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Oct 30, 2017
I don't like this movie. If you do, that's great! I'm only writing this to warn people who, like me, might find this movie to be a waste of their time, and not to say anything negative about the fans of this movie.

Story - 1
I think the story, premise wise, is alright. A boy who used to be a bully tries to become friends with his old victim. However, in execution, I think this anime fails spectacularly.
The pacing, for one thing, is extremely weird. I'm fairly sure this movie was supposed to cover several months, but I never really got a clear sense of what read more
Oct 25, 2017
As soon as I saw this show's description I knew I had to see it. I love religious humor, and I grew up in a semi-Christian religion, so I think I know enough to appreciate the Christian humor, at least.
The only part I ended up liking is the original premise. I didn't find this funny. At all. I think it might be because the show didn't go far enough in it's humor, so as to not offend religious anime watchers. Also, I don't know very much about Hinduism, so that could have affected my enjoyment. Still, I didn't find any of Jesus's humor funny. read more
Oct 19, 2017
I'm actually surprised I got through this whole anime. I knew I hated it halfway through, but I also wanted to finish it to see if it would get any better somehow, or, at the very least, to be able to say I finished it.

Story - 2
I think the story starts off decently well. Initially, I liked the darker tone it seemed to be going for, and I was curious about the supernatural elements, as well as the overall setting the story takes place in. The anime proceeds, past the beginning episodes, to have episodes focused on side characters and random towns that have read more