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Sep 30, 2020
Besides finishing up my last class of university and watching the last episodes of Summer 2020 anime, I have been contemplating how to write this review on Kansen Sodom. Looking at the MAL page, I see it says ‘Finished Airing’ and ‘Episodes : 1’ which confused me as the way it ends leaves me with just questions and no answers. Besides the unclear ending, the story is also unclear and from a technical standpoint the hentai isn’t well drawn or animated with even a boner coming from a fade in transition. Despite all this, the answer should be clear cut that this hentai sucks and read more
Sep 19, 2020
Watching Tiny Evil, I had actually started marking a couple timestamps throughout the first episode with some humorous dialogue however by the second episode I had found myself scrapping those and taking a more serious approach to this hentai. Despite a lackluster technical execution, the show’s strength lies in the relatability of the first story arc which is displayed in its relatively high rating on MAL. While the second story isn’t as great, the first two episodes of the show connected with me on a deep emotional level as I felt complete empathy for the MC and before I knew it I was emotionally invested read more
Sep 18, 2020
I love wholesome hentai as much as the next guy, there really is no better postfap feeling than finishing a vanilla hentai. Instead of being in absolute horror knowing that you were extremely turned on by girls being raped, strangled or generally abused, you got to watch two characters grow close and explore their sexuality in a consenting relationship which is always a breath of fresh air in the sea of degeneracy. Although it doesn’t live up to another related one-shot, Aikagi the Animation, it is still an adequate peer to that hentai and I will cover why later on. Much like Aikagi, it gives read more
Aug 29, 2020
After about a month of not being motivated to watch hentai, I finally had the drive and was greeted with not this hentai but Gakuen de Jikan yo Tomare ( which from my review wasn’t such a good hentai to get back into. Luckily instead of dissuading me from watching hentai, it actually whet my appetite for some good hentai which I most certainly found in Toshi Densetsu series which pleasantly surprised me with it’s connected world. It was already a very good hentai with one-off stories which delivered and experimented with different supernatural concepts and legends well enough on their own however the surprise read more
Aug 27, 2020
I love time stop so much, it’s one of my favorite genres of hentai where it has so many different ways to go. The worlds of these time stop hentai and doujin don’t have to be built upon strict rules and no two rule sets of timestop are ever the same. Time stop is special as it can introduce a plausible and relatable supernatural aspect into either the most fantastical worlds to the more mundane settings without seeming out of place. Everyone wishes they could control time, it is a universal desire as for mortals time is finite and feels extremely scarce the older you read more
Jul 31, 2020
When one of your favorite doujin gets adapted into a hentai and you come across randomly browsing a hentai site, naturally you’d be excited. This was me finding Muramata-san on hanime and unfortunately this excitement was crushed and thrown out the window by Queen Bee. The first comment was ‘FUCKING QUEEN BEE’ and I believe this sentiment is shared by majority of watchers with lazy artwork, animation and basically a panel by panel adaptation. This is probably one of the worst adaptations, reeking of laziness and coming off as a pure cash grab. I’m not familiar with many hentai studios however Queen Bee has officially read more
Jul 26, 2020
Ah here we are, the one true red headed succubus queen. Itadaki Seieki is a show that is in the catalogue of most veteran hentai viewers and is absolutely a must watch for the uninitiated. What makes it so popular is it’s friendly and welcoming appearance that any weeb can open up and fap to with ease and no regret (which is hard to say for most hentai). Furthermore, the tone and comedic moments bring a rare quality to this hentai you won’t see in most hentai - personality. Rarely does hentai become so popular that it sneaks its way into meme culture, but even read more
Jul 16, 2020
Bible Black is an age old classic hentai that runs much longer than any hentai these days with a massive 6 episode saga not including the sequel. Considering it has such a long runtime, I had high expectations for this show in terms of its plot and character which it met and exceeded. Personally, Bible Black was must first excursion into occult themed erotica however that aspect of the show often felt a bit gimmicky and didn’t elevate the show by any measure however it never bogged the show down as the thematic dialogue and general premises of this aspect seemed well-thought out. Perhaps what read more
Jul 5, 2020
After recently reading the horror that is “Mii in the Box”, I needed a break from doujin and I found that refuge in Resort Boin, a hentai about a boy on summer vacation. Resort Boin as an experience feels fitting with the show’s plot revolving around vacation, a time to get away from the terrifying reality of your life and enjoy yourself while being somewhat adventurous such as trying new things within your comfort space. If you’ve recently experienced some legitimately messed up hentai, Resort Boin is the tropical getaway you’re looking for you in your next fap to forget about your troubles and indulge read more
Jul 5, 2020
Boin (Anime) add (All reviews)
I was initially not planning to talk about Boin after seeing it as it felt like a mediocre hentai all things considered however I felt it was necessary as I was going to write about it’s sequel Resort Boin. Although Resort Boin is a sequel, it is not necessary to watch Boin as it sets up only two girls of the large cast which speaks to the difference in quality between the two. Straight of the bat, I wouldn’t recommend Boin however if you have watched it then if the quality disappointed you I would highly recommend you continue the series with Resort Boin however read more