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Jul 25, 2018
Does a hero really need superpowers?

This is the main question explored by 'Hero Mask', a manga focusing on the 'Heroes Club', created to help anyone in need. With the introduction of the mysterious 'hero masks' spread around by an anonymous person, can Shibuya, who has lost hope in the existence of heroes, become one himself?

Story: 6
This could have been a 7 or above if it was longer than 29 chapters for more development and without the poor buildup to the ending. There's not much unique about this manga, but I read this expecting that.

The Heroes Club consists of Sasaki, the president, Kurumi, the Vice read more
Jul 6, 2018
Before I start this review, I'll just tell you this: this is separate from the sequel movie announced by KyoAni. The movie is scheduled to be released in January 2020. Also, I wrote this review assuming you watched the 13 episode series first.

If you haven't please watch that first (though I doubt anyone would come here without watching the main series first). While doing so I'd recommend you to watch this between episodes 4 and 5 since that's when this is set.

Violet Evergarden Special is an unaired episode which is set between episodes 4 and 5 of the 13 episode series - between Iris' visit read more
Jul 1, 2018
As someone who thinks that the immune system is the most exciting feature of the human body, I always waited for a day I would find a manga like "Hataraku Saibou", otherwise known as "Cells at Work".

Story: 9
The story mainly focuses on a red blood cell (Ae 3803) and a white blood cell (U-1146). They aren't given names, but numbers. The red blood cell has a hard time trying to find routes through the body, so the white blood cell helps her out. Through this, we get to know what exactly happens in different parts of the body and encounter different types of cells read more
Apr 4, 2018
"As human beings, we all mature physically from childhood to adolescence and then into adulthood, but our emotions lag behind." - Bernard Sumner

This is the most memorable quote that had gone through my mind whenever I watched Violet Evergarden, and led me to ask myself this question: how do you learn an emotion?

Experience? Knowing its definition? Or perhaps... By writing letters for others? Thus is VE's answer.

Story: 7
I liked the novel, so obviously I liked the story. They did make me get worried with those original episodes at the start but later on they managed to adapt most of the best chapters. There are read more
Mar 19, 2018
"Youth... At times it can be wild, at times vicious. And yet, all those emotions from that age become an irreplaceable treasure. Although you may not see that right now..." - Masami Kondou

An injury, the fear of writing again... What do these two things have in common? Yes, they prevent you from pursuing what you want to do, and leaves you stranded alone while everyone else is moving on, as if time itself has stopped.

Story: 9
Revolving around the conflicting themes of moving on to pursue what you love or staying still for love, this is a beautiful allegory of life and regret.

I'm pretty sure that read more
Feb 5, 2018
"This is... my starting point." - Takumi Tomouchi

From the same author who wrote "Tokidoki", one of the best one-shots I've read, comes "E no Genten", a fresh new story which focuses on eSports.

If you're here for the drama, I wouldn't say this is as good as Tokidoki, so you may want not enjoy it as much. But still, you can give it a try.

Story: 8
Pretty predictable, but I still liked it. Compared to Tokidoki, it's not as good, but since it's just a one-shot I must say it was pretty well executed. BUT this does have a better ending, I guess. I was pretty read more
Jan 21, 2018
Romance doesn't necessarily exist in all 3 stories. Just a reminder.
Since there are 3, I'll do a short review for each.

Mermaid Prince:
Probably the best story out of the 3, with some actual plot going on. The story isn't that great itself but I still liked it. Seeing the title I guess you know what it's about. I liked the characters, especially Mugi, determined to achieve anything at the right time.

Snowy Day:
This story was pretty refreshing. Although it's the shortest story out of the 3, it presented a lot about the contrast between the calm library and the busy city. Decent.

Now this one was odd. read more
Jan 20, 2018
"Admiration doesn't equate to love."

Often we can get "love" and "admiration" mixed up. Human emotions are hard to explain, and "love" is probably one of the hardest of all. It is an emotion which can be defined in so many ways, for different people it has a different meaning. This manga explores the difference between "admiration" and "love", and I was very satisfied by the way the idea was carried out.

This is the story:
Miysohi's favourite school time is the after-school hours. From the veranda, she can look at the boy she likes, Tanabe, playing football. but she seems to be satisfied just by looking at read more
Jan 8, 2018
"Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live." - Norman Cousins

If you're someone who has been searching to find a work just as good or even better than Koe no Katachi or Kimi no na wa, then you're in the right place. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you "Kimi no suizou wo Tabetai", also known as "I want to eat your pancreas".

Adapted from the novel of the same name, this piece of work is simply amazing in so many ways. Just by reading the synopsis, you can feel a huge load of emotions read more
Jan 6, 2018
Written by the same author who wrote Nijiiro Days, "We Don't Know Love Yet" is set in the same world and has similar themes. But this is slightly more serious.

Story: 9
The story revolves around 6 boys and girls. This is just the start but really it looks pretty promising as each chapter never bores you.

Eiji seems more like someone who doesn't really care about true love as his interests change all the time during middle school but his development is really interesting as starts to think back. Naohiko, a friend of his, has not experienced love but soon gets to like Izumi, a childhood read more