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Oct 11, 2020
I have never understood why people become triggered when they claim an anime or hentai took a nose dive or ruined its story in some way. After watching this, I think I understand it a bit better.

Story: Simple premise: a girl confesses to a guy, but the guy rejects her. Takes a turn when the girl blackmails the guy with a picture of him bound and gagged, turning him into her sex slave.

At first, while a bit off putting with the blackmail, the story was a bit interesting in exploring a master/slave or femdom relationship. In the first episode, it explored and showed how that ...
Oct 11, 2020
Amakano (Anime) add
I wonder if romance could ever be considered a tag in hentai.

Story: For the first three episodes, each one focuses on an individual girl at a sort of winter lodge/mansion and the last episode has each girl have their own sex scene. From warming up during a winter storm to coming home for Valentines Day to visiting your home town after so long, each girl presents a different scenario for an intimate moment.

The story for each girl is quite lovely, with my personal favorite being Mizuki from the first episode. The idea of being inside a nice, cozy home during a winter storm is by ...
Sep 29, 2020
Your future can be a bit scary when you face things you aren't ready for, but it's nice to have someone there to lean on when you need it.

Story: Two students, Nozomu and Shiori, are about to take their college entrance exams in a few months. Nozomu tells of how his parents insist that he has to start living on his own soon, but it scared since he has no idea how to go about it. Living on her own for already three years, Shiori agrees to let him stay with her to help him know how to live independently and to study for the ...
Sep 28, 2020
Mixed Feelings
Sometimes fate brings us together, and sometimes it is just our friends and family giving us that extra push.

Story: Two neighbor's, Kouta and Aki, will be living together after Kouta's family decided to renovate their entire house and agreeing with Aki's parents that he will live with them for the time being. Being childhood friends, it is a bit difficult at first to handle being together in the same house, but as time passes, as well as Aki's mom and Kouta and Aki's best friends respectively hinting at them that they should be together, they finally become a couple and engage in many enjoyable acts ...
Sep 24, 2020
Mixed Feelings
I never imagined horror eroticism could ever be a thing. Then again, there have been far stranger fetishes.

Story: In the first episode of this hentai, a young man enters a taxi passing by due to a storm. To pass the time, the passenger tells the driver a story of a young boy that encountered the ghost known as Hachishakusama (a.k.a. the 8 foot tall women, the Japanese Slender Man). It is said that whoever encounters this women will meet a terrible end, but that is only half true. The boy that encounters this ghost is then "influenced" by her to begin sexual acts throughout the ...
Jul 13, 2020
Acchi Kocchi (Anime) add
There is something special about the budding romance of a close friendship, and despite one's insistence for it to blossom, a flower must bloom on its own through time and care.

Story: In this anime, five main characters live through their high school life as we follow them for an entire year, conducting their antics, entertainment, and enjoying each moment together in moe adorable fashion. From the winter season to summer season, from school activities to finding fun outside of it, these characters live their life exploring and experiencing many little things, learning more about their friends. Throughout the show, the format is quite simple: all ...
Jul 13, 2020
There seems to be a strong conflict between coincidence and irony that this show peeked my interest in creating reviews, but oh well. And as such, it shall be the first show I review.

Story: Putting it quite simply: this is a show about brothels. The main characters each traverse to different brothels which contain different types of species and themes behind them, such as fairies, cyclopes, and elves to gender swap, BDSM role play, and egg laying. Obviously this is not a hentai by any means, though it certainly pushes the boundaries to nearly becoming one. However, the theme behind it certainly seems to ...

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