Oct 29, 2008
Qin (All reviews)
This is indeed a great show. After three episodes, I think it to be one of the 2008’s highlights. Eve no jikan is beautifully and atmospherically animated, with nice voices, interesting characters and relationships, and a developing plot. The story, which involved humans living with androids, wasn’t the most original in the world,but it didn’t make this anime any less attractive.

Eve no Jikan is directed by Yasuhiro Yoshiura, who is often compared to Makoto Shinkai in terms of how well his short animations look. This time in his latest work Eve no jikan, Yasuhiro Yoshiura once again proved his artistic talent. The anime certainly did look amazing. The digital painting in this anime has always fascinated me, and the backgrounds done were astonishing to look at. The compositions of the story were brilliantly presented, as well as the camera-like imitation they used in the animation.

Yasuhiro Yoshiura seems to have a certain emotion of the lights. He does have a stunningly gorgeous means to use the light to enhance the atmosphere of the scenes. The pavonine sunray penetrated into the ordinary room, small door to Time of Eve vestured by the sunburst, the gentle lights impression in the Café bar filling the scenes with fancy, true emotion, feeling of life and wonder.

If you are kind of jaded and bored with some harem/shounen/shoujo/mecha animes, Eve no Jikan is like a breath of fresh air and you can’t miss it.