Dec 31, 2018
Preliminary (49/? chp)

Want a fun, compelling story to binge on? Want to enjoy eye pleasing art you can stare at all day? Want to see a good mix of character development and relatability? Want to enjoy every frame and panel in this manga? Well, if so, I recommend taking a peek at this manga because personally, all of this criteria has fulfilled me.

To me, this story is original in my opinion. Although the idea of having a supernatural partner is an old concept, the way the author molds that cliche into her own special thing in a school setting with little adventures involving supernatural school rumors, is astounding. She takes the story of what many might know as Bloody Mary and turns it into a whole school-wide adventure that I know I've had imaginations of as a child but I have never seen anybody build it into a compelling story. I don't know about you, but I felt loads of different emotions while reading this and I hope you do too.

ART: 10
The art is a cutesy loli kind of style that I usually do not like in my manga. But, this is an exception. It absolutely captures the innocence of the characters yet it also turns the cute to creepy when needed. The landscape and all of the scenery are crisp and vivid even though it is just black and white. You guys should experience the art yourselves, since everybody's tastes are different, but make sure to try it out!

The characters are honestly SO ADORABLEEEEEEEEE. I feel like I can hug each lil character in my arms although not all are portrayed as the protagonists. Thinking back now, some may see the character types as cliche with their personalities in the sense of maybe this dude is like the cool popular type or that girl is too clumsy, but the author really did not make me sense that while reading at all. Character tropes are being reused and recycled all the time now, and so far, to me, this manga utilizes the tropes to fit when needed, and there is great character development that I feel like I'm receiving an achievement while reading ^^

Overall enjoyment? AMAZING! I literally did not do anything but read it the whole day (it was winter break D:: no judge plzz ;-;) because the story was so entertaining to read. A lot of the time I was like AHHHHH and WOAHH and PRECIOUSSSSSS and ANFJA VHLF;MCKD,SZAN XSBC. Yeah, maybe I'm just too emotional. I guess this part is up to you guys to decide if you enjoy it or not as well, we all have different preferences.

It might be a bit unrealistic to score all aspects a 10/10.. ahehe, but perhaps it was because I haven't read something so compelling to me in so long, but honestly, give it a try!

Hopefully you can enjoy it like me. Thanks for reading!
Reviewer’s Rating: 10
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