Apr 16, 2014
NatsuofFairyTail (All reviews)
After watching the anime version of Noragami, i couldn't sit still. I absolutely needed to know more of the story! And as a result, it has led me to read the manga, and i can tell you right now, it has become one of my favorite mangas.

Out of all the Supernatural/God/Phantom genres i have read, Noragami has surprised me. Not because it had a original storyline, but the depth of the plot, and the overall lesson it teaches you at the end of each arc.The plot balances the amount of action, comedy and romance (yes there's romance) well and most importantly, flashbacks don't last an entire chapter! Overall, each chapter gave me the urge to want more and after each arc gave me shivers of excitement. The plot is very well paced and the genre of Supernatural suits me. So if you are looking for a Supernatural/Shonen anime with a bit a Romance, then Noragami is worth a shot.

One of the biggest reasons why I love Noragami is because it reminds me of myself. It reminds me of the human experiences every human has faced. For example, some of us want recognition. Some of us want friends and not be lonely. Some of us thirst for adventure. And that my friends, is Noragami's characters in a nutshell.

Our lead character, Yato, isn't our natural goofball. He's funny, but can get serious sometimes and has a strong commitment to helping others. Despite a bad reputation and constantly betrayed, he see's the good in people and appreciates what he has. "Even if things are painful and tough, people should appreciate what it means to be alive at all."-Yato.

Our our second character Yukine, died an early death. He has no friends. he wanted to be loved and cared for. He is selfish. Despite saying mean things, he still has a caring heart. He eventually learns the importance of friends and how they can shape the way you feel and think. "It must be nice...having friends" -Yukine.

Our third character Hiyori is a typical person in the search for adventure. Like Yato, she loves everyone dearly and has a strong commitment to support her friends, even if it is dangerous. Despite the risks, she is a strong person and I admire her greatly. She also sees the good in every person and always tries to make new friends. "I will never forget you!" -Hiyori.

Overall, i believe the characters in Noragami were very special. It really related to experiences that I experienced myself. And having experienced these experiences, it was easy for me to relate to these characters and how they feel.

Now, for the Art, i can say one thing and one word only. Outstanding. The art is very good, and obviously, a lot of time put into it. The way the characters are drawn are eye-pleasing but nothing special.

Enjoyment? Really, is that even a question at this point? Of COURSE I've enjoyed this manga. I was hooked after Chapter 1 and continued on reading and I didn't stop until i was finished with the most recent chapter. Having a manga that was filled with my favorite genre (Supernatual/ Comedy/ Shounen) was one of the reasons why I loved reading this manga. However, having a manga that really relates to you was another. Overall, I really enjoyed this manga and if you liked the review, go check it out now! You wont regret it.