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HaremOverlord Jan 7, 5:55 PM Here's the novel, there's a manga adaptation of it too.

Ah, I see. I might rewatch the first two Matrix movies sometime so I can enjoy the third better. When starting a well-known or appreciated franchise, I tend to stay and complete the entire thing, the good and the ugly parts. Sometimes it's because I'm invested into the franchise, other times it's because it (sort of) gives me a sense of satisfaction. So I don't usually listen when I'm advised to skip a certain ark or movie of a series, which would explain why I've seen so many OVAs and specials of so many anime that I hardly care about.
I think I've heard of Gone Girl, I'll give that a watch sometime as well.

I understand if you're not all that invested into the sci-fi genre, but have you seen any Star Wars movie by any chance? It's pretty big, even with the general public.
Fafyy Jan 5, 4:17 PM
oh rad, im a bioengineering major myself. Pretty impressive that youre deciding to pick up another major alongside computer engineering too, another engineering major no less.

Have you watched the show as well? been thinking of picking it up but am not too sure wether i would like it or not
and how is the Witcher 2 compared to the Witcher 3? Have not heard much stuff about the second installment and i only have very surface level experience with the third one. Not very familiar with Hades either tbh
I've been recently immersing myself in the world of RPGs as well, recently beat Persona 5 and Im currently playing Tales of Symphonia and God of War.

I feel you there, especially as a newbie anime watcher who was in High School and with way too much time, i used to binge shows like crazy but that's just not possible anymore. I think taking a break in those cases is probably the best course of action.
Yes, I have seen Juuni Taisen, that show was super duper predictable though so i doubt this will be as predictable but id be lying if i said that what i watched so far was exceptionally memorable. It's a bit dull so far honestly but only time will tell how it will turn out. I think your idea of waiting it out for 3 episodes isnt a bad one, like that you can make the judgement call yourself wether or not you will want to watch it based on the community's general reception of it.

I watched the first episode of eizouken and i definitely recommend picking that one up as well if you can, it was quite interesting and unique. The first episode was very fun imo
And of course, if youve seen madoka magica and yuru camp, then i would recommend checking out their respective spin-offs this season too.
Fafyy Jan 4, 2:15 PM
oh nice, im on winter break as well actually, what are you studying at university and what games are you into?

ive been a bit burnout on anime myself actually, havent been watching a lot aside from seasonals and another show here and there

and honestly, i was pretty disappointed by the first episode, especially cause i heard good things from the manga as well so i was expecting more. The animation was nothing to write home about and was frankly ugly and janky, there were unnecessary ecchi scenes scattered about, and it just seemed like your typical edgy shounen battle royale so far. Hopefully it gets better but if this episode is anything to off of, then it's not looking too good.

What shows are you planning to watch this winter season?
Fafyy Jan 4, 8:02 AM
no problem, thanks for accepting it :)
how's it going?
HaremOverlord Dec 30, 2019 7:17 AM
Ah, I see. I liked Edge of Tomorrow as well, I've read the manga and LN source material, which were pretty good. I've actually been wanting to get into the Matrix franchise, I've only watched the first two movies.

What genre(s) are you interested in then?
HaremOverlord Dec 26, 2019 7:05 AM
Merry Christmas btw. Yep, on-screen = exams done on computer. I have deep interest in the field of science, primarily physics. To narrow it down more, I'm interested in particle physics and many concepts of astronomy. No, I'm not situated in America, though I used to live in North America.

Another slightly off-topic question, do you have any favourites from the western scifi genre? Namely Star Trek. Ik, a bit unusual to ask someone on a weebsite.
HaremOverlord Dec 21, 2019 1:50 AM
They were my first on-screen exams so I'm not sure how well I did. I'm mainly worried about my History exam, that was a car-crash of a test. I just hope my math and sciences papers make up for it, pretty confident with those.

