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Apr 18, 2015
Serving as a continuation of "Battle of the Gods," Vegeta and Goku are now under the training of Beerus' master/servant, Whis. However, a former of servant of Freeza brings him back to life with the Dragon Balls and he is back with a golden vengeance.

This movie is pretty much fan service for those who loved the Freeza part of the series. How is Freeza back and better than ever? He claims he trained though you don't really see it. The movie moves at a pretty moderate pace but the final fight dragged a little longer than it should have as the original anime series ...
Dec 5, 2014
Mixed Feelings
Taking place after the end of the manga, it has been two years. Naruto is seen as a hero and all the girls want to be with him. However, the one girl that wants to be with him the most, Hyuuga Hinata, cannot bring herself to confess her love yet. However, that will be put on hold not that the world is in danger from the moon falling apart and crashing onto earth no thanks to a lousy villain named Toneri who for personal reasons, is after members of the Hyuuga clan.

The beginning of the movies shows why Hinata is initially attracted to Naruto ...
Nov 15, 2014
Kasuga Kyosuke is a typical Japanese 15 year old. He is doing his best to study and meeting the girl of his dreams on his first day on a stroll in his new town. However, the circumstance of his family’s move and the results of this encounter just happen to be the beginning of not the perfect life, but a series of shenanigans mixed with typical teenage hormones. For starters, why did he move to town? The thing is, Kyosuke comes from a family of espers whose powers generally range between telekinesis and teleportation and the occasional self-hypnosis. Because Kyosuke’s sisters have abused their powers ...
Sep 20, 2014
Based on the manga by Fujisawa Tooru, Shounan Junai Gumi, also known as GTO The Early Years in America tells the high school days of Onizuka Eikichi and Danma Ryuji when they were the infamous and (the nearly) invincible duo known as the Onibaku. Initially, the Onibaku leave their school to transfer to a new one in hopes of starting fresh and abandoning their delinquent ways in the ultimate hope of teenage conquest, to get laid. To help in their attempt at reformation, they get part-time jobs at the beach and there they meet two young ladies.

Unfortunately, circumstances make them revert back to their ...
Sep 6, 2014
Taking place where fifth stage leaves off, Takumi will have the his final race as a street racer. His opponent this time is like no other opponent he has ever faced. He is now racing a fellow AE86 Trueno model driver, Inui Shinji. Not only that, he happens to be younger than Takumi who usually tends to be the youngest in his social circle. Also, the difference between their cars is that Takumi is the hatchback model while Shinji has the sedan model. And as the race progresses, we will also learn about Shinji and his background and many characters return to see if Project ...
Aug 23, 2014
Mixed Feelings
This movie is a retelling of the first fifth of the original series, specifically the base rivalry between Takumi and Keisuke.

The pacing of this movie works for the way it is. Nothing feels to rushed but the specifics of Natsuki's story is more hidden this time. Other than that, fans of Initial D who have prior exposure know what to expect. As for the final race, if you play the arcade games, the pace of the race works in accurate conjunction to that so I can't really make an excuse it feels to rushed. I mean, most players can beat Akina in about ...
Jul 24, 2014
Taking place where 4th stage leaves off, Takumi on his deliveries is practicing at the one-handed steering technique of his final opponent from the last season. Though he is progressing, he still is trying to figure things out. At the same time, his father is giving him props for trying such a technique and acknowledges his progress. So where does this leave Project D after beating the Purple Mountain? Their next conquest leads them to Kanagawa, a prefecture south of Tokyo which is known for having the best street racers in the nation to the point that some of the drivers are trained and active ...
Mar 29, 2014
Taking place where New Challenger leaves off, the series starts from Ippo vs Shimabukuro Iwao to the conclusion of the story of Kamogawa in his youth in Post World War II Japan. Naturally, a new anime installment of Hajime no Ippo did excite me. I mean, with New Challenger ending, the animators have nearly 60 volumes to catch up on as opposed to being 60 volumes ahead unlike a certain Studio Pierrot series which you can easily conclude is.

For now, I would mostly like to focus my personal issues with this season as someone who actively reads the manga and is up to date ...
Feb 15, 2014
GS Mikami (Anime) add
If there’s something strange, in the neighbourhood, who you gonna call? Close but no buster but that would be Mikami Reiko, one of Japan’s top ghost sweepers. Assisting Mikami is her under-paid teenage lackey, Yokoshima Tadao, and the 300 year old teenage ghost, Okinu. And episode by episode, they take care of business.

With the exception of a small number of 2-parters, the series is episodic and you can jump into any episode with little to no prior familiarity. However, in addition to the main trio, there will be some reoccurring characters such as fellow Ghost Sweepers Meiko and Emi; the alchemist Dr. Chaos and his ...
Jan 18, 2014
B'T X (Anime) add
If you are very familiar with Kurumada Masami, many of the plot and character elements share a lot in common with some of his earlier works, specifically Saint Seiya and Ringu ni Kakero. For example, family bond and longing to reunite with a lost sibling is once again an emphasized theme in this series. It gives Teppei a strong motivation to go on an initial one man mission to fight an empire to save his brother. Though in Saint Seiya, Seiya wanting to find his sister gets sidetracked until nearly the end, this element is consistent throughout the series.

Another Kurumada-sensei characteristic is a female ...

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