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proximo Jan 12, 7:26 PM
just noticed i can't spell february
proximo Jan 12, 7:25 PM
it's 2230 here and i do need to get to sleep. my son is flying out of town tomorrow morning and i said i would get him to the airport by 0500. good night for now. thanks for the pic.
proximo Jan 12, 7:23 PM
what does this mean:

You can get those commissioned in high quality as well, like mine.

I am done creating my march 2021 cover for my profile. I did have to get rid of the camel toe unfortunately b/c i got yelled at for my last profile cover.

going back to the demon with the feet ... i want to add about her hair, reminds me of the girl w/ the medusa hair from Bakamonogatori and I am sure i mispelled that as i was going from memory.

where do you find these pics?
proximo Jan 12, 7:17 PM
Demure. Lady like in all things, hence the black lingerie. Desperate to please her man. Butterflies signify the feeling she gets when her man enters her room.
proximo Jan 12, 6:30 PM
damn you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

just got done uploading my new profile and you drop me the link. so i will save it and it will become my next hentai profile.

never watched Boruto or Naruto.

thoughts on the pink girl ... horns or what could be perceived as horns are never a good sign. mysterious. hair flowing to pull you in ... hidden agenda. i also see wings? just to the left of her knees. and her feet ... clean ... washed of any sin from her recent past a past she does not intend to tell you about. something about her overrides your inner voice that is screaming stay away
proximo Jan 12, 11:58 AM
Neko, do you have a 'clean' pic of "the glasses, the fluffy braids, the beautiful blue eyes and the serene expression, the wet shirt." If so, I would like to use her as my 'pin-up' for my profile layout, if it's all right w/ you.
proximo Jan 12, 11:53 AM
Ah, the girl next door complete w/ glasses. Tentative b...bu...but Glad she is your neighbor or in my case, my neighbors just legal daughter. Unfortunately I can't place her face.
proximo Jan 7, 7:05 PM
Oh my, the first thing that popped into my head: Welcome home daddy. Did you have a hard day at work?!?

As stated before, i am not a loli fan but there are some that you just can't pass up and she is one of them
proximo Jan 7, 7:02 PM
i spelled 'like' instead of 'lick'
okami_sama541 Jan 7, 7:05 AM
i have a little bit of time now so i can recommend you some stuff. but i will be gone for a few hours after this message.

sorry i have not read to many dojinshi's or manga's so i can not really recommend you any of thous but i will recommend you a few hentai i like. i do want to get more into dojinshi's and manga thou. so in the future i might be able to recommend you some thing but i see you have read a lot.
1.Toromitsu Musume no Hitou Service: Torottoro Churu Churu Gohoushi Sasete Kudasai
and this is like the best one i got for you that i think you will like. might like koi maguwai as well so feel free to check that one out as well but it is not loli sorry.
for some anime recommendations you might like that are not super popular would be.
i dont see to many people who know this one and it is one of my most favorite romance anime so i personally recommend it.
1.Kamisama Hajimemashita◎
i will see this one here and there but for the most part i dont think it is a super well known anime and i ether find people really like it or dislike it i personally really liked it
2. air
well there are some recommendations for ya sorry i could not recommend you any manga. i have not been reading manga for super long and i want to start to read more of it. well have a nice day check out what recommendations you find interesting feel free to take as much time with them as you want. i would be happy to hear your thought on them.

there is this hentai manga you could check out if you have not seen it yet but i dont know if it would be some thing you are into but there are loli's so here you go.
Loli Konnichiwa!
okami_sama541 Jan 7, 6:07 AM
yes no problem i will haft to recommend you some stuff later today but i will send you recommendations when i get back. i got to go hope to talk with again sorry for doing this.

it could end up taking a few hours.
okami_sama541 Jan 7, 6:01 AM
yes also feel free to ask for any hentai recommendations you also look like you are into cat girls.
okami_sama541 Jan 7, 5:59 AM
thank you for the friend request if you would like some recommendations feel free to ask i would love to give you some. i hope to talk about anime in the future.

you look like you are a fellow loli con nice to meet you.
i will try to respond to any thing you say as fast as i can.
proximo Jan 6, 7:04 PM
I'll sum her up like this:

Get. Over. Here. Now. It's not gonna like itself.
proximo Jan 6, 6:27 PM
crap, i forgot all about my lists. i did vote, thanks for the link!