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May 13, 2020
Ragnarok City can be quite enjoyable when approached with the right expectations. However, its medium alone can easily give one the wrong expectations. Thing is, Ragnarok City is only technically a manga. It should be rather seen as an artbook.

Its appeal certainly doesn't lie in its story. Because it doesn't have any. It's also not in the personality of the characters, since there's not much to them. There's quite a bit of world-building, but it's not much due to the its shortness. And because of its lack of story, it doesn't actually do much with it either.

Being a Satoshi Urushihara work, it's obvious where its ...
Aug 24, 2017
JK Bitch ni Shiboraretai is a hentai anime, based on a CG set by the artist Joy Ride. It is focused on five high school girls, who are all total sluts (indeed, the title translates to "I wanna be jacked off by a high school slut", a very apt one). With a premise like that you don't even need that barest minimum of story to justify the sex and JK Bitch follows suit. The MC comes across the individual girls, they want his dick, that's all the set-up these two 15-minute fuckfests have.

And this really works in its favor. JK Bitch promises sluts and doesn't ...
Jan 28, 2017
KonoSuba is a full-blown fantasy comedy, that parodies RPGs and the "Isekai" genre that Sword Art Online popularized. It's pretty much purely non-serious, doesn't have much of an overall story (there is one, but it never goes anywhere) and most episodes are rather self-contained. But what it lacks in epic adventures, it more than enough makes it up with its great humor.

The main reason for that is its cast of likeable, quirky characters. They're not the most sympathetic bunch, the male main character is selfish, rude and quite perverted. His main companion is not much better, mainly distinguished by a more positive disposition. An over-specialized, ...
Jan 28, 2017
Mixed Feelings
The Bikini Warriors TV series is full fanservice and humor, the special BD episode racks up the former but lowers the latter. The OVA is pretty much between the two.

Like the Special, it features unhidden nipples and quite a lot of them. Especially thanks to the second episode, they probably occupy the majority of frames. That are also two borderline-hentai sex scenes, but they're extremely short and only present in the first episode.

However, like in the Special, the humor has much lower presence here. For one, it mostly lacks the RPG parody present in the main series. Instead it largely relies on lewd humor (admittedly, ...
Jan 20, 2017
Kill la Kill (Anime) add
Kill la Kill is a very over-the-top mix of action, comedy and ecchi. That, however, means that it relies heavily on the viewer liking comically, downright nonsensically, exaggerated stuff like that. If you don't, it's unlikely that you'll enjoy KLK much. It's often compared to Gurren Lagann, which is pretty appropriate since it practically IS Gurren Lagann. If you like that show, you'll probably also like KLK and vice-versa.

Its main draw are probably the visuals. They tend to be quite exaggerated, often comical and very dynamic. A particular trait are the often limited animations, which tend to be used to good (mostly comedic) effect. Overall, ...
Nov 4, 2016
3Ping Lovers is the adaption of a fantasy VN with a typical "save the world" plot. However, it doesn't really do anything with it and the story is merely touched upon and never resolved. It's just as well, as it couldn't really do that in the short time anyway. Instead, it focuses solely on the sex with the excuse that it makes the heroines more powerful (as is not unpopular in fantasy hentai).

There are basically two sex scenes. The first one is with two of the six girls. It is pretty well done, features several "actions" and has a good length. In itself, it would ...
May 21, 2016
Futa-bu!! (Anime) add
Futabu is back with two slightly longer episodes, but with the same that the first one brought: A fun futanari sex romp.

It is indeed more of the same and whether you like it mostly depends on whether you liked the first part. That doesn't mean that it doesn't mix things up a bit. For one, both episodes focus on a new character, one rather contrary from the other. The first one has a mature Japanese, always seen in kimono (except when she's naked, of course), while the second features a dark-skinned, technologically-inclined foreign student. Both are futas themselves, leaving Akane as the sole non-futa (and ...
May 18, 2016
Futa-bu! (Anime) add
Futabu (or "Futa Club"), an adaptation of a manga by Bosshi, delivers exactly what it's name promises: An entire club of girls with dicks (as well as a "token normal girl"). Naturally, the sex heavily involves their extra appendages, so this hentai is purely for futanari lovers. And those are catered to well, with a diverse cast of pretty futas with varying body, breast and, of course, dick sizes (with the loli having the biggest one). Naturally, characterization is light, but all characters are rather endearing.

As a typical story-less sex romp, it's mostly a sequence of sex scenes, in which the futas do it with ...
May 17, 2016
Mixed Feelings
This is a bonus episode of the BD release of Bikini Warriors. As such, it is rather... different than the normal episodes.

Bikini Warriors is normally made up of two things: Fanservice and RPG parody. But this episode does away with the latter, but does ramp up the former to ludicrous (moreso than BW usually does) levels. Not only does it finally shows nipples, it generally goes as far as it could, without becoming outright hentai. As in, it shows pretty graphic girl-on-girl sex, just short of outright showing genitals.

And that's it, basically. There are no RPG tropes parodied and it's generally lacking in jokes, missing ...
May 17, 2016
Mixed Feelings
Bikini Warriors delivers exactly what it seems to deliver. Both in the obvious and not so obvious.

First is the fanservice. Yes, every episode is full of it. It largely focuses on the breasts and butts of the heroines (?), the former bounce at every opportunity and images of them in lewd poses are very common. If you like such things, this anime already has a lot to offer to you. If you don't care for it, you at least need a very high tolerance for such things.

But the second aspect is the RPG parody. And I found myself enjoying that a lot more. Kleptomanic ...

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