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May 3, 2014
Life (Manga) add (All reviews)

Without exaggeration I will start this review with this: Life is one of the best stories I've ever read/watched. That's a big statement. Not only was it realistic and serious, it was heart-touching, and focuses on an issue that is already important in the US, but even more important in Japan where it was published.

The frightening thing about this manga is that it is not fantasy. In this story the enemy is not magical in nature and the challenge isn't to defeat some opponent in battle. The conflict Ayumu goes through are what many children unfortunately go through every day throughout the world, especially young read more
Sep 8, 2013
Another (Anime) add (All reviews)
Put simply, the anime adaptation for Yukito Ayatsuji's thriller/horror novel "Another" is amazing. This is one anime which at least I could not "put down" and take a break from. I had to see every episode one after the other and find out what would happen next. That's how good it is. Even then it still had its flaws and is by no means perfect.


This is the definite strongpoint of the series. Another delivered a top tier story which keeps you on edge the whole time you're watching it. The way the story is presented progressively, in chunks as teh main character himself learns of read more
Jul 29, 2013
Before I begin this review I'd like to clarify one point: Angel Beats! had a lot of potential. In fact, it had enough potential to have an overall score of 10 rather than 6. The problem lies in what the show failed to do instead of what it did do. I enjoyed watching this show so much that during first 10 episodes or so, I marathoned it without rest. So why then is the score for this show so low? The answer lies in a series of weaknesses that lowered the quality of what could have a been an otherwise great anime.


The story is the read more
Dec 28, 2012
When I first watched Evangelion in my middle school days, I was as any other person who watched the series. I liked it, yet I thought there were things that could have been done better. I came to be attached to the characters, although I found them annoying in some ways. Evangelion is not a perfect story. Yet it was an amazing story, and more than all else, it was different. I am a complete sucker for moe animes, to a certain extent, but I cannot stomach what Evangelion has become: Nothing more than fanservice for people who like to do very little thinking and read more