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May 23, 2023
Tesla Note (Anime) add
Tesla Note, the second coming of Ex-arm... Is it that bad? Kind of yes, but mostly for different reasons.

Don't get me wrong, this show is ugly. 3D is half-baked at best, constantly supplemented with bottom-tier 2D (outside of nice backgrounds), inconsistently animated (sometimes quite well, sometimes atrociously when the team rushed important scenes and patchworked stuff together in the most jarring ways). It's not as broken as Ex-arm and not as hideous as Gibiate, but that's basically the only positive thing you can say about Tesla Note's looks. At least the inappropriately-high-quality voice cast does their absolute best to bring the over-the-top characters and cringy ...
May 13, 2023
Conception (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
I wouldn't dare to say that Conception is good, because that's obviously not the case. It is, however, quite misunderstood and hated way beyond what it deserved.

Conception is, plain and simple, an over-the-top and absurd parody of harem fiction. It nearly never treats itself seriously and simply does not function if you're looking for ecchi, romance or even traditional comedy. It's funny through absurdity, cringe, misplaced popcultural references and deeply uncomfortable plot developments that together made you question how anyone was insane enough to write it down, and especially to make it into an anime. If you ever expect it to follow some kind of ...
Dec 10, 2022
While advancing at a breakneck speed for most of the runtime, this series is a lovely romance story that does the isekai formula better than any other with a female lead I've seen. Primarily because Aileen herself is a fantastic main character – smart, driven, charismatic and not overpowered in a way that would take away from any of her achievements. To save herself from a bad ending she has to use her wit and willpower above anything else, with memories from her past live serving as clues rather than ready-made solutions. This keeps the plot (which can get intense despite the overall lighthearted & ...
Oct 3, 2022
I wasn't super into Toaru specials when in their early iterations, as they were a bit too reliant on references to other shows, some of which I'm barely familiar with catching up on the series years after its initial release... Then they switched to specific seasons spoofing the hell out of themselves and the voice cast mercilessly parodying their own character. This special also focuses on self-parody, taking Accelerator's "villain" persona to some absolutely hilarious places. It's arguably the most fun thing about the whole Accelerator spin-off, besides some Last Order and Misaka clone scenes, and I didn't exactly hate the whole show, just found ...
Aug 18, 2022
A lot have been said about King's Game since its release and as you can imagine from my 1/10 rating, I won't be arguing against the general consensus. However, I still wanted to express my utter disgust with not the edgy nonsense that constitutes the main content of the show, the utterly dogs**** writing and structure of it all.

The cringy attempts at exploitation horror story are at least something that will appeal to some and give laughing material to others, even with the crappy gore and dozens of dumb characters you can't possibly care about. However, most aspects of the story, if you pay ...
Aug 15, 2022
Putting the obvious foot fetish on either the mangaka's or anime staffs' side, Akebi's Sailor Uniform is an unusual-feeling take on slice-of-life. The formula itself is extremely simple, just daily live of some middle schoolers in an all-girl school... But if I had to somehow describe the feel and aesthetic of it all, it would be "yuri without romance". Instead of your typical moe blob, you have a group of genuine-feeling young girls portrayed with an insanely-refined artstyle, including utterly beautiful vistas and obscenely-detailed stills of characters that are used for crucial scenes. It's this kind of highly-feminine, but not vulgar aestheticisation that immediately ...
Aug 15, 2022
A somewhat flawed introduction to a great slice-of-life series.

Aria is a pretty unique anime, as it creates a rather high-concept sci-fi setting and uses it for pure slice-of-life, nostalgia-driven storytelling. The episodic, usually low-stakes stories are tailor-made for you to relax to, taking in the beautiful vistas of terraformed Mars and observing the amusing interaction between the Neo-Venezia's gondoliers-in-training. Obviously its all accompanied by equally pleasant and fairly memorable music - the show really knows what it's going for and adjusts every aspect to strengthen those chill vibes.

Why I started with "flawed" then? While the later seasons of Aria really polished the formula into a ...
Aug 11, 2022
Kaguya-sama might not be the best anime ever, despite it's near-perfect rankings, but by the third season it definitely is peak romcom and I can hardly imagine a show doing this formula much better.

I mean, I can't say I even like romcom manga and anime, both harem and not. They are usually extremely meandering, overstretched affairs that never get to the point because that would resolve the plot and kill the cash cow. For proper enjoyment, they need to be either fairly short and the-the-point (which is very rare in this format) or so well-written and funny that you don't mind the painfully slow progression ...
Aug 7, 2022
Mixed Feelings
While I'll try to not go over the top, I still have to wholeheartedly agree with people disgusted with parts of this OVA. The fanservice scenes it opens with, basically 90% of its first half, are completely detached from the tone of the show and honestly quite distasteful even by the average fanservice episode standards. Particularly because you don't get just fanservice happening in some typical setting like a beach of a swimming pool, but the male part of the Student Council imagining it while browsing magazines, which just goes directly against their characters. If this was some very brief skit that immediately let to ...
Aug 6, 2022
Ah, "Adachi's Gay Panic the Anime", falsely titled as "Adachi and Shimamura"... It's a lot better than I expected.

To be fair, I completely understand why a lot of people are not too hot about this brand of cliched, slow burn romance, but I think Adachi and Shimamura has a lot more redeeming qualities than people are willing to acknowledge. I find the way the actual romance is portrayed, with Adachi being unreasonably infatuated and awkward, and Shimamura kind of just going along with it without much thought is not that unrealistic or over the top. Adachi's relative isolation and lack of social skills, along ...

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