Dec 28, 2012
Nakuke (All reviews)
When I first watched Evangelion in my middle school days, I was as any other person who watched the series. I liked it, yet I thought there were things that could have been done better. I came to be attached to the characters, although I found them annoying in some ways. Evangelion is not a perfect story. Yet it was an amazing story, and more than all else, it was different. I am a complete sucker for moe animes, to a certain extent, but I cannot stomach what Evangelion has become: Nothing more than fanservice for people who like to do very little thinking and a lot of staring. I thought the first two movies in Rebuild were OK. They were another story altogether, and maybe this time they'd improve the show. Shinji definitely saw improvement in 2.0 when he became much more "masculine" than before. I was completely saddened by how Asuka and Rei were no longer Asuka and Rei, they were nothing more than the generic moeblobs who develop a rivalry over the one male and proceed to argue for him. I can't say i didn't enjoy seeing Asuka in the new suit in 2.0, although it had NO PLACE IN THE STORY.

Even with all this, I could take Rebuild. Yet when I watched 3.0, I came to the realization Anno has ruined his own masterpiece the way one ruins a good drawing by overworking it and trying to perfect it. Either that or he has fallen trap to the recent trend of animes consisting of nothing more than generic "cute" females and lots of shooting and explosions. There are so many plotholes in this movie, it is obvious Deux ex Machina was implemented many times throughout the production. The sudden "fact" that LCL retards aging so they could move forward years in the story yet keep the voluptuous 14 year old bodies the girls possess is an obvious excuse to rake in the fanboys.

Everything that originally made the characters unique from other characters in other shows was taken away in Rebuild. Shinji's perseverance regardless of the problems he faced, Asuka's progressive downfall into despair while remaining a lovable character, Rei's robot-like personality and rebellion when it came down to the end, all gone to make space for the shallow beauties and guns.

In summary, if you want to retain whatever amount of enjoyment you got out of the original Evangelion, and you DON'T want to watch yet ANOTHER archetypal movie, don't bother with Rebuild anymore.