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Oct 8, 2018
You would think that moe school girls and tanks wouldn't ever be in the same anime, but boy you'd be wrong.

Girls & Panzer is an anime about just that. The story is about Miho, a school girl who has had a rough history with panzer and was basically exploited into joining her new school's panzer club. However overtime she realizes that it may have been one of the best things she could have done, despite her past. It's definitely an interesting concept of what it would be like if schools added a "tank" club to their list of extracurricular's. Albeit, a very costly club at read more
Sep 27, 2018
That mc is really dysfunctional, eh?

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun is basically an anime about Mizutani, Shizuku, a bonafide book-worm, who one day has to bring homework to someone who hasn't been attending school for reasons. She then finds out that this 'someone' is really Haru, the dysfunctional kid who can't control himself while in public. For example, instead of walking out of a classroom to exit the building, he'll simply jump out of the window; and I'm not even exaggerating. It's a crazy, dysfunctional anime that kind just works, sorta?

The art is nothing special, just your typical art-direction that just works. The sound is decent. read more
Sep 13, 2018
Just another slice-of-life anime..?

A-Channel really intrigues me. It's funny how a show like this can have absolutely no defining story, but still be entertaining. As with many shows like this (K-On!, Lucky Star) there seems to be a big trend around the "four girls going about their high school lives." And While this could get old, I honestly think that if you implement good characters, even when there's no defining story, you can really make something worth the while. A-Channel doesn't really have a "story" but I can definitely say that it has some pretty good moments that made me laugh.

You know after watching so read more
Sep 5, 2018
I must admit, I'm thoroughly surprised at how good this was.

Zero no Tsukaima! An anime about magic & alternate universes. The anime is about a boy named Saito who is magically teleported to another universe where things aren't what he's accustomed to. He later finds out that he's been transported to a world called "Halkeginia" and that he's become a "familiar." Really, the story isn't too special or anything, but given the year this anime was released, I'd say they did a great job at making a "unique" anime for the time. However, just because this anime is old, doesn't mean that it doesn't read more
Aug 29, 2018
I really feel like there's a lot of wasted potential here...

Nisekoi 2! The anime which continues in it's path from the first season. However with this season things are a lot less focused on the main goals of the first season, and much more focused on a bunch of filler. I don't mind filler, but with an anime like this, I really would have appreciated more of the main story. What we got though was around 10 full episodes of pure filler. Some of it was pretty entertaining, and some of it even introduced new characters in entertaining ways. But I really can't say that read more
Aug 28, 2018
Boy oh boy. It's been a while since I've watched such a controversial anime...

Danganronpa! An anime about mysteries, high school murders, and more mysteries. The story follows Naegi, a high schooler who wakes up in a place unknown to him. Later on he finds out that he's trapped in a high school with 15 other classmates, and the only way out is to kill each other, but without getting caught.

The premise is very intriguing, and it had me guessing for quite a while. But I can't help but wonder why they made Naegi so OP. He seems to solve almost every mystery by himself read more
Jul 29, 2018
Love is like the sea...

Nagi no Asukara! An anime about drama, secret love, and the sea. The setting for this anime is quite possibly the most unique I have seen in a while. It's based around a small village, which is under-water, called Shioshishio. It's said to be one of, or if not, the last sea village there is. The people who live there are very peculiar as they have developed another layer of "skin" called "ena" which allows them to not only breathe under water, but also adapt to extremely cold waters.

The story is about four kids who live in Shioshishio where they used read more
Jul 27, 2018
Another amazing adventure...

Mushishi Zoku Shou! An anime about exploration, weird happenings, and more mushi. The story is weird because there really isn't any concrete "story" here. Like the first season, this anime follows an episodic type format, where no two episodes have the same happenings. Again, we follow Ginko in his mysterious travels to uncover more interesting mushi that may be causing some unwanted troubles. This time around it felt a bit more serious, with a slice of darkness added. While the entire anime has a very distinct, serious tone to it. I can't help but notice a very slight tonal change, as many events read more
Jul 14, 2018
Phones can ruin the moment quite a lot.

Tsurezure Children! An anime about high school romance, breakups, and crushes. The story on this one is really just a few mini segments here and there of different characters trying to hook up, but in an entertaining fashion. Honestly this entire anime is all about high school crushes trying to get together. There will be tears, there will be fights, and there will be fun.

I think they really did a good job creating an environment of characters that feels genuine. As many of the scenarios in this anime are pretty realistic, aside from your sometimes generic read more
Jun 30, 2018
This may just be the most "pure" slice of life anime ever.

Lucky☆Star! An anime about cute girls, high school, and pure random-ness. Basically, it's really hard to even give this anime a four in the story department, as there really isn't a "story" here. And honestly, I'm really surprised of the outcome. There's a lot of random stuff that happens on this show. Mainly the main four just living their lives and doing what normal high school girls might do. But honestly what made it really fun to watch was the "lucky channel" segment at the end of the show, as well as the really read more