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One Punch Man 2nd Season
One Punch Man 2nd Season
Jul 6, 8:11 AM
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Bungou Stray Dogs 2nd Season
Bungou Stray Dogs 2nd Season
Jul 6, 8:10 AM
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Bungou Stray Dogs
Bungou Stray Dogs
Jul 6, 8:10 AM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 8
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Feb 17, 2013 8:52 AM
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Ai dano Koi dano
Ai dano Koi dano
Jan 27, 2013 2:32 PM
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Koisuru Boukun
Koisuru Boukun
Jan 27, 2013 2:32 PM
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Ice_Major Feb 21, 2013 2:26 PM
Sorry the late reply, it was a bad week in college^^

Yeah, he got from zero to quite a powerful guy but he is still so immature it's annoying that someone like him could possibly get stronger. You know, somehow it didn't affected his mentality at all. I cannot really see a character growth and yeah. If other people like him, its fine, i'm not going to tell anyone that they're wrong, but i just don't buy itXD
Oh, Xanxus would, but i don't want him to take over Vongola. He is much better as the Varia boss^^

Oh come one, don't say that, as long as you try no one can criticize you!^^ I mean, i tried to study German (i didn't really have a choice, it was a subject in school and i couldn't do anything about it) and i failed miserably. I mean, i passed what i had to pass and that's it, never went back to try again understand it and learn it properly. THAT is something that you could criticize, see the difference?^^
torri_renee Feb 20, 2013 4:57 PM
I really liked Rooftop Prince, but like a lot of other kdramas I get really annoyed with the characters or plot, just like you it seems. That's usually when I switch to an anime or jdrama.

I'm also the same with going through phases. I like a lot of regular shows, too. Some being, True Blood, Supernatural, Sherlock, Dr Who, and a bunch of others. I really like tele x.x What about you? Have any favorites?

& I LOVEEE Hotaru no Hikari! It's one of my favorite jdramas. & I love her. I still haven't seen the movie though. I've been putting it off because I wanted to rewatch the series before I watch it. One of my other favs is Gokusen.

Any fav jdramas?
ScarredBushido Feb 15, 2013 3:54 PM
iv'e got shippuuden on hold aswell, i prefer fairy tail over naruto, even the fillers are awesome xD i heard naruto is finishing soon... so i'll watch them all when its done. i don't really have a favorite character...i think i did but he got killed off..

LMFAO had a feeling you'd bring that image up.

i like a theme, its cute..i like the idea of two cute girls kissing ect. but once it gets to the sex its a bit of a turn off lol. i tried to look at one just to see how it appeals to girls, from what i see its just big muscle dudes or pretty boys xD i remember watching Ouran Highschool and remembering the twins who's appeal is that girl look at them like real "Close" brothers lol.

ah yes i have, i honestly like riko because she's alot more perverted and shes aggressive xD. i've been reading kissxsis you should aswell.

ahhhh fair enough :). To Love-ru is king of harem's. i remember back in the day when i watched Tenchi Muyo!, Love hina ect and thought that stuff was awesome...but after watching To Love-ru, Sora no Otoshimono....i was wrong hahaha, Love hina is still a classic.
rajand Feb 15, 2013 2:34 PM
My hobbies usually have something to do with the computer (wah, I'm such a boring person). Either gaming, watching anime or reading manga. I have some volumes on my own, but first I read them online. xP I actually really like reading normal books aswell, used to read them on my way to school and back, but I haven't done that for a year now. I like the fantasy genre the most. ^o^
I actually thought of becoming an artist aswell. But I want my drawings to be perfect and because my hand doesn't do what I want it to do, they never are. Thought of becoming a photographer aswell but we had a really crappy camera at that time and no chance of buying a pro cam. ; 3; I really wanted to take photos of fire and burning coal at that time. But yeah, I knew they would get paid well all the time so didn't really bother...
Actually my current dream job would be a voice actress, but those aint really needed in my country and I doubt I be that lucky to get a job in America or Germany, not to mention in Japan.... o-e

