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Jun 19, 2019
I'm here after rereading this manga. So now that my tears are fresh, I decided it was time to review this gem.
The manga starts off with Nishi, an innocent and creative high school student who likes to follow a line and make up stories. He encounters Itou, a boy the same age and with the same interest. They become friends, and throughout the manga, we get to see them become adults and face different hardships.
So it's a rule that, whenever something makes me cry, I'll always give it the higher rates. But this story truly deserves it. It's well written, the art is gorgeous, the read more
Jan 12, 2017
Since this didn't have a review, I decided to write one.

First of all, you should know there's a prequel, and I would suggest you first read it.

Well, the art here is nice, it flows good with the story and I found it to be really soothing, for a strange reason I felt calm and good while reading.

On the other hand, the story is cute, heartwarming, and also heartbreaking, going through the difficulties both Hideo-san and Tomohisa have to overcome in order to find happiness.

It made me cry too, but maybe that's just because I'm weak.

Anyway, this is a nice and cute story, and if you're read more
Oct 30, 2016
Where do I begin with this one?
Hotarubi no Mori e is not a story for the weak ones, like myself.
It all started nice and smooth, with a little Hotaru going over to her uncle's house to spend her summer vacations. After she gets lost in the forest, she meets Gin, who claims to be a youkai that cannot be touched by humans because, if that happens, he'll dissapear.
Ok, here I lost it, don't ask me why. I've never seen a movive capable of making me cry from minute 4 up to the very end.
I couldn't stop crying throughout the whole movie, not even when the read more
Sep 12, 2016
I really enjoyed this manga.
I watched the anime adaptation a while ago and I decided I should read the manga to see what happened after that ending.
What I found was a dramatic story that had me crying for the last - at least - 25 chapters.

I love every character, since they are all refreshing and funny. As for the story, yes, it is a bit confusing, but I seriously recomend to continue on reading, since everything will be clarified in due time.

I don't regret reading this manga at all, I found it to be funny, dramatic and both heartbreaking and heartwarming.