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Oct 24, 2021
After going through my monthly porn addiction cycle as I forget and relive all the horrors of JAV again, I finally find myself coming back to hentai and a recommendation that someone had sent me a while back, Joshikousei no Koshitsuki. I think it's a pretty basic hentai, sort of like a Big Mac because you can’t really hate it and earns its high score here handedly. The show is basically an anthology of the different illicit activities going on in various clubs at a high school and while there isn’t much that’s fucked up to talk about, it was just a fun ride that read more
Sep 22, 2021
That’s good, that’s really good, that’s genuinely good. That is “Uchi no Otouto Maji de Dekain dakedo Mi ni Konai?” but the good ending and executed much, much better. Congratulations Bunnywalker, you redeemed yourself so I’m letting you off the hook just this once. Is there much more I have to say to get you to watch it?

Story: 7

The story revolves around the titular Imaizumin whose house has been taken over by a group of gyarus to hangout and play video games. Imaizumin is a lonely boy whose parents somehow let him live on his own and following the typical storyline our read more
Sep 3, 2021
Oh boy, this truly was a painful experience to watch as a rare occasion where I had the source material and what can I say except … look how they massacred my boy. I’ll be the first to admit that some of Pink Pineapple’s stuff is good, however they really have gone downhill over time. What I will say is that if you are willing to read the doujins, I implore you to give them a shot before watching the hentai because most of these make up quite a great collection of vanilla doujin centered on romance with some absolutely breath-taking art. The hentai adaptation, read more
Jul 31, 2021
This is a work that falls under the isekai or fantasy or science fiction genre and I won’t hear any arguments against it. Overall, this is basically a power-fantasy type hentai with a wide cast of girls who somewhat interact with each other to give us less cookie-cutter characters and while it works, the premise that this salaryman living in a run-down apartment has a harem of five beautiful and successful girls was completely lost on me. Visually it’s fine, it isn’t quite as egregious as today’s hentai but doesn’t quite have the feel for “vintage” hentai which I’m quite fond of, it just tip read more
Jul 21, 2021
Yeah it isn’t great, this hentai started off so strong and brimming with so much quality but then the facade faded and all we’re left with in generic hentai goop. I watched this hentai because of a fucking meme but it should not have been as bad as it was, it was a legit slap in my goddamn face and I’m still angry about it. This is basically that clickbait YouTube video that actually starts off well but they try to fill in the last 10 minutes with filler so they can put in more bullshit ads. The main character becomes this unlikeable asshole and read more
Jul 14, 2021
After watching Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo, it had basically reaffirmed by belief that old hentai is just leagues better than anything that I’ve watched recently. Ane Yome Quartet continues to prove that my belief in older hentai is absolutely warranted. It has a great ensemble cast making up its harem and each girl is as loveable as the next so while the story is basic, sometimes making something basic and executing on it extremely well can lead to a much greater experience than trying and failing to make something complex.

Story : 7

Like I said, the story is pretty mid as far as I’m concerned. read more
Jun 25, 2021
TAG WARNING : Futa but guy doesn’t get fucked in the ass but he does suck the dick

EDIT : Episode 2 is dogshit for the most part, the ending shows Erica going off on her journey which is pretty nice but for the most part you could just leave it at Episode 1

It has been a hot minute since I last watched a hentai, everything I tried in the past few months has felt bland, unoriginal and lifeless. However, during a Discord call while getting my friends to name a hentai based on the synopsis I stumbled upon some hentai that actually piqued my read more
Jun 25, 2021
To say Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo has been the greatest hentai I have watched this year would be an understatement as it just shows how low the hentai industry has declined over the years, a glaring indictment of the current state of hentai as compared to its former glory. This hentai is absolutely brimming with substance, from the intriguing plot line to the cinematography of critical points in the story and the characters with their distinct and unique identities, it really makes me nostalgic for that bygone era when hentai was expected to be good whereas nowadays the attitude seems cynical and sour. There read more
Jun 1, 2021
This hentai just makes me sad. I swear I can’t find anything good to watch these days and honestly “anime” like Ishuzoku Reviewers and even goddamn Redo of Healer in all their censored softcore glory do more for me than pure, unadulterated hentai. I admit I have some unrealistic expectations for hentai but nothing really entertains me anymore though with such a generic title as “Isekai Harem Monogatari” I assumed it was a satirical hentai that made fun of the isekai harem anime that are so prevalent season after season, boy was I wrong.

Story : 4

The story starts out rather comically and accepts the read more
May 22, 2021
I love sports anime and you know when I heard this was a lacrosse hentai, I won’t lie that there was an inkling of hope in me that it would embody some of the sports anime energy that gets me so pumped. Looking back, I was a real idiot to have hope because believe it or not a lacrosse hentai barely has any sports scenes and its just plain fucking. This is just another run-of-the-mill hentai with minimal extra content between the sex and its just kinda boring despite what a colorful cast of characters would have you believe.

Story : 5

Basically this hentai has the read more