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Younger Toguro (戸愚呂弟)

Younger Toguro is the younger of the two Toguro brothers, as well as the most powerful member of Team Toguro. He is the main antagonist of the Dark Tournament Saga, aside from Sakyo. He is always calm and collected, as is expressed by the fact that he never removes his trademark sunglasses. He has no plans in life, and spends most of the series serving under Sakyo, one of his most important clients. He's tall and extremely muscular with a slick black hairstyle, but is virtually empty on the inside, having thrown most of his life away in pursuit of what he frequently refers to as "power absolute". His goal in the tournament was to fight Yusuke Urameshi, in large part for the challenge of fighting an opponent against which he wasn't sure that he would win and, later, in order to settle a personal score with him as Genkai's apprentice. In the Japanese version, the Toguro Brothers are commonly referred to as the Brokers of Darkness in their earlier introductions. Younger Toguro is almost never referred to as "Younger Toguro"; Elder Toguro calls him "brother", while the other characters simply refer to him as "Toguro". In the first character popularity poll in Japan, the Toguro Brothers (both under the same candidate) were at 11th place with 141 votes. In the first Shonen Jump poll in America, the Toguro Brothers were in 7th place with 203 votes, which would make them more popular in America than in Japan. In the second Character Popularity Polls in Japan, Younger Toguro was at 10th place with 447 votes.

The younger Toguro's main ability is increasing the size of his muscles, assigning a percentage value to each level based on his power as he's so fond of doing. For most enemies he uses anywhere between 1-30% of his power, though he has on rare occasion been shown to fight at levels of up to 80% outside his fight with Yusuke, primarily during his final fight with Genkai. He has never been shown being forced to resort to this level, but rather, he chooses to do so in order to intimidate his opponent and/or to make a point. Only once has he ever been shown fighting at 100% power, which was during his fight with Yusuke Urameshi. While at 100% power, his body became massive - even taller than his normal height and covered with an inhuman composition of muscles to the point of being grotesque - and his skin turned a stone-like gray. He also acquired two cone-like extensions on his shoulders which, if he so chose, had the ability to absorb the souls of the weaker members of the audience, could flick his fingers to create bullets of air or spirit energy (it's never defined which), and by merely flexing his muscles he could shatter a reasonably powered-up Spirit Gun blast. Later in the tournament, it was revealed that he had one level remaining - in the Japanese version it was referred to as 120% power, while in the English dub Toguro noted that what he had previously referred to 100% was really closer to 85%. In his full power form, Toguro looks much like his 100%/85% form except for his even larger shoulder plates and a considerable increase in the size of the extensions on his shoulders and the sides of his face, giving his head a wide, cobra-like appearance. Even though he appears to be the strongest character in the series throughout the Dark Tournament saga and some time after (aside from Yusuke), it is later revealed by Koenma that in his full power form, Toguro only possessed the power of an upper B-class demon. In the English dub, it is stated that both Toguro brothers - elder and younger - are upper B-class demons... however, this claim is not supported by the lack of mention in the manga nor
and it is widely assumed that this was just a generalization on Koenma's part.

Voice Actors
Clarke, Dameon
Genda, Tesshou
Holl, Nándor
Hyeon, Gyeng Su
Feier Motta, Luiz
Portuguese (BR)
Magne, Bruno
Iacono, Gianluca

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