Much read more