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May 6, 2012
A story about garbage collectors. A sure-fire hit!

Firstly, unless you're an adult, you probably won't get this. I don't mean any offence by this, but until you've experienced first hand the "joys of life" like employment, political wranglings, beaurocracy, red tape and love, it will not make as much of an impact. Half the battle the characters face throughout is what you will find waiting for you once you're through with statutory education.

The first half of this series tends to be stand-alone episodes with a bit of character development but the second half is where the meat of read more
May 6, 2012
Sometimes an anime comes along that once you're done watching it you sit back and think "hell, that was good". This is one of them. Everything is over-the-top, but in a totally enjoyable way. I'll not go on about it as this is a short review but there are sad moments, funny moments and "yeah, come on!" moments that get you going.

If you're into action, mecha and anything in between, you're going to like this. Add in a dose "haha, that's just crazy!" and you're pretty much there.

Those who enjoy realworld physics, please suspend belief. A high 9/10.

(Why read more
May 6, 2012
Having watched the OVA of ROD, most of us then embark on the TV series, and it's better than some reviews would have you believe. In a sea of moe-blobs or tsunderes, this show stands out as being a little bit quirky but easily accessable.

Naturally, it's a little bit fanciful, but contains a bit of drama and relationship struggles with some comedy and action. Probably not the top of your list but I'd recommend it when you get the chance.

May 6, 2012
Meh, so if you're reading this you've probably watched the other 3 seasons of Louise and chums, and if you haven't, watch those first. Firstly as you'll understand what's going on and second, as this show gets progressively worse with every season.

I can only rate it as mediocre at best and somewhat dissapointing. It may have been a while since I watched the previous seasons but I'm sure this season relied more heavily on fan-service. Which isn't always a bad thing, especially if you enjoy boob comedy (or lack of) and tsunderes, but if it's in lieu of a decent story read more
Feb 3, 2012
Put simply, this is great!

Personally, I'm not usually a fan of highschool/slice of life comedies, however, I have to say that this is probably the best of it's kind that I have seen. Characters are great, and bar one or two who were a little annoying, they all shine. There were times I even caught myself gibbering like an idiot due to over-cuteness. Art-wise, yeah it looks a little dated but then it's 10 years old (as at review) so that's to be expected. Sound-wise, the seiyuus did a great job, and brought all the characters to life.

If you read more
Jan 21, 2012
3 shorts and 3 music videos.

Firstly, the music videos feature clips from throughout the main show. Music is alright for what it is. Nothing to write home about. They're only short, and it didn't hurt.

The 3 shorts were okay. Artwork was less refined than in main show (where I didn't it was particularly wonderful either) but overall, all 3 are sweet little bits of filler. I didn't rate them very high as they were a bit too short and the artwork . They all sufficed as extras though. First episode does include something that appears in the main read more
Jan 21, 2012
I never expected to like this.

Okay, judging by the ratings that I put in the list above (story 7, art 7, sound 6, characters 6) you'd think "meh, this wasn't great, a bt so so". BUT my anime-loving brethern, you'd be wrong.

I might be a little biased as I am also a stargazer (nothing beats seeing certain sights in the night sky, which the characters agreed with me) but this anime has a great feel good factor. It just made me feel "aww" over the whole thing. The story is pretty basic, art wasn't as good as it could have read more
Jan 20, 2012
The only word I can use to describe this series is "Cute". The story was pretty good for a "slice-of-life" as it actually went somewhere and wasn't simply episodic which was a plus. Some of the characters were, well, they could be a bit annoying at times but there are quite a few to choose from (there are a couple of "main" protagonists but not one that stands out WAY above the rest) so you know that they'll not get ALL the screen time.

Music was good, as you'd hope! So yeah, cute girls doing cute idol-y things and a pretty read more
Jan 19, 2012
Don't know why but I kinda enjoyed this. The bare bones of it is an ecchi harem but it kinda took the piss out of itself and I appreciate that even with regards to characters. It garners either praise or hatred amoung MALers and I can understand that from both sides. If you expect it to focus on actual content, it's not and you'll be dissapointed. If you expect it be so bad and just generic, it's not that either. Okay, it's a little generic, but that was their plan. I'd say it was anti-generic. I like that. read more
Jan 18, 2012

It's a Ghibli movie so if you're a fan or trying to watch them all, you'll watch this no matter what anyone says, but in my opinion it's not their best. Story was alright but nothing to write home about, as with everything about the movie to be honest. I just know they can do better than this so when I watched it I kept thinking "Where's the usual Ghibli magic?". You might enjoy it, but I'll probably not watch it again. Art was good though with beautiful landscapes - but I've seen them do better.

Done. 7/10

(Review too read more