I really liked Traitor's Requiem regardless of whether it supported an intent. Albeit, what makes a good opening is whether it completes the job of setting the tone and introducing the plot, Traitor's Requiem does one of the two exceedingly well. The song itself hypes you up so much, now along with the high-effort art and animation, it does a good job of setting the tone for that particular ark in the show. I found the Diavolo ark to be the most exciting ark, tbh. It had an insanely strong enemy stand, very well-developed side characters and a badass MC. One scene that I would love to point out from the Traitor's Requiem opening is the scene in which the chorus hits and the audience sees Giorno emerging out of the smoke with the Stand Arrow, while requiem comes out from behind. That was a spectacular scene and made me love the opening the first time I saw it. I guess whether Traitor's Requiem is good or not is subjective, because I like it for the impact it has on me. It may not be an objectively good JoJo's opening, but it certainly is a decent opening at least. In other words, it's a pretty badass opening which, I think, fits the ark perfectly.

Speaking of calculus, btw, are you by any chance interested in particular any science?
Black_Sheep97 Dec 20, 2019 1:12 PM
I could honestly talk about kaiji all day, kira is the best villain, i haven't read the other jojo parts yet but from ive heard his writing in villains has been very consistent but ive yet to see.
Out of kaiji 1 and 2 which is youre favorite game so far and moment.
We could talk about one piece and hunter x hunter, although ive only read uptil the middle of whole cake and the ive seen hxh uptill the chimera ant arc multiple times but ive seen the chimera ant arc twice, so hopefully i have adequate knowledge in any discussion or we could talk any thing im open to any discussion.

Black_Sheep97 Dec 18, 2019 12:05 PM
If you're wondering why ive sent you a request , seeing kaiji and kira in the favorites instant request.
HaremOverlord Dec 18, 2019 1:36 AM
Hey I'm back, exams over. You didn't mention Traitor's Requiem, what did you think of that opening? I, personally, really liked it.
HaremOverlord Nov 30, 2019 1:05 AM
Interesting thing, what you said about Diavolo's character. I never really thought of it that way. I guess it does make sense for Araki to seclude him from anyone else if that's the message he wants to portray, but I still don't really know Diavolo enough as a character. There's nothing I can really remember Diavolo for except for the reason Araki made his character the way it is. Though people like characters for different reasons, for me, I just need to know the character well enough to form a proper judgement on its character and purpose. I don't know, maybe you like Diavolo for a different reason, and that's fine. I also agree with you about Buccarati's role in Passione. Saving people in their lowest points in life is a cool idea, kind of reminds me of Apocalypse recruiting depressed mutants to form his grand team in X-Men: Apocalypse.

When talking about JoJo openings, I've got to say my favourite's Great Days. It just really stood out from the rest for me. If I were to rank JoJo openings in ascending order, it'll probably go something like this:

- Great Days (P4)
- Traitor's Requiem (P5)
- Bloody Stream (P2)
- Sono Chi no Sadame (P1)
- Fighting Gold (P5)
- Stand Proud (P3)
- Sono Chi no Kioku (P3)
- Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town (P4)
- Chase (P4)

Note that just because some openings are below others, it doesn't mean that I dislike those openings, I think they're great. What about you? What's your top 10 JoJopening list? Funny thing is, I've got exams starting next week so I won't be as active. I'll try to get back to your reply after I'm free. Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!
HaremOverlord Nov 25, 2019 11:53 PM
Sorry for the late reply.

I really liked Phatom Blood, especially since it does such a good job setting the tone for later JoJo parts. Jonathan's character was very well used, not only in Phantom Blood, but in other parts as well. He was the JoJo people would refer to when judging JoJos from later parts. To make myself clear, I mean that Jonathan was an important factor in letting the audience know that all the JoJos down the family tree come from noble blood and that all of them have good intentions; none of the JoJos will sit back and let evil take over. We don't dislike Joutaro for being rude to his mother because we know he is from the JoJo family and both Jonathan and Joseph show noble traits, therefore Joutaro is good at heart.
So not only was Phantom Blood a very entertaining part for me, it was an important part for everyone to understand the following parts.

