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Mar 31, 2018
Overall I was surprised to be enjoyed as much as I was with this ancient movie. The visuals and audio were quite behind the times, but the amazing story by Tezuka helps pull it through to be an overall enjoyable experience. I contemplated writing a full English review, but since I cannot find any subtitled, much less dubbed, releases of this movie I didn't think it was necessary. Further, I do not really recommend watching this movie as it cuts out some of my favorite portions of the manga, and also loses much of the unique, expressive and detailed Tezuka artstyle that made it famous read more
Mar 26, 2018
GaruPan. is. Back.

This is quite obviously a 6 part OVA series. Think, Garden of Sinners movie 1 or Gundam Unicorn OVA 1. Much like those two, das finale OVA1 has plenty of hype scenes and a small conflict that is resolved. However much of the runtime is used to setup the tournament that is to unfold in the coming episodes as well as introduce some cool new characters both for Ooatari Joshi and the opponent of the day: UC Academy. UC Academy is a French school and their entire gimmick is a split down the middle modeling the French Revolution.

Now plenty of people are probably read more
Feb 12, 2018
Some of the most tender and romantic moments in life can be super simple and straightforward. No need for grand narratives or spectacular environments, Honobono log is a celebration of these little nuggets of happiness that you or I may stumble across in our lives.

But before going any further I have to ask if you have seen this anime yet. This is not because there are any spoilers or anything like that in my post, but because you most likely could have finished an entire feels-good episode by the time you read through this review. You see, as something that was originally designed to fill read more
Feb 12, 2018
The recent Reddit drama has brought to light one of the most heated debates concerning the anime community: censorship. What should be considered obscene? What should be keep away from out kids? How should we implement filters to enforce our rules? Shimoneta is a satirical depiction of a Japan that has taken this to the extreme. As the OP narrates before every episode:

"A few decades have passed since the use of indecent words and phrases, in both public and private, have become prohibited throughout Japan.
Thanks to relentless legislation and the introduction of the PM surveillance system, Japan attained its status as read more
Feb 12, 2018
THAT was a fun film! At this point the movie had a lot of hype to live up to and IMO it delivers. In short, it was super fun, packed with action, very well paced, and had a pretty decent story. It is also one of the only sequel style anime films I actually enjoyed. The only other one I remember being the Haruhi movie.

Honestly going in I was really scared as it immediately went down the same dark road for which I remember a bunch of bad sequel films: it introduced a tough demeanor genius antagonist loli. Thankfully, this was a red herring and read more
Dec 20, 2017
8/10 will not recommend.

What a fantastic movie. This is exactly what I was craving in Yowamushi Pedal Season 2. There's no need to create superpower artificial emotion since the sport by nature is such a rollercoaster of hope, despair, and fortunes that change within seconds. Road bike racing is such a dramatic event because so many people are vying for victory, bargaining back and forth in game theory. It doesn't take much to explain these transactions and how they can conform to the strengths of each rider and team. This movie is easily able to introduce the riders Bezal, Zamenhoff, Ciocci, Benengeli, and Gilmore as read more