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Oct 10, 2013
"What's important is what you do with the time that you have."

The above quote summarizes the core concept of Gunslinger Girl. It's an examination of mortality through the eyes of children who know nothing but bringing death to others. Despite their morally dubious origins and their use as tools, the children of the Social Welfare Bureau remain disturbingly human in how they act and think.

To watch Gunslinger Girl is to look into the minds of these girls and those of their handlers, men who impose their own way of thinking onto their charges, whether consciously or unconsciously. How do they see their limited life spans? ...
Nov 9, 2012
Having known nothing about the show aside from the synopsis, I had no idea what I was getting into in the first episode. I expected a quiet story with an overarching plot involving travel and politics with a hint of melancholy for the fate of the human race. Though there were some moments when the melancholy did rise up, especially toward the end of the series, the show proved to be more of a surreal examination of the modern world with a lot of dark humour. Topics covered range from the trials and tribulations of a mangaka through the concept of nations to the nature ...
Sep 9, 2012
First, allow me to put this up front: I am compelled to call this show "Gunbuster". This is how it was titled in North America decades ago and what I watched it under at that time. You can guess that I am a little bit biased toward it, based on those two sentences.

There are flaws in Gunbuster. I've lived with this series for long enough that I'm able to admit that. But the question is whether it's strong enough to overcome these flaws. This is what this review endeavours to determine.


This is the reason that I love this show. Hideaki Ano chose to use time ...
Sep 8, 2012

Mouretsu Pirates is effectively a slice of life show jammed into a space opera. Because of this, it feels in many places that the series is not entire sure in which direction it wants to go. This is amplified by the fact that the series takes the plots from several of the light novels without trying to tie them together. The result is a series of unrelated story arcs that begin out of nowhere.

Mind you, the story arcs themselves range from incomprehensible to interesting. In some cases, the conflict is resolved without fully explaining how the conclusion actually ties up the loose ends. In other ...

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