Battle Tendency was really good as well. After the serious plot line and character development in Phantom Blood, Battle Tendency (I agree) does feel like a breath of fresh air. The funky colour shifts and electronic music were really well done, props to David Productions for that. It was a very memey JoJo's part, like 80% of JoJo memes come from there. The Pillar Men were interesting antagonists, quite entertaining as well. I can never forget the theme song Awaken. Overall, it was a solid 8/10 anime, they could've developed Caeser a bit more tho.

Ah yes, Stardust Crusaders. Truth be told, this was exactly why I started the JoJo's franchise, for the Stands. I cannot fathom how many JoJo memes I've seen that involve Stands, so many. Stardust Crusaders was a fun part, I really liked the P3 team. Joutaro was simply badass, Joseph was OH MY GOTTO, Kakyoin was Kekyoin, Avdol was severely underdeveloped and Polnareff was meme. Ok lemme elaborate on that a bit.
I could tell that I was going to really like Joutaro from the second he was introduced. He just had that 'aura' of badassness around him and I really love badass characters. Although he didn't have much dialogue relative to everyone else in the show, his decisions and gestures were enough to speak for him as a character. Also, Star Platinum was my favourite stand for a long time.
It was really nice seeing Joseph again but older. It was nice to see him interact with the modern world of 1989. Him and Polanreff were the main source of comic relief in the show, and imo that worked well. Though his character development isn't very prominent, he was an integral part of the crusaders and honestly one of my favourite JoJos.
Kakyoin was an interesting part of the crusaders. I really liked his Stand Hierophant Green and his ability Emerald Splash (though it was deflected most of the time kek). He too was a character with very little development. That said, he was a great character though. His motivation to defeat DIO comes from the love for the people he truly considers as his friends. His backstory explains how he was unable to make friends because he desired true human connections, which is exactly what he found when he met the crusaders. Tbh, though he was killed in a rather embarrassing way (Did deflected his Emerald Splash), he was a fitting member of the group and I don't think the anime would've been the same without him.
Now, on the other hand, Avdol. Avdol was an intriguing character to me the first time he was introduced. His Stand Magician's Red is still imo one of the coolest Stands out there. However, his character had little to no development throughout the show. He didn't even get to face DIO in the end, which is what I thought his goal was after he so vividly explained how he shit his pants in Egypt after only sensing DIO's presence. Another thing to add, Avdol's death was so underwhelming, it didn't even feel like he was dead. I thought maybe he'd come back somehow later on, but no, he was legit dead. His death was so abrupt that I didn't even have time to process what just happened. And dying so soon, after zero character development whatsoever, it didn't impress me. Imo, Avdol had great potential but they just didn't use him enough.
Polnareff had a good introduction in the anime. His backstory and his goal was well-explained and consistent throughout the show and it reflected in the end. As he strives to find his sister's killer, he joined the crusaders with hopes of finding J. Geil. As the show progresses, he's portrayed as a very funny person who can also be serious at times. Silver Chariot was a cool stand as well. I really loved the connection between Iggy and Polnareff, especially during the fight in the end. Speaking of which, I liked the conclusion to Iggy's character and Polnareff's development during the fight.

Moving on to Diamond Is Unbreakable, one word: meme. P4 was soooo meme, there were some episodes that didn't even contribute to the plot, but bless Araki for making them. My favourite episodic episode from P4 would be when Josuke and Okuyasu discover the alien and Josuke tries to trick Rohan using the alien's ability. I also really liked Kira's character as a villain. His ideals were very clearly stated and didn't need any sort of plot device to make his character interesting; he was very engrossing one his own. His Stand Killer Queen is also one of my favourite Stands in terms of both aesthetic and ability. Hayato's character was very intriguing as well, the situations he was put him got me to sit on the edge of my chair. And need I mention how overpowered Heaven's Door is? Rohan's Stand has got to be at leats an A-tier stand, given the ability it has (to rewrite a person's characteristics and memories). Rohan could probably give other people Stands, but that seems a bit too far. The only limitation to Heaven's Door is that he can't rewrite his own mind, which I deem fit as a proper limitation. Heaven's Door was my favourite Stand from P4 interns of ability, Killer Queen taking the cake for aesthetic.

