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May 18, 2022
Preliminary (1/2 eps)
If you go onto the MyAnimeList page of top characters, who will you see at number 20? A familiar blue haired maid will be there to greet you, obviously I am talking about Rem. Removing all the male characters from the list leaves her as the 3rd most favorite female character on the entire site and looking at the cover of this hentai, you can clearly see where I’m going with this because what’s better than one loving blue-haired maid? Even a monkey could tell you its two loving blue-haired maids, which is exactly what Kaede to Suzu gives us. It is a no-brainer that ...
Apr 15, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Tag Warning: Mind Break, Rape, NTR, Ugly Bastard
Feb 4, 2022
Tag Warning: Lactation

Girls Rush is a hentai of two stories, one is about a latchkey kid who finds a “sugar sister” to help him kill time after school (yeah nothing suspicious or dangerous about that) and the second story is about a girl recouping her high school romcom she was so viciously denied through her bad luck. Overall this is a good hentai to watch if you want something wholesome because believe it or not, that first story isn’t about some shota getting kidnapped, drugged and raped. I kinda got bored and slightly weirded out by the first story but the second story is genuinely ...
Jan 9, 2022
Score: 9

TAG WARNING : futa, tentacle

No spoiler overview: Great animation, character design and sound design. The story is a bit confusing at the beginning but it is actually quite engaging. Art style is more vintage so some people may not like it, there are a few unusual tags (tentacle, futa) but it's not gross in any way. If you can get past the tags, it is a must watch hentai.
Oh boy, where do I even start with this one. A hentai parody of Journey to the West (Monkey King and pals) which touches on electronic waste in 2007, just reading that it already sends a ...
Dec 6, 2021
Tag warning : yaoi(ish)

Watch instructions: most hentai sites should have a 40 minute supercut which I’d highly recommend over watching the individual 5 minute episodes which kinda mess with the pace you consume it.

I am a 21 year old virgin who is extremely insecure so if you’re anything like me this hentai may be a challenge and I think my friends’ genuine disbelief that I fapped to this basically sums up the struggle to get through this if you generally do not prefer yaoi hentai. What I will say is that I managed to get through it and if you can look past the fact ...
Oct 24, 2021
After going through my monthly porn addiction cycle as I forget and relive all the horrors of JAV again, I finally find myself coming back to hentai and a recommendation that someone had sent me a while back, Joshikousei no Koshitsuki. I think it's a pretty basic hentai, sort of like a Big Mac because you can’t really hate it and earns its high score here handedly. The show is basically an anthology of the different illicit activities going on in various clubs at a high school and while there isn’t much that’s fucked up to talk about, it was just a fun ride that ...
Sep 22, 2021
That’s good, that’s really good, that’s genuinely good. That is “Uchi no Otouto Maji de Dekain dakedo Mi ni Konai?” but the good ending and executed much, much better. Congratulations Bunnywalker, you redeemed yourself so I’m letting you off the hook just this once. Is there much more I have to say to get you to watch it?

Story: 7

The story revolves around the titular Imaizumin whose house has been taken over by a group of gyarus to hangout and play video games. Imaizumin is a lonely boy whose parents somehow let him live on his own and following the typical storyline our ...
Sep 3, 2021
Oh boy, this truly was a painful experience to watch as a rare occasion where I had the source material and what can I say except … look how they massacred my boy. I’ll be the first to admit that some of Pink Pineapple’s stuff is good, however they really have gone downhill over time. What I will say is that if you are willing to read the doujins, I implore you to give them a shot before watching the hentai because most of these make up quite a great collection of vanilla doujin centered on romance with some absolutely breath-taking art. The hentai adaptation, ...
Jul 31, 2021
This is a work that falls under the isekai or fantasy or science fiction genre and I won’t hear any arguments against it. Overall, this is basically a power-fantasy type hentai with a wide cast of girls who somewhat interact with each other to give us less cookie-cutter characters and while it works, the premise that this salaryman living in a run-down apartment has a harem of five beautiful and successful girls was completely lost on me. Visually it’s fine, it isn’t quite as egregious as today’s hentai but doesn’t quite have the feel for “vintage” hentai which I’m quite fond of, it just tip ...
Jul 21, 2021
Mixed Feelings
Yeah it isn’t great, this hentai started off so strong and brimming with so much quality but then the facade faded and all we’re left with in generic hentai goop. I watched this hentai because of a fucking meme but it should not have been as bad as it was, it was a legit slap in my goddamn face and I’m still angry about it. This is basically that clickbait YouTube video that actually starts off well but they try to fill in the last 10 minutes with filler so they can put in more bullshit ads. The main character becomes this unlikeable asshole and ...

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