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Jan 27, 2019
I will be writing a review here since I see there is none!

Let me just say, I started and finished this manga only two days ago and I honestly don't remember much from it already. People say remembering the plot to a story is not important as long as one remembers the feeling of reading it. I...uh..don't remember any feeling reading this.

Story: 3 (Spoilers ahead till the Art section! Though I recommend not reading the manga at all)

The story's basic summary is that there is this girl named Minami who is super unintelligent despite getting tutored by her grandpa and yet she gets into a read more
Dec 31, 2018

Want a fun, compelling story to binge on? Want to enjoy eye pleasing art you can stare at all day? Want to see a good mix of character development and relatability? Want to enjoy every frame and panel in this manga? Well, if so, I recommend taking a peek at this manga because personally, all of this criteria has fulfilled me.

To me, this story is original in my opinion. Although the idea of having a supernatural partner is an old concept, the way the author molds that cliche into her own special thing in a school setting with little adventures involving supernatural school read more
Nov 17, 2016
This manga was absolutely a master piece, the only reason why I rate the story an 8 was because of the ending! The story itself and the art together made me feel and smell and see every movement made and the excitement and the thrill! This was a truly amazing piece of art, I was so sad when I was close to the ending and when I read the ending, I was a bit disappointed because the whole story was very entertaining and horrific for the end to be very sudden and right when things were getting fun, the story ends abruptly with no explanation read more