Jan 21, 2012
Mantzy (All reviews)
I never expected to like this.

Okay, judging by the ratings that I put in the list above (story 7, art 7, sound 6, characters 6) you'd think "meh, this wasn't great, a bt so so". BUT my anime-loving brethern, you'd be wrong.

I might be a little biased as I am also a stargazer (nothing beats seeing certain sights in the night sky, which the characters agreed with me) but this anime has a great feel good factor. It just made me feel "aww" over the whole thing. The story is pretty basic, art wasn't as good as it could have been, sound was tad generic, certain characters a little annoying but likeable enough. Really enjoyed it though! A few laughs, pretty skies (done exceptionally well actually, impressed with the art for the constellations). A bit annoying that it was school based but what to do - expect the usual school activites you've seen a thousand times before. However, if you like astronomy, or school club animes with a bit of comedy chucked in, you'll enjoy this. I did find myself chuckling a fair bit.