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Sep 26, 2016
Berserk (Anime) add (All reviews)
The first time I watched the PV for the new Berserk anime, I immediately knew that it was going be terrible. A Berserk adaptation buy a no name studio by a staff with zero experience with the subject, there was nearly zero percent chance that this adaptation will be any good. However, in my mind, I thought this can be a show I can be worked up about it and kill time during this excruciatingly bland summer season. So I sat down expecting a terrible show to get angry at. However, it was so bad, so utterly garbage that I couldn't get worked about it. read more
Nov 11, 2015
Whenever a certain product becomes popular among the masses, it is guaranteed to have imitators trying to off its success. So when Attack on Titan became mainstream, imitators started popping up. One of these shows is Owari no Seraph or Seraph of the End in English.

Right off the bat, the world makes zero sense. In the first episode, a virus kills basically everyone except people 13 years of age. And why everyone 13 and under survives this super virus that wiped out most of the human in like a day? Here’s the biggest problem with Seraph when it comes to its narrative, it never answers read more
Oct 28, 2015
Personally, I try to avoid movies based on pre-existing series. Usually they come off as fanservice and do not further the main series in any way. And when said movie has tied into the main series, it is often very rushed and poorly structured(I’m looking at you Gundam 00). Sadly, the Psycho Pass movie is no exception. .

First off, this is a stand alone side story. It says that it’s a sequel to Psycho Pass 2, but that is pretty much a lie. The is basically zero connection the second season and most of the movie takes place outside of Japan. None of the characters read more
Oct 18, 2015
What is worse, a show that aims high and fail or a show that doesn’t and succeed. Personally, I think the latter is more acceptable. I feel this way since a show doesn’t aim high doesn’t give me false expectations. Shows that do aim high, but fail to deliver just leave me angry and frustrated, such in the case with Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet.

The first episode set up something that could've been genuinely interesting. It yet another fish of water story, this time it’s in the distant future with a mecha pilot from the Galactic Alliance named Ledo, gets stranded on a floating read more
Oct 2, 2015
Macross (Anime) add (All reviews)
SDF Macross is anime of epic proportions. It’s a story of war, of love, of adventure, and a dozen different concepts. But the biggest feat is that all these concepts actually blend these concepts in a way that actually work. While this sound fairly simple to do, it is not as easy as it sounds. Many anime try do this, but fail because of lackluster execution or lack of time. A good example of this would be Charlotte, where it tried to bite off more than can chew and put no effort in trying to blend its concept together in a natural way.

One element that read more
Sep 27, 2015
Just simply looking at the synopsis of this anime makes me want to doze off. There isn’t not a single thing that I found remotely interesting or original in this anime. High schools, teenagers with superpowers, overused slapstick humor, all the typical shit plague most anime nowadays. And it doesn’t help that it is also written by Jun Maeda, a writer whose work always are far more concerned with manipulation the viewers emotions even when it doesn’t make any logical sense. But since I didn’t have anything good to do with my time, I decided to watch this anime despite being put off at first. read more
Sep 3, 2015
To get this quickly out of the way, I am judging Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works (2014) as a stand alone work. I have not played the visual novel and I am not planning to play the visual novel anytime soon. I do not believe that I should have knowledge about the source material to, understand the adaptation. That like saying that I have to read the bible to truly understand the movie version of Noah. So if I didn't understand something from an adaptation that I would understand in the source material, then the adaptation fail to properly adapt the material properly. Now read more
Nov 14, 2014
Naruto (Manga) add (All reviews)
Naruto Review (warning: contain some spoilers)

I still remember the time I first encounter when it was airing back on cartoon network. I was 5 then and I had no idea what anime was at the time. When I first started watching naruto, it completely blew my 5 year old mind. It had everything I wanted as a 5 year old. Action, adventure, drama, demons, ninjas, Naruto had it all. However, I am no longe 5 years old. My tastes in anime/manga have considerably change over the years and my interests have dwindle over the past few 300 or so chapters. Now that the series have read more