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Hyperversum Jul 13, 2018 11:03 AM

I was just enraged because using a site like MAL (which is supposed to be about serious reviews) is ridicolous.
And even in the WORST case, DiF isn't that bad.
1/10 is for the absolute worst a medium can produce, and DiF is actually a good-looking anime, with the basis for a strong emotional narrative and a good worldbuilding.

People are just butthurted.
Zerity Jul 12, 2018 6:17 PM
lol, well I mean obviously it didn't top Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gurren Lagann, Star Wars, Star Trek,etc but that doesn't make it bad. I think I have it a 9 until the last few couple episodes then just gave it a 7-8 because of the second half. Still I feel like the reviews are a bit to harsh, like in my "review" I even said that. That the second half doesn't make it that bad but does worsen the score.
Pityfool Jul 12, 2018 4:59 PM

Why did I cherry pick a few choice words out of your entire review? Because I didn't the have time or the want to clean the entire orchard. Besides, when I skim through a review and find so many borderline-fictional facts and mis-interpretations as I did, it really doesn't give me the motivation to go back and read each paragraph word-by-word.

"Zero Two was introduced as a waifu like character which immediately took the undeserving “deconstruction” tag which was ripped off from Eva (surprise surprise, FranXX ripped off a show) while giving us another useless MC who went by the self appointed name Hiro."

How was Zero Two introduced as a waifu character? Was it because she had one nude scene? Part of her character was to be unruly and open about taboo topics.

Now, on to the second point there: Hiro is "just another useless MC". 
At what point was he useless? They explained why he couldn't pilot with the mostly-human squad 13: He ingested Zero Two's Klaxosaurian blood when they were both young (and subsequently mindwiped). On top of that, he immediately took up the opportunity to pilot with Zero Two when they met in the first Strelizia fight (not a Shinji copy), and then fought orders continuously in order to pilot with her again. That is most definitely not a useless, unmotivated, or cowardly MC.

There, the MCs are done. Let's talk about their romance.
I believe you mistook their first meeting at the lake in Mistilteinn for instant-romance. That was intended to be look authentic up until episode 12-13, where it was somewhat-revealed that Zero Two was using Hiro like she had previous stamens; she wanted his "Humanity". This is highlighted by her dramatic attitude change towards squad 13 as a whole in episode 16, starting with the moment when they reunite during the fight in Plantation 13. The attitude change highlighted the fact that she was in truly in love with Hiro from that moment, not episode 1.

Oh but what's this? More Hiro bashing?

"From the start he was unexplained. Why was he a prodigy? What was he doing before meeting Zero Two? What made him so special? To stand out from the rest of the cast, you need distinctive qualities that set you apart from other characters, Hiro had none of that. He was plain and boring. Many may point out that him being in love with 02 would mean that it makes him different from other MCs but that's wrong because apart from his “love” for 02, nothing else was brought into his character. Although towards the end it was shown that he had become selfish and cared about 02 more than his squad who cared about him, it still isn't the kind of development that makes you go “Oh, that changed my view of him positively” and if you read that line again you'll probably understand why too."

What qualities allowed Mark Zuckerberg to create Facebook? What is the true reasoning behind Hitler's mass-genocide? Why didn't Marie Curie come up with the Theory of Relativity instead of Einstein?
Nobody knows what a human being will turn out like when they're born. We have no certain method of determining who will be a genius and who won't. Even in the anime, they (somewhat) explained that a lower number, assigned through tests, determines the potential for each child as a Pistil or Stamen. To quote Emerson M. Pugh: "If the Human Brain were so simple we could understand it, we would be so simple we couldn't!"

I'm not sure how you came to the conclusion that Hiro had become selfish and uncaring by the end of the series, and that he left Earth and Squad 13 just to be with her. If they hadn't saved her (and this was made fairly obvious), Apath would have been destroyed, VIRM would come back to earth, and we'd be right back at square one. Hiro's decision to leave the solar system with Zero Two ended up both saving humanity, and giving them what they wanted: To be together after constant separations. Squad 13 was needed on Earth in order to repopulate and educate Humanity. No, they didn't exactly use that as a reason for only Hiro and Zero Two going through the portal, but it would have had the same outcome.
TL:DR for this paragraph: Hiro ended up being anything but a selfish "muh Zero Two" only character. I have no idea how you came to that conclusion against all the evidence.

EDIT: I would like to note that Yasaal immediately blocked me after posting the comment below. Isn't it funny how when users loose an argument, they tend to resort to either reporting or blocking? Additionally, I will leave his comment below, just to show that I will not be "that guy" who deletes any/all remotely-negative comments.
Zerity Jul 12, 2018 2:02 PM
i didn't read their reviews so i wouldn't know. too long
Zerity Jul 12, 2018 12:19 PM
what did u rate darling in the FranXX
Yasaal Jul 12, 2018 11:20 AM
I applaud you for meticulously cherry-picking 5 words out of the the plethora of words I used to construct my lengthy review. Ofcourse the words that preceded and followed the ones you plucked from the review were unripe and insignificant to you, but the ones you picks seemed pretty convenient for you. How about this, much like how I believe I was fair with FranXX in my review, I'll be fair with you too.

I think you know as well as I that, anyone could pick a MAL review (or any review for that matter) and proclaim it to be attempting to be a "hardline" critic's review - even when the person in question (you in this instance) doesn't have any substance to his claim that overrules and disproves the reviewer's opinions, perspective and their statements. There's nothing wrong with having a debate with someone who's opinions you don't agree on, that's perfectly fine but you haven't given me any proof whatsoever as to why My opinions are unfounded and to why the show is in fact better than how I portray it from my perspective. Pardon me, but to me it's the kettle calling the pot black for someone to sight omission of "fact" when said person provides none for his claim. I think this addresses your 2nd statement in a fair manner.

As for your last statement:
1) I take no enjoyment in rating show at 1/10. In fact, I to date, I have never given a show a 1/10 (this show included) and My mean score serves as proof that I am rather conservative when it comes to scoring anime. I'm struggle to deduce how you even came to the conclusion that I enjoy unjustly rating anime at a low score to satisfy some lustful desire to get attention through controvertail reactions
2) Out of the 4 reviews on the main page, I happen to be the most generous awarding it higher than the 3 reviews rating it at a 1/10, while I've given it a score 3 times that. I personally do not believe that FranXX is deserving of a 1/10 at all and would definitely debate with them on it if given the opportunity, because FranXX is not absolute trash that deserves a 1/10.

It would be best to read the review again and find some concrete proof to counter my claims or heck, at least defend your criticism of my review with the facts. Have a nice day if you made it till the end :D
Pityfool Jul 11, 2018 4:15 PM
I like how you are incapable of letting even the slightest criticism sit in your profile comments, even when you go as far as to create and spread untrue rumors about anime and creators you don't like.
Have fun deleting this comment.