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Jun 1, 2014
Human extinction is coming near
the Tokyo area is filled with fear
Humans are defeated by some parasites
but they don't give in without a fight.

As the vile plague gets worse,
people begin to feel the curse,
But then comes our Promoters,
who comes and saves the day
and then comes the Initiators
who keeps the Gastrea at bay.

Then a man comes into the scene
who is half a human and half machine
Here comes the savior, our hero,
and his mighty name is Rentarou

He is assisted by a moe girl, young and wild
But Enju is more than just a child.
She is in the "Cursed Child" class
and will definitely kick your ass
and is stronger read more
Apr 16, 2014
After watching the anime version of Noragami, i couldn't sit still. I absolutely needed to know more of the story! And as a result, it has led me to read the manga, and i can tell you right now, it has become one of my favorite mangas.

Out of all the Supernatural/God/Phantom genres i have read, Noragami has surprised me. Not because it had a original storyline, but the depth of the plot, and the overall lesson it teaches you at the end of each arc.The plot balances the amount of action, comedy and romance (yes there's romance) well and most importantly, flashbacks don't last an read more
Mar 25, 2014
Noragami. What a stellar season it has been. After watching 12 episodes of this mindblowing anime, i can say it is one of the best of 2014 Winter anime.

At first, when you read the synopsis, you would probably think this. Yea, its one those demon or phantom/ god anime where they try to kill each other or this anime seems almost like a copy of Soul Eater. Well, Noragami takes that idea and throws it in the trash. Noragami's plot is very intriguing and really interested me.Being a huge fan a supernatural or superpower animes, Norgami gives everything a superpower anime fan wants. Tons of read more
Jan 22, 2014
*There is minor spoilers. Read at your own risk*
Money. You can use it to buy anything. Even your future. C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control is what i consider, a very good anime. I was disappointed at some of the negative reviews out there, and even though there were flaws i believe that the flaws did not change my overall enjoyment of the series.

So here are some pros and cons that i will go in depth later.
+Original idea
+Interesting Plot
+Awesome fight scenes
+Great animation and art quality that never dropped each episode
-Awkward cuts between scenes.
-Pacing sometimes to fast.
-To little episodes. More episodes needed read more