From the current season, I like Tamako Market. It's a simple anime even tho it had a talking bird-thing ... o-e And from the last season but still airing, Zetsuen no Tempest.
But as I'm up to date with both of them, I'm currently trying to catch up with some of ma shounen series. Just caught up with Fairy Tail. ^o^

Hmm, I have never watched Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukanai series and the other two (as well as most of this season's anime) seem to be directed towards guys (on guy + multiple girls as main characters). I want April to come already, Karneval starts finally airing then. ; 3;
XxThageXx Feb 15, 2013 11:56 AM
Just got around to finally reading it I had to download Winzip to open the file. To be perfectly honestly it wasn't hot to me, still not a huge fan of the pairing. Thank you for sending it to me though :)

As for Un-Go it's very weird and you cant tell where it's going. While I like it at the moment I'm am utterly confused. It might be one of those that you to read the manga to figure out what is going on. It's very unique and interesting, but not for everyone.
ScarredBushido Feb 15, 2013 11:46 AM
*sniff* thank you. all seriousness though i have a folder dedicated to anime i need to watch lol most are blu-ray's of anime iv'e seen before ( if you like a anime, seeing it in blu-ray is a must xD ) and some are new series ( old school stuff aswell :p ).

LMFAO. i personally like hinata lol and sasuke looks cool but his personality...not a fan lol but i don't want to start a war soo...lets just say i don't follow naruto like a die hard fan xD. i don't think your crazy, thats what most BL fans do isn't it? i watched one BL anime called Loveless...the storyline was quite unique, but the real me was just thinking WHY DIDN"T HE GO WITH THE HOT CHICK lol. soo does that mean your like Rika xD?

i lol'd when keima asked her to buy a game and there's like 4 different versions LOL

holy watched kissxsis? i think we have more in common now LOL!!
well i love Sora no will be hard to find season 1 but Forte still should be easy to find. ( forte is season 2 ). Kore wa Zombie desuka is funny as hell like its not even really ecchi but its soooo funny and To Love-ru Darkness is another Ecchi masterpiece, alto rito can shit you because he has all these girls and he won't pick one.
hes a order to watch it in xD: first Read To love-ru the manga is better then the anime THEN watch Motto To love-ru THEN the latest To Love-ru Darkness also watch and read that xD its a good read the art is amazing. phew!!
ScarredBushido Feb 14, 2013 6:26 PM
haha your lucky, i never have phases. sometimes i have to watch some anime because it just builds up ( i still got anime from last year..) then i get really into it xD.

nah i just really like sena..and you don't want the her to cry so you want her to win, but also if you like the character, you don't want her to be with MC because it can keep the fantasy going haha xD

i like elsie shes pretty cute and them make a good team good chemistry for jokes xD i can recommend you stuff how much do you hate ecchi?
rajand Feb 13, 2013 5:00 PM
Ah, I'm not in a college right now. Currently looking for a job tbh. I think one of my friends took accounting... maybe I can ask her how it's like...
I still have no idea what I want to do in the future. Ugh... -_-''

Did I really forget the last scene of it? For some reason I remembered a different manga which a similar scene at a grave.... o-e
If I get the chance, then I'll try to reread the last chapter just in case...

I'd actually love to get some recommendations aswell, but my Plan To Watch list is already so long and I'm kinda glad that this season didn't have any interesting animes (from the ones that started after New Years).
XxThageXx Feb 13, 2013 4:53 PM
Ah it's okay I should have paid closer attention to the title XD I love Jaibo the best but I also like Raizou and Kanade (think that's how you spell it.) Zera is pretty cool too, naturally I ship him and Jaibo >:) Sure when I get time I will read it and would love to start discussing it again.

No I haven't. But I have it downloading now, when it gets done I will read it.

