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Oct 10, 2019
sight *unzips pants*

This was me just before I decided to watch Boku no Pico. Like many other I've seen the 'REACTS TO BOKU NO PICO' videos or endured friends constantly recommending me to watch this 'great show', it has become the butt end of the anime community in the same ranks as 177013. So when I realized I had not actually watched it, turned off because it was constantly brought up jokingly, in lieu of my recent activity I thought it was essential to watch it so I gave Boku no Pico a shot and received it with an open mind. To my surprise, I read more
Oct 7, 2019
In a sea of hentai, Mankitsu Happening barely stands out to me. We have our standard MC look with a face hidden beneath the hair and a couple girls that have their own special characteristics that help add a little more depth into the show. There's not much to say except if you need to fap, this is a safe bet for your material.

Story : 6

Mankitsu Happening stars MC-kun who is out of university and jobless due to his 'unfortunate' ability to end up in sexual situations with women, he has been called up by a friend to work at a manga cafe where in read more
Oct 3, 2019
It has almost been a year since the release of Rune's Pharmacy upon my review of the show. I had seen the first episode and only just caught up with the two new episodes however the end does not seem in sight so I will be revising this review if new releases change my mind about it. I think Rune's is a basic and safe show which tries to be edgy here and there but falls flat where the only frontier it seems to be pushing is the Ugly Bastard front which is due for some innovation and the only positive for Rune's is injecting read more
Oct 3, 2019
WARNING : Rape, Blood, Urination, Scat, Humiliation, Electrocution, Gore, Death, Bondage

I give Euphoria an 8, not because I liked any part of it but because of all the technical work it has
done right. To be a critic is to view a work in an objective sense and separately giving you subjective views. Personally this show horrifies me in it's graphic and brutal depictions of sex and caters to the deep end of the fetish pool but it gets a lot right for that audience of dark fetishes which is why I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys these wicked acts. However I would read more
Oct 1, 2019
Dropout (Anime) add (All reviews)
WARNING : Prolapsed Womb, Rape, Urination, Humiliation. Public Exposure, Impregnation

Whenever I review a hentai, especially something with tags that lean towards the extreme, I try to put myself into the mind of someone who would enjoy this. That being said, although the overall visual shock value is not as extreme as some other hentai with gore it has a more psychologically damaging effect to the viewer. We see a darker side in this hentai than we do in some more extreme shows as usually the shows catering to certain niches often occur in isolated circumstances but in this dystopian society the horrifying acts are treated read more
Sep 30, 2019
WARNING : Rape, Mind Break, Impregnation, Urination, Shota

Coming from a guy who watched Euphoria, I'd say this show isn't nearly as gruesome but certainly not for those who are more into vanilla hand-holding wholesomeness. It's your standard ugly bastard incel-type MC who takes to raping a bunch of girls which is pretty standard for a hentai. I wouldn't recommend fapping to this because you will most likely be hit with a wave of depression as to why you even watched this show to begin with.

Story : 7

The story follows a man claiming to have security officer experience of 20 years however I believe he is read more
Sep 29, 2019
WARNING : Rape, Groping, Humiliation, Enema, Urination

If you're looking for something that'll make your dick rise but also your IQ you've come to the right hentai. This show is not a light hentai, it deals with heavy themes such as molestation and rape in transit systems that are based off very real statistics taken from Japanese citizens who frequent the railway system. If you can stomach that however, the story and characters go a lot deeper than most hentai around and you'll be entertained throughout the runtime.

Story : 9

For a hentai, this show tackles some real world issues which is that in general the public read more
Sep 29, 2019
I'm not a harsh critic but this is a straight-up pass from me. The 30 minutes I spent watching and fapping to this hentai was an absolute waste and I feel robbed to be frank. There is no story, on impregnation, characters are flat and everything felt subpar and empty. This hentai did not need to exist and has contributed nothing to this world.

Story : 1

Maybe I need glasses because I did not see one. Oh wait I do have glasses and I still could not find any semblance of a plot anywhere. Our beloved MC comes home for summer vacation and that's it, no read more
Sep 29, 2019
Hot take here but Master Piece, more like Master Piece of trash. Look this show has a rating 7.89 at the time of writing and a total of two episode released and throughout fapping to it I have had lackluster enjoyment for the show, accounting to the art and plot of the show which I will delve into deeper in each respective section of this review.

Story : 3

What a weak storyline this show had. The first episode was sort of consistent in introducing our main two heroine and their personalities to us as well as giving us context into why our MC-san is staying with read more
Sep 29, 2019
This hentai is vanilla, while there are some cosplay elements its pretty by the books as far as hentai goes. That being said, you will not have a bad time with this one as it is a one-episode show that doesn't leave you wanting more like that girl you went on a date with, had a great time and never called again.

Story : 8

Aikagi follows the relationship between two childhood friends entering college and deciding to live together with some self-aware dialogue concerning how two friends of the opposite sex were allowed to live together. Although the relationship may feel rushed, we must understand the read more