I agree with your opinion on Golden Wind, Giorno doesn't get too much development and neither does he particularly stand out from the rest of the JoJos in terms of pure character, but that leaves room for side characters to develop. Buccellati was best boy from P5 imo. I just really enjoyed P5's side characters more than the main JoJo himself, which is kind of odd considering that all the previous dojos were best boys from their respective parts (except for P4, Rohan was best boy). What I really find odd is the fact that Araki claims all 39 episodes happened in the time span of eight days. To me, P5 seemed much longer than P4, which was around 3 months (chronologically speaking). Stands in P5 were cool as well, very well thought Stands indeed. In any case, Giorno was a good JoJo. albeit he didn't really meet my expectations and Buccellati's plot twist was very cool. Just another thing to add: Diavolo's character could've been deepened, imo. There wasn't much of his character near the end of the show, let alone the entire anime. I can kinda see that they were trying to expose Diavolo's character the same way they did with Kira's, by showing bits and pieces of his ideals throughout the anime, without interaction with the main cast. But the problem is that they a) didn't emphasise enough and b) his character was very enticing. I must admit, Diavolo's character intrigued me the first time they introduced his bipolar disorder, but they never went anywhere with that, which is a shame because I saw great potential in that. Btw, when I say Diavolo, I mean both Diavolo and Doppio as a single character, neither of them were really exposed and only their goals were emphasised on, which weren't very interesting goals.

Anyway, sorry for going on about JoJo's for so long. Couldn't help but pour in all my thoughts. This was basically what I thought of each part. In case you get bored of reading it, here's the tl;dr: P7>P3>P4>P5>P2>P1>P6. Part 6 wasn't so good, but I'll let you come up with your own opinion once you watch or decide to read it.
HaremOverlord Nov 23, 2019 10:11 PM
I initially started watching the Monogatari series in release order, which was the mistake. After watching Bake, I watched Nise and Neko (kuro) and it still didn't feel right. But after I decided to watch it chronologically, starting with Kizu, it all made much more sense to me and I started to understand and enjoy the series.

As for JoJo's, my favourite part has to be either P7 or P4. I really liked part 4 but the art-style kind of threw me off at first. After seeing Joutaro's face in P3; very defined and edged, then switching to a smooth and less-defined art-style in P4, I didn't;t really like it. But later I got used to it and the art-style seemed fine. I think I'd prefer Josuke in the P4 art-style than the P3 one. Need I mention that P4 also has an amazing, well-developed and well-defined villain. I still haven't finished reading P7 yet, but so far, it's Really good. It might end up a 9/10 or higher.

By the way, how did you like P5?
HaremOverlord Nov 23, 2019 7:27 AM
I can understand your point on it being "boring" to a large group of people. Even I initially didn't very much like it when I first started watching Bakemonogatari. But as I dug deeper into the series, I became very intrigued by the unique narrative and character development in each part (the third Kizumonogatari movie being my favourite). From what I've seen, the Monogatari Series is widely spoken of, not only on MAL, but on other forms of media as well, e.g., YouTube, Discord, blog sites, et cetera. I wouldn't go so far to say that it's mainstream, but it's certainly well-known and appreciated on a critical level.
HaremOverlord Nov 22, 2019 9:46 PM
I'm torn between the Karen Bee ark and the Sengoku Snake ark, both were pretty nice. I though Monogatari was a well-known series and loved by many :/ is it not?