Yeah I got that which is why I never really supported the anime pairing. She could have done better than him. Could've been because the dramas often differ from the original. Seeing how I haven't seen the j drama cant say who was better acting wise. I defiantly like the appearance wise a bit better.

Oh okay well you certainly have a point there with the equality. Often in animes/manga you don't always find the same equality. No matter what the genre. One character is portrayed better than the others.
ScarredBushido Feb 13, 2013 3:10 PM
i still haven't watched it LOL. for me to watch anime i have to be in the right mood xD.

well Kodaka is the one that's confused. Yozora wants it a secret and she didn't tell the reason why to kodaka. i hope sena wins at love...but i kinda don't want her too xD

"Life is just a horrible game" - keimaia. best quote ever
Kaymyu Feb 10, 2013 7:04 PM
Yes <3 I wish there was a second season for Drr as well :c Shame that there isn't..but the specials were really nice to watch.

Hmm...I'm picky with harems animes but I want to give more of them a try ;^; Like Clannad and the sort. I've watched more reverse harems and otome based animes than harem ones I think..
XxThageXx Feb 10, 2013 12:02 PM
I need to read those they look really awesome! Yeah I know it's a really messed up anime, and for it to be turned all 'cute', does in fact in ruin it. I'll still watch it but I really wanted to see it in full anime form. Well that's typical but personally the yaoi scenes made it even better >:) Yeah I read the prequel first, haven't read the other one yet. Forgot that the prequel had a different name. I didn't know Zera would die, but doesn't surprise me really considering how twisted the manga is. I think had he not been as messed up Tamiya would have been a true friend. But had that happened, don't think it would have been as dark. Unless of course he betrayed Tamiya and had him killed etc .. And with his personality, it would probably be impossible for him anyway.

I never said the j-drama version personally I liked the Korean version. To me even though different, I think it was better than the anime. It made the original Domeouji (however you spell it.) way more tolerable. Plus it has it's really cute moments, that were more romantic than the anime.

I agree some can be but it's rare for me to find it anything more than annoying. But hey! Each to his or her own ^^ I don't care for wimpy males either, but I think if the anime is interesting then it's a nice twist. Tho I do agree that if the male lead doesn't develop any it's annoying. At the same time I wouldn't want him to develop so much, that the once strong female reverts to being weak and letting him do all the saving.

torri_renee Feb 9, 2013 7:06 AM
I have so many k favs hm..

City Hall, Coffee Prince, Faith, Flower Boy Next Door, Holyland (wish it was longer), King of Baking - Kim Tak Goo, Lie to Me, Mary Stayed Out All Night, Miss Ajumma, Oh! My Lady, Pasta, Paradise Farm, Personal Preference, Queen Inhyun's Man, Rooftop Prince, Secret Garden, Stars Falling From the Sky, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Who Are You?, Witch Yoo Hee, You're Beautiful.

Wow, I didn't mean to write that long of a list, and I know I didn't put them all on there. That 's just what I can remember right now.

What are yours?
rajand Feb 8, 2013 5:41 PM
I'm one of those people who like to make lists. I like making lists with a nice system. I'd probably would love working at a library or doing something like accounting (I also like maths).
I even added all my friends anime to his MAL (he had them all in a txt file). But he still wont use MAL... -.-

And yeah it really was exhausting to read the last chapters of the manga. And to think that they parents were related to each other aswell (brother and sister, was it?). Heh, I just thought "incest runs in the family". XD
But there still wasn't a happy end. D:
Only his twin sister had a happy end. (Derp, I forgot the names... other then the main two, cuz title.)
ScarredBushido Feb 8, 2013 12:34 PM
i notice that, like when sena is getting insulted by Yozora he he trys to stay out of it, and when it gets too bad he usally saids " yozora... " in a certain voice to show his displeasure ( is that a right word for it? ) but yeah i agree. i have it downloaded, i will watch when i get back from gym ahha xD but i already noticed it was a yukimaru episode i just hope her family issues arn't as bad as as i spectated T_T shes very cute character.