Sep 24, 2020
Proper_Analysis (All reviews)
I never imagined horror eroticism could ever be a thing. Then again, there have been far stranger fetishes.

Story: In the first episode of this hentai, a young man enters a taxi passing by due to a storm. To pass the time, the passenger tells the driver a story of a young boy that encountered the ghost known as Hachishakusama (a.k.a. the 8 foot tall women, the Japanese Slender Man). It is said that whoever encounters this women will meet a terrible end, but that is only half true. The boy that encounters this ghost is then "influenced" by her to begin sexual acts throughout the night. In the morning, the boy is taken out of the village to escape the ghost.

In the second episode, the driver of the taxi then tells the passenger a story of a woman that had a dream of a train. The conductor was a demon that invited her on, so she rode in the last car, seeing two other women in front. As the train continued, she heard the two women each being tortured and in pain, but couldn't move until it was finally her turn. Just before she could experience her pain, she had woken in a cold sweat. Afterwards, the passenger tells the rest of his story from episode one.
(Spoiler: if you wish to avoid, stop reading now)
After he finally finishes the story, he breaks down to reveal he was the boy in the story and the driver was Hachishakusama and his fate remains unknown.

The story presents a very nice atmosphere from start to finish with the right sense of tension and horror, especially adding the "dark and stormy night" cliche from camp fire stories. Especially when adding a second story to the element that added more tension and chills, it really caught me off guard. Being a fan of horror, I can say the story was done rather well being adapted into a hentai, but that doesn't mean it was all that different from other horror stories, especially 1. this being a story somewhat compared to the Slender Man creepypasta and 2. the twist at the end being a bit predicable. In conclusion, despite it not standing out all that much and a predictable end, the story still had me quite interested based on the atmosphere alone. 3.2/5

Music: having little to no music doesn't make a story bad, but rather, it is when to add it at the right moment that really counts. But this show slightly missed the mark. In episode one, the music building up from the ride to the ghostly encounter was good, but then was replaced by sweet melancholy afterwards. The same is said for episode two also, when the music added so much tension from the train ride dream to melancholy again. It's understandable to try and give the main characters that false sense of security or safety so as to make a good jump scare or bait-and-switch, especially how it was done when Hachishakusama's face was shown compared to the boy's perspective, then the villager's perspective, but it kinda missed the mark during the actual sex scenes themselves. 2.7/5

Animation: the dark shades of tension to the bright colors of how the story began was quite nice for the environment, especially the design of Hachishakusama as both beautiful one moment and frightening the next. However, the rest seemed to be slightly bland afterwards, adding little motion in some shots and just repeats of the same motion. In fact, this is made clear in episode two when the sex scene was practically identical to episode one with just a few parts removed and a different background, and during the train story, there were mainly still shots rather than actual movement. While the story did start off with some rather good animation and designs, it sadly got a bit procrastinated and only added still shots and copy paste movements from other scenes, only trying to rush a second episode out. 1.8/5

True to genre: being the story of Hachisakusama involves the kidnapping of children by an 8 foot tall woman, it definitely played the shotacon and milf tag accurately. The horror aspect was just as well done since it added the right kind of tension and chill atmosphere during most parts of the story from Hachisakusama first being seen to her reaching out with her hands to her face reveal by the villager's perspective. Reverse rape somewhat seems in there, but it seems more like statutory rape than forceful rape. It may have played more into the horror aspect of things should it have taken a bit more on the forceful side, but it seems more like an older woman sleeping with a child all in all. 3.75/5

Eroticism: Watching this the first time definitely gave some erotic desires, especially being a fan of milf and tall women (not giantess, different tag), and the horror didn't change it all that much. The only thing that disinterested me was the second episode, where it appeared that goro had come into play and the animation was just repeated from episode one. After rewatching it, I don't feel the same desire and this show had only interested to watch purely for the plot. 2/5

Concluding my review: this show had a creepy atmosphere to adapt the story of Hachisakusama and, for those viewing it the first time, gave quite an erotic feeling for horror. However, after time, the feeling begins to dissipate, especially when watching the second episode. All in all, this hentai is just like a camp fire story: chilling when first hearing it, but soon loses its